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  1. well done fat khanda (head) you got there happy killing (smoking) it.looks good. Smoke in peace my man.
  2. see you have had bad luk like me .ive lost 2 out of 3 ice dreams in the first week. will post my grow op soon.
  3. Thanks for that drunkkuckelhead ,i will go and try find food grade h.peroxide some things are hard to get where iam from.My plants are not sick so iam not in such a rush but this looks like something that is needed to be addid to my op.Thanks again for this info.
  4. Hello all. I think you dont attach you self to a plant .a plant attaches itself to you.
  5. I was entertained by the info you have provide for us to read.I went to the drug store and purchest 12% H,peroxide did the maths and iam sure i should mix it 0,75ml / L .I would multiply it by 20 =15ml /20L .Will start off 5ml/20L and buld up slowly.Any info on my doings would help, not to sure if iam correct or not .Can not afford to lose my babies at the moment. Do you use or know of people that use it .
  6. S.africa is one of the biggest prducers of cannibis (DAGGA) in the WORLD. Known for its Durban Poisen( a mix of south indian & Transkei Red) Transkei red is a native plant to the east coast of S.A known as Transkei (PONDO land)
  7. looking good .i got ice dream to carnt wait to start.
  8. Hey syn its making my mouth water.My kush landed four weeks ago carnt wait to start.Moving lab in a few weeks then its on.Waiting to see the flowers