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  1. Hello Is it too late to start to participate? I have a White Rhino grow diary on this forum, please check out my old started threads, it was 7 years ago, my first grow back then under a 250 HID. I love this strain and i would love to grow it again! Nowadays i grow under 400W, i will have 4 pots of 20 liters each if i still can be selected to participate. Please let me know if i can enter the contest. Thanks! P.S. I attached some pictures with my White Rhino i grew back then. In the first picture the W.R. is on the left, the right sided plant is an A.M.S. n all the rest of the pictures is the White Rhino.
  2. Thanks guys, leaves near the fluorescents are in the freezer at the moment, maybe some ice hash.
  3. No doubt ill have fun but about the trim? Its my first trim, firts grow!!
  4. Veging period dosent affect how fast your plant will flower, veging longer its good for having a larger more mature plant , there a grater yield. Choose your pots after you growing space, if you have a lot of space go with larger pots.
  5. Hi My plant after 1 week it showed sex and at the end of week 2 the tops showed the begining of flowering. See my previous post and the pics. Your plants didnt showed sex yet? I have veged my rhino for 6 weeks and when i have changed to flower period i have let her stay in total dark for 36 hours, i dont know if this helped my plant or not to enter in flower faster. Post some pics, i would like to see your plants. My pots are 13 liters.
  6. A.M.S. plant its 6 weeks into flower but the White Rhino its in the 8th week.
  7. @aussie It dosent smell to much, i have just 2 plants and i dont run a carbon filter, i have some Ona pro bloc(odor netralizer) and i cant smell the plants just the ona's odor. If you rub your hands on the cristal of white rhino they smell pine - lemony, very pleasant odor. @superblue Hi Jhon, where im living cant find fish emulsion or good stuf for the plants, hard to find, i used some biobizz products that i ordered from the net, they are organic and i think i miss used them. I had biogrow and biobloom and after the veg stage i stoped to use biogrow and used just biobloom that seems to lack in N, i think those products must be used in conjuction(saw a chart), grow+bloom to get enough N. Its my forst grow so im learning by my msitakes. Can you tell me in how much time trichomes are changing from cloudy stage to amber? W.R. have now 8 weeks and the trichs are clear and cloudy, it will be enough one more week to have amber dominant trichs on the plant?
  8. I let the white rhino 1 more week and i harvest her.
  9. A.M.S. now its 6 weeks into flower and White Rhino its 8 weeks, close to harvest, i let her one more week and then chop chop. At this point W.R. dosent have to much amber trichomes, more of them are cloudy and some clear. Can they reach amber stage in just one week? How fast they change? A.M.S. W.R.
  10. Im also a sufferer of severe generalized/social anxiety, whats strains are best for this neuronical disorder? Canatonic sounds like a very good medical strain.
  11. I have heard somewhere on some forums that adding N in flower cant put the plant into veg, but thats something i dont realy belive. I feed with every watering, and ai water when pot feels light. The biobloom with what i feed have the npk ratio 2./8/3.5 . I dont have an EC meter, im very new to growing, is the first time. Thanks for the post.
  12. Update : A.M.S is in 4 week of flowering in this pic, shes begining to form the main cola, from what i recall white rhino allready had colas at 4 week, maybe because of the shorter internodes. Im a little worried about my rhino, she lost alot of leaves,she have been loosing colour like crazy from week 3, i hope she will manage until the end, because of the hps you cant tell the real color of the plant from pics. Can someone tell me pls if i must flush them plants 2 weeks before cutting even if i used organic ferts? I have used biogrow and biobloom from biobizz, also how much white rhino will yield aproximativly ??
  13. Thanks for the answers, ill keep the thread updated every other week

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