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  1. I can post here........but my account is old so that may be why
  2. Interesting Id say using fruit oil like orange or lemon it would help with the smell also
  3. Seems like what is referred to as fertilizer overdose. Hope this helps.
  4. Here is some information about Co^2 boosting with dry ice Its just kinda weird to buy dry ice all the time
  5. Thanks for the update and smoke report man I've been looking forward to this!! Glad you got a nice harvest! Hope to see more from you I am currently growing more critical orange punch auto, I'll get around to starting a journal soon trying it indoors this time around
  6. Been good, weather has been an issue and cause bud rot so I tries to treat it and didnt research enough and killed one of them......like dead 2r hours after I tried using clove oil 😡 then I broke a branch off the other by accident trying to spread it away from other buds it was touching 🥺 Other than that things are going fantastic I'm excited to see the difference as well
  7. Been rainy and overcast past few days
  8. Well you can freeze some water in jugs and place them with a pan and the moisture would gather on the outsides of the jug and drain into the pan you have to dump the water to keep it out of the grow area..........cheap
  9. I though it may have been magnesium from the photo Plants look awesome tho!!!
  10. Yeah I'm gonna trim my lower ones off as well. Its 7 gallons in that pot, I figured 3.5 gallons for each plant would suffice Do you think this isn't enough??
  11. Have to check trichomes for harvest, when the caps are 50% cloudy you can harvest....or let them get 25% or so amber then harvest.......that's definitely a sativa looks good tho keep it up