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    Hello Everyone, 

    I am glade to self introduce my self and to be a part in. The Strain Hunters Community. 


    This Cannibes Sativa grows like a Creeping Plant. Breed Unknown, we got this Seed from the deep Jungals of. The River Cauvaery Delta Basin.(near Sathyamunglam.) in Southern India.

    This plant is very hardy and flexible to twist.

    As we can see she has been tied down Serval times and she is at the 7th week of Flowering and still stretching. this Strain is's old (Six Month's).

    Any guidance and suggestion are welcomed from Our Strain Hunters Community. 

    Regard's Love and Peace to you all.



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    2. g22


      I just chek wats sandalwood is i like big tree but it look very interssant tree wit many use forest of india must be special 

    3. Rockwell


      Yes it Seems to be a story but it is not lots of people come to this  region from Neatherlands, Isreal, Cannada and. USA etc. 

      to try the World famous Sativa Strain The Idduki Gold.Landrace Joint. which is also grown in the same localitie  along with Indica Strain known as Shalavathi in local launguage and these are the two Strains which is Coinsidered as a Highclass Strains in the Southern market of my Country along with Mysore Mango Strain. 

      there are no coffee shope. or govt. outlet to buy weeds and it is illegal in my Country.

      and all the strains are grown Out Doors far away from human interferancea long with the seeds and flowers within it.

      But Still we get this stuff in the market because the growing farmers are backed up by The Moist and The Nexlite militan group.(out casted by the Government) and  they control  the forest and the Country's State borders, and it is estimated that the ganja cultivation is cultivated in an around 10,000.Acers of land as of Feb2018. Norcotic News. and the cops seized 250kgs of ganja which were packed in a truck by their way to Srilanka.

      When we were young in our school day's untill 1998. the ganja plants could be found in plenty it was legal and the farmers used to grow in their fields along with other crops  and i don't know the English names of the local strain, in Our Country even today according to my Country's Law we can possess the ganja Leaves, Stem,Roots and Seeds.


      But If at all caught with the Flower of 1000grams. the punishement can be up till prison.


      From last few couple of years due to internet,  Youtube, and Wiki we learnt about the different type of Strains and to grow indoors in my schooldays they were many rare kinds of Strains from our reagion we used to smoke not knowing the Indica,s and Sativa's now it has been a while to find the old strains which has caused an everlasting memories so we friends of 3 members  are old time stoners and we strated to grow our own strains and we search for the rarest strains from our Country  and we known that the above Photo indicate One among the rearest find so far we are happy.

      Even we also didn't belive the  Old Man's story untill we found and growing.

    4. g22


      how much do you thing your sativa need to finish the flowering i read some pure sativa need more than 16weeks 

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