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  1. I'm wading through the applications and permits process at the moment. The barriers to entry are nothing short of ridiculous. It's quite telling that the lions share of licences issued have gone to international capital backed companies of former politicians lawyers and doctors in the non industrial market sector. What would be a fair starting point is the 6K for a application to cultivate or the 3.6k application for a research licence were at least refundable if your application is not successful. I find it disappointing that Australian innovation is stomped out the moment you look at the mmj industry - I'm feeling it may be less of a headfuck to operate out of Europe and have established brand with products ready to put on shelves in about 5 years when the red tape is a little less tied in knots. Maybe somewhere I can fit "Australian Innovation" in tiny letters next to manufactured halfway across the world.
  2. Mine was an unusual fuck up that's forever left me chasing rainbows. I bought some SSH seeds (mistake number one, until then I'd had growers with indicas and hybrids only doing the grows for me) from GH, nursed them home, via Skype and lots of phone calls to my experienced friends set up a tent with 2 x 600w HPS, nothing spectacular just the usual set up. Popped the seeds forgetting I had a dive commitment, left them for three days to find giraffe necked pathetic seedling dried out clinging to life so there was my first mistake. I eventually got them going...overwatered, overfed, snapped stems and used human bandaids, made all the rookie mistakes but they seemed to want to live to spite me. I got them to scrogging and started wondering if all plants were this tough or I was supposed to be scrogging twice a day because of the ridiculously rampant and strong growth. A friend dropped in for a holiday and helped me but the plants were lifting the netting so we resorted to lumps of 4 x 2 on the tent floor as extra anchor points. He also looked at me in horror when I was mixing notes and pointed out I'd been feeding them an aggressive schedule - right from the beginning. Being SSH and being more familiar with Indica grows my life became...are they ready yet, are they ready yet. Finally when it was absolutely impossible to get in the tent other than sliding like a snake on the floor and Santa had come and gone I had worked out they couldn't possibly go any longer than the 16 weeks flower they'd tormented me with and set a harvest date...except my son got pulled over driving my car leading to a series of events that meant nice Mr Policeman was going to come to my house and visit to drop off the warning notice the next day. Harvest day. Had to get them gone so I put out an urgent call to friends and thanks to a couple of very helpful trimmers by daylight we had tent gone, entire room had been cleaned, all traces of everything gone so Mr Policeman hopefully would be cool when he arrived at 8am the next morning. Id used so much Nag Champa incense my house smelled like a Kashmiri opium den so luckily he didn't stay long. Dry weight from 2 plants - 3.75 pound. That was my biggest mistake - I expect that yield all the time now
  3. Hi hope everyone's nicely mellow today just had a couple of questions re CannaFest Prague. What district in Praha would be the most convenient for accomodation and transport because I probably shouldn't hire cars and try and drive again in Europe - for the safety of everyone TIA
  4. It seems to do that initially and seems prone to droopy leaves if disturbed but once it's happy it behaves.
  5. Feb 24 1988 at a Pink Floyd Concert with a very random Spanish guy who spoke no English, appeared out of the crowd with this insanely good hash, crumbled it over some equally good green, smoked it with me while Dark Side of the Moon was being performed and just as suddenly disappeared.
  6. Not sure if It's me or them - apparently am allowed to gently strum mandolin or 12 string...but they do not like live sax performances.
  7. Ahh we may live in days of aircraft, I just happen to prefer exploring ancient maritime trade routes and islands that don't have airports. I agree re Micronesia and Yap - it fits with the Taiwan theory (in that early man branched out from Taiwan exploring the trade routes dependant on tides) and recall Yap having some Nice herb but being all bent out of shape about seeing your knees... id recommend to anyone riding across the planet in a ship or a boat - there's still thousands of islands out there we haven't bumped into yet. Not the most comfy or quickest way to travel admittedly. I've seen Islands born and Islands sink beneath the sea so will we ever have an exact count of the worlds Islands ? Temporarily maybe. Soloman Islands - which part? American Samoa will tell you loudly they have great smoke, however IMO samoan Samoa and one particular island stand out as having the best on offer through the island group. Uepi. Fiji - islands in the Yasawis or Bligh waters
  8. The definition of patience - extreme Sativa lover
  9. Theres only one old VOC ship in existance.......and shes way too uncomfortable to go around the world strain hunting on From my very brief experience looking around islands - Australia is not where you would start. Following the spread of maritime trade routes Id start in Taiwan.
  10. Hi from across the rock
  11. I crew on yachts and tall ships - everything from racing maxis and cruising yachts to 1606 replica VOC pirate ships with bricks for bunks. I'm starting to feel a little more beaten up after each trip, even though most of the last decade I've been on dive boats. Diving really gives you a look at the state this planet is in from a whole other angle, year after year I find myself having to go further and further to get away from telephones, selfies, life. I'm not a real fan of the human race - the further and deeper away I am the happier I am. Diving is my zen. I'm as much a part of the problem as anyone else...I jump on a plane because my kid bought me a ham sandwich (I don't eat ham! Never have, never will!) and burn up jetfuel to go diving (and find some herb!). I realised how much I contribute to the problem when I go through airports in Africa or PNG and just automatically stick a wad of cash inside my passport to get thru the moshpit that is most African airports. I've found most towns - especially ports - have the token hustler who can find you this or that and often turns out to be a blessing particularly as I do most of my travelling solo. In a car with three doors, no number plates, a dude with 2Pac shaved into his head chewing khat is sort of more my style of travelling than a contiki tour. This is part of the reason I have this urge to do something about the lack of a school on the Madagascan North West Islands. Once those kids hit 12, it's a choice between a boy or girl taking the ferry over to the mainland to continue getting an education. The boy is always going to win leaving the girl uneducated and often ending up walking the streets...I know it's a world wide problem but maybe I can do something about it. Malagasy people are lovely but theyre at the mercy of a very corrupt system. It's entirely possible for the local police to demand a payment to release a ladies fabric for her only source of income. I guess we have to aim for small wins sometimes.
  12. Thanks g22
  13. There's a replica boat Malays and Indonesians rowed to Madagascar both at Halmahera and at the Oceanography centre in Nosy Be if you can get them to answer phone/open door. Man did row there - it's not just the weed that's a give away but also things like the Valiha (a musical instrument that is believed to have first originated in Phillipines), food (rice, tamarind) and a very funky named ornamental plant - Clitoria Ternatea - which occurs naturally only in Ternate and Tidore islands. It's had long enough to evolve into a slightly bluer flower so there's now Clitoria endemic to Madagascar - and its now considered endemic to many countries particularly those where slaves ended up. I do agree the eastern weed at Diego Suarez near the Tsingy forest is better than the fairly bland Sativa on the west. The weirdest one I came across in Madagascar was down near Belon'i Tsiribihina in the Menabe region...bright orange seeds and it tasted like lemur pee to smoke. Out of the 5 different regions I smoked either weed or hash in..I'd have to say the Orange Lemur Pee had the nicest effect once you got past the taste.
  14. It's not actually that good a smoke....really just an average Sativa. Bhutanese have got way better botanicals their ancestors have told them about for generations so the weed was never something they saw as anything but an agricultural crop. To find that particular botanical is quite a trek...but I'd recommend it
  15. New Zealand - mostly indoor hydro now. Outdoor bush strains are pretty much your standard Nimbin quality.

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