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  1. Hi all, I have got myself a arduino (microcomputer) and some humidity / temperature sensor a water pump, moist sensors (HIGH/LOW) and a Arduino microcontroller to connect my sensor to. I have programmed a application to controle the room. Now I'm staring construction of the water transportation system and have read a lot about hydroponics. Does anyone have some example of multiple plant grow in 1 big container. What I want to do is basicly make 3 big watercontainers 3000 mm x 1200 mm and make the sides 400 mm high and let water run from top to bottom by putting the watercontainer in a 3° angle and contantly let a small film of air infused water run down and flows down in a tank to be inserted to the top again. The grow will be in Rockwood cubes. Would love to share some knowledge. Sorry about my bad english. Kind regard, William
  2. Started 10 AK seeds and they are more than done. Hydronics rockwool in coco soil 18 liter pots Vegetation stage 12 weeks. Used a scrog. Flower 9 weeks.
  3. Yesterday I was "strain hunting" in Amsterdam. So I went to green house coffeeshop United to look for some seeds. So I went smoked a fast joint and moved on(did not buy any seeds). When I was going home I realised I visited all the green house coffeeshops in 4 weeks time and put all my extra time and effort into researching the GH business structure and locations. So I was sitting in the car feeling a bit like a groupie. I asked myself a question: Why am I doing this. Answer to myself: I wish I could be a part of GH seeds like many other growers and enthusiasts and develop my own strains, vending the seeds at expositions and conferences. Growing our strains and be a winner at all the cannabis cup. Realisation: Everybody wants to be part of the winning team. So I felt a little sad because of my groupie behaviour. But you cant blame a grower for dreaming.
  4. Hi @Jose.gh @jan.gh, If there would be a future contest I would like to see a Franco's Lemon Cheese tribute grow. You have launched the product successfully, I would like to see how it will grow under different circumstances and I would love to participate of course. Kind regards, William Trust
  5. I was thinking the same. It's a Hugh plant. You should have topped this one. You would have had 2 big ass tops on that magnificent plant.
  6. Very good idea, a lot of island in southern asia have been researched the last 20 years. The Caribbean maybe holding some secrets and around Indonesia to Australia there could be some undiscovered island. Mostly west papua is undiscovered because of the korowai people practice cannibalism and is very interesting to research. Sure would be interesting to see a old VOC ship go around the globe to discover new cannabis strains. Hope they will pick it up from green house.
  7. Looks like awesome crop to me. This plant will give you enough.
  8. Congradulations to you winners. Excellent achiefment @LedCherryBerry, you have got some skills! I must say all of you have done great. Hope next challenge I can compete with you guys.
  9. Who will win. I got my favourite. Keeping my eye out for notifications.
  10. @Boris Kleiner Your growing outside? How many plant's do you have a what strain are you growing? You buy greenhouse seeds or just what you can get you hands on? How is the weed down under?
  11. @Thys you got some great dreams. But growing weed is illegal in Holland. So if you will get to work for green house you probably start in the coffee shop cleaning and simple jobs. If you get more experience you can work as a coffee shop employee and sell the weed(a little scholing needed from the GGD). After that you will have access to growers and suppliers. You probably be capable to help someone out. success with your career and hope you'll make it. First thing you need to do is get your billtong eating ass on a plane to Holland and apply for a job. success. If you get to Holland let me know. Maybe I could help you out a little.
  12. Very nice. Outside the plants always seem a little bit off. But very nice looking plants.
  13. Really good job. Looking awesome.what kind of lens are you using to shoot the trichomes?
  14. Im growing indoor at the moment. Very big yield with Kalashnikova and bubbelgum. I use 40 liter pots and grow for 8 weeks and 9 to 11 weeks of flowering. Average is 300 to 400 gram per plant. I use a scrog and 10 plants under a 600 watt hps light. I use coco soil and start with rockwool cubes. I'll show you a picture of my growrooms and my grow- method tonight. So I get 5 gram per watt. It took me 5 years to get it down and still learning everyday.
  15. It clear, the plants look to green to be ready. Take your time with flowering. more amber color = more THC
  16. Wow. You got the science right. Will defiantly look into specs. Got to get myself 1 of those airconditioners for a test environment. See what it does. Got myself a 2500m3/h ventilator for 10m2 never had any heat or humidity problems. More co2 is healthier plants Edit: I also have negative pressure to have minimal heat build-up.
  17. Hi shaggygrower, what kind of outtake fan are you using. Maybe you don't need to cool with an airconditioner, because airconditioners bring a whole new set of problems. First problem high energy costs are high and the second problem is air conditioning de-humidify with 30% to 60%. In the end getting a bigger ventilator is better and never pull your air from outside. Try to get it from inside. You can get automated humidifiers but this will have great problems because of lower humidity( inbetween the leafy part) between your plants. This will give high risks for fungus. The best thing you can get is heat exchanger air handling unit with cooling an humidifiers inside. But thats more for huge setups. What I have seen from your growing skills is that your really good. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
  18. Hello Torte821, Welcome to the board. I am new here to for a few weeks. Hope to see some of your grow and I love to share knowledge with you. I am growing for about 5 years now and I live in the Netherlands.
  19. To be honest. I would cure for myself, i think i would even be able to wait 2 months but for smoking. I flower long and dry fast 2 weeks maximum. Curing part would not even be a option. Because of the risks and the profit. I love growing but im also practical and also in it to make money. If it would be legal I would have the best products but if it good for the buyers it good for me. I will not sell shit but it's also risk vs profit. Don't think I have this big operation going on. just enough to support my family and have a little extra. I only smoke my own grow and I think my quality is high grade dutch grow. I'm just getting in to the part i'm developing more interest intro growing higher quality and upping my game.
  20. This is the easy way to do it
  21. Wonderful grow. Hope to see more of your growing skills. Its good to see there are people who want the best out of there plants and not focus on profit.
  22. @g22 I think you right about curing for 2 to 3 months. But for commercial grower that's almost impossible. you want to dry max 2 to 3 weeks and sell it. How bigger the plantation how more storage and curing pots. So basically the vendor is responsible for the curing part or it will make cannabis extremely expensive. Maybe for home growers for own use this will be do- able. But your curing tips sounds very much like Mr. Roskam so who am I to disagree.

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