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  1. ive been taking oil capsules for about a year ,as well as suppositories for about 3 months now. i had radiation and chemo twice so far . i can honestly say that i dont believe that cannibas on its own will cure cancer.i have researched the hell out of it and aside from i guy in england who swears it beat liver cancer[who mysteriously dies 3 months later] i cant find any evidence that cannibas will cure cancer.what i can tell you is that it has made a dramatic improvement in my life since having cancer. you get a brain fog from chemo and ive got to say that the suppositories really cleared it up . also i just feel healthier and have more energy. how much is attributed to the oil and how much is just natural healing is still a guess.i'm really hoping that although it may not cure cancer , let's hope it will at least slow the growth.i switch from a strong thc pill in the am to a strong cbd pill in the pm.along with 1 500mg full spectrum oil suppository taken twice daily.if nothing else it relieves some of the muscular pain from the operation.anyway it's working for me so far ,so i will soldier on .keep the buds handy. peace.
  2. hello people ,i'm a medical marijuana patient from canada and i grow my own medicine. i had a friend give me some everclear[94% grain alcohol] to make rso with . well i tried it on the weekend and i 've got to say it turns out a nicer cleaner product than with using isopropyl alcohol.here's a couple of pics.the price is really alot more so im going to, see how strong i can get my homemade liqour. might be a stretch to get it strong enough. i'll try running it a couple of times and see what happens.anybody have any experience with both methods and which way is better.thanks for any replies.
  3. broken branch

    cut off all the dead parts and hope . iv'e brought back some severly wilted plants. sometimes all you can see is a tiny bit of green at a branch, but with a plant that size ,it already has good roots and as long as there is a tiny bit of green still alive there is hope good luck.
  4. hello everyone, i'm new to this site, but not to smoking or growing weed. growing is one of the most enjoyable things i have ever done.you get to see the fruits of your labour as well as feel the effects.i'm using marijuana for medical purposes and grow my own with the blessing of the canadian govt.its so nice to be able to do it legally. anyway i'll post a few pics of my current grow , which consists of 4 painkiller [10%cbbd and 7%thc], then 2 dark angel-high thc ,mostly sativa.also 1 king tut as well as 2 purple kush and 1 hog plant. these are at 4ay 44 into flower, so i'm starting to flush most of them now except the dark angels as they may take an extra week. then its on to outdoor for the summer.thanks for viewing and have a great summer filling the cupboards.peace
  5. hello brenda, i have been through esoghagus cancer[ at the junction ],and had the ivor\lewis surgery to remove the junction. you dont say if he has had surgery or not so presuming that he has not. i have been taking suppositories for about 1 month now , but had previously been taking rso[rick simpson oil] orally at 250 ml twice daily for about 2 years . i started taking this as soon as i got out of the hospital from the operation. unfotunately it has now spread to my liver . the oncologist said that it had probably already gone to my liver even before the operation and was too small to find. .the thing with oil as far as i can gather is its all about taking a full spectrum of oil[not just cbd or thc but everything in it , as well as a mix of thc and cbd. i went to an info session put on by a local pharmacy the other week and the weed expert there said that nobody as of yet ,has figured out exactly what each type of different cancer requires ,as far as a cannaboid profile to work for your particular case. so its a crap shoot and the only thing he was recommending is to take some different strains and mix the oils together or take one type in the am and another in the pm. i usually take the cbd one in the evening as it really puts me to sleep and the thc during the day.what type of chemo is he doing?i'm certainly not trying to make you think there is little hope as there is plenty of hope . im hoping that all the research that i've done in the last couple of years has finally led me in the right direction and i will continue to improve as the conventional methods are not working.i still feel good and as long as i just take weed alone i seem to improve and then i listen to my oncologst and take the chemo and i feel horrible. please dont take my experience as to whether to take chemo or not because some people seem to be able to handle it for a long time , but for me this is not the case.i have been talking zeloda[pills] for about a month now, had to stop early the first time as there were side effects. the second time was half strength but again had to stop after 6 days as the side effects were not good.im going now to all cannibas.i'll still take the supps and i will up my daily oral dose to as close to 1 gram a day as i can.im pretty used to it now so will increase a little at a time .keep researching brenda and i wish you and your husband all the best. if there is anything i can help with, do not hesitate to contact.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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