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  1. Anyone have an opinion?
  2. Thanks fuzzy, I found some outdoor grow journals with your white widow, It seems everyone who grows it likes it. I germed them only a week ago and they all 5 sprouted, but what gets me is they are growing faster than any bagseed I grew in the past. Thanks
  3. I have always wondered why people grow large quanties of bad weed, im normally smoking on what we call mid grade here in the US. Most of the bud I assume comes from mexico. Its all brick weed, normally schwag, sometimes midgrade, and on occasion dank. Is it because some farmers use poor soil or maby their bud gets pollinated with hemp and the use the seeds again? I have always been curious and it bugs me. I have grown good bud from brick bud outside so I dont think its genetics.
  4. Thanks Fuzzy, you have been given me good advice here. I use AACT teas on my indoor, I use 2 aquarium pumps to airate 3 gallons of water in a 5gal bucket. I didnt think about making a concentrated tea to dillute with water at the grow sight. Im still going to top the soil but concentrated tea is a great idea. Thanks fuzzy. Anyone ever use bat and bird guanos outdoors I would like to hear your methods and if you tried something with bad results resulting in burn/defiency I would like to know. I know High P bat guanos work better with a chelating aget to help break down the phosphate in bloom. I
  5. I have mexican bat guano and peruvian seabird guano for veg, and jamaican bat guano for bloom. I also have technaflora seaweed extract for potassium. My question is I want to use the the mexican and peruvian bat guano in combination for veg, I plan on toping the soil with it but have no clue how much to use and how often to use it. Sunleaves says top the soil every 3-4 weeks at the rate of 2-4 tablespoons for every foot of plant, each guano is different and I know the peruvian guano is hot, also i doubt they all break down the same time. I grow outdoors and they get fairly big and I want to m
  6. Well I have 5 white widows germing right now, Im going to veg them indoors for a while until they go outdoors in may. I like to grow fairly large plants, I grow out in the woods in patches of brambles (sharp thorny plants) that gets alot of sun. Anyways if anyone has any experience growing WW outdoors I would like to hear what you have to say, anything. From what I read harvest window is between beginning to middle of october which is good. Is it a heavy feeder? And hows the hardyness with this strain?
  7. Well thanks everyone, i dont quite have the option of growing to many I usually grow about 7 or 8. Im not interested in more seeds just dank bud to smoke so im gona give fems a go coming this spring.
  8. Very good point thanks anguscr, this guerilla grow would be well attended cause it is only a few mile walk. I figure 1 hermi out of 5 seeds is better than 50/50 male female in my situation if I can spot it in time. Have you noticed if stress leads to hermi or is it genetics?
  9. Anyone grow feminized seeds outdoors and get hermies or late bananas? Maby some strains hermi more than others? Im doing a guerilla grow and want to use feminized seeds to avoid males but only if I dont put them at risk to being seeded. Thanks.
  10. Ok thanks blaze, dont think that will be a problem, as always I germ them in early april and usually transplant around middle of may and my spot gets about 8 hours sun a day and never gave me a problem in the past with stretch. So does the widow keep its white crystaly appearance when outdoors? Still wondering about hardyness, and harvest window. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  11. Thanks im gladd im not the only one who noticed. Im confused who too much rain can make them stretch? And with my temps being ok, so it likes warmer temps? Im going to give it a go, but I would like to hear others experiences if they grew the widow outdoors. I cant seem to find the average harvest date, think it would be good by end of october? Thanks.
  12. Hey everyone I purchased some ghs white widow seeds after smoking some a friend got at a dispencery. For only 12%thc its still some of the best weed I smoked. I was wondering how it does outdoors in a climate that gets plenty of rain in the spring and summer with temps in the summer between 70-90 degrees until september, then september it gets between 60-80 degrees usually, and october mainly between 50-70 give or take a few. Its not a rainy fall but enough to keep the plants happy, maby once a week or two. And we usually dont get fog but in late september through october the humidity meter re
  13. Im not sure but I know that wood ash (with NO excellerents, plastic, ect) can be used in small amounts to raise ph of soil and has some potash and micros.
  14. Thanks Romeu9, im curious how does planting them early prevent budrot? I always thought some calmag helps (but doesn't prevent) budrot? Either way im not scared of a little mold as it happens when growing outdoors. I really like the himalaya gold cause it gets colder through september and october. Im not sure about the great white shark though but it looks like a great plant and was said to be a good outdoor plant on green house youtube video's.. I also chose these strains cause I can only maintain a few plants outdoors(4)so I want to achieve high yeilds to have enough smoke until next year ca