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  1. Hi guys I am writing to you because I need help, I am having problems with my last crop, but I am not good at recognizing the problems of nutrition I post some photos and all the data as requested, I do not know if it is a deficiency or an excess I am using my usual scheme for increasing ec and ph (THAT SUITABLE FOR THE TIME OF GROWTH) but probably not suitable for this genetics. I await advice thanks in advance EC and Ph scale for Auto 8 weeks 1^ W EC 400 to 600 Ph 5.5 ROOTS/TRUE LEAVES 2^ W EC 600 to 900 Ph 5.5 GROW 3^ W EC 900 to 1100 Ph 5.5 PREFLOWEING
  2. Hi gasmeter many thanks for the answer, now I understand they are all good for hydroponics, it only depends on genetics, however when I try them in the fourth seasonal cycle I will ask you for advice if it is not a problem. I am in the twelfth cycle with the tricomponent Terra Aquatica nutrients and I am fine, however I have noticed a lot of fluctuations in ph especially when the plants drink a lot of water and for this I wanted to try feeding Thanks again a gangiabro greeting
  3. Hi guys Reading here and there in the forum I saw the powder feeding product line for the first time and I would be interested in trying it. What are the products I need for a hydroponic cultivation? If I'm not mistaken Grow + Hybrids + BoosterK and calcium if I don't use tap water. Thanks for the answers and sorry for the ignorance Gangia Forever
  4. Hi tanks for wlcome, Small presentation, I have been a self-taught grower for about 18 year for a couple of years now I have tried my hand in hydroponic culture (DWC), I am not a technician and i am pleased to be able to share my passion with the hole, I have never done it until now for a while 'of fear but on the other hand i want to share my experience with you and learn new techniques and advice . Yes, right now i'm growing in a DWC system 4 Big Bang Auto, but for bootanzia, i'll publish everything at the end I apologize for English but it's not my language
  5. Ciao a tutti!!! Hello guys!!!