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  1. Dunno I was asking him also
  2. I sure do AqUaKuSh93 Only have CoD warzone But if ya have that we can play together and chitchat about gardening 😁
  3. Nice excellent luck with the pollen I'm waiting on mine to open up used Tiresias Mist on an afghan kush ryder from world of seeds it worked fine plan on crossing it with a few different strains Best of luck on the results from the cross Excellent looking tricombs I like that double headed one 👌
  4. What of that cheese with the weird growth??
  5. Great work both of you I'm about to start my last critical orange punch already have acapulco gold and afghan kush growing currently also have 2 cutting of sundae driver I took to clone
  6. Great work, been an exciting grow so far 😁
  7. Welcome back man Excellent plants!!!
  8. Nice, I've grown kalashnikova its an awesome growing strain excellent smoke as well Looking forward to your content
  9. It's recommended at least 6 hours of DIRECT sunlight per day to grow a marijuana plant
  10. Temps at night similar to day Temps But if it's all 10 I'd say it could be genetic My other suggestion is a phosphorus deficiency Any other symptoms??
  11. This was a purple kush auto at 2 weeks I lost all the other pictures I had 😔
  12. Guys I have grown the PKA from Buddha seeds several times I recommend 20/4 light schedule throughout the grow this helps to ensure a quicker grow. Usually 2-3 weeks from seed they start to change to flowering usually growth slows even seems to almost stop for a few days then it will begin to flower and usually flowers for 8-9 weeks depending on light levels, temperature, over/underwatering etc Definitely always kept a good check on the tricombs In optimum conditions this strain usually finishes in 11 weeks from seed. My favorite pheno is the short compact indi