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    Hello Everyone, 

    I am glade to self introduce my self and to be a part in. The Strain Hunters Community. 


    This Cannibes Sativa grows like a Creeping Plant. Breed Unknown, we got this Seed from the deep Jungals of. The River Cauvaery Delta Basin.(near Sathyamunglam.) in Southern India.

    This plant is very hardy and flexible to twist.

    As we can see she has been tied down Serval times and she is at the 7th week of Flowering and still stretching. this Strain is's old (Six Month's).

    Any guidance and suggestion are welcomed from Our Strain Hunters Community. 

    Regard's Love and Peace to you all.



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    2. Rockwell


      Hi Friend, g22


      It Smells like a Sandal wood and a Scented Rose flower,  these Seeds were found deep in the forest where Sandal Wood Trees are Grown and it's protected by the Government of India. and these forest has Tigers,Elephants and other endangered Species.


      To be honest no I haven't Smoked this Strain. Many years before an. eldearly man in his 90s. said to us that he has seen and smoked these Strains and the plant would grow like a creeper and they would climb upon the thorny bushes and  trees if any near by them.


      for many centuries the Adhivasi (The Old Tribes)people leave in these forest and they are listed as one of the endangered Tribes of India and after a much struggle we met them and got few seeds. We met the Leader of the Adhivasi Tribe  in the month of June.2017.  and the  plants were hardely a month old to see in the wild and they were growing them along with the Ragi Crop.

    3. g22


      This story sound like a adventure movie 😁

    4. g22


      Are you from india ?

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