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  1. Wow, excellent. The Big Bang went mad. The Church has nice wild landrace qualities - very sturdy vigor. Blessings for safe harvest
  2. Very important tip I must record: When using composted manure for compost tea, mix with a 1:6 ratio of compost material:water. Kicking myself for not having done this all along. The plants instantly respond unlike any way before. Glowing.
  3. Wow, awesome looking plants, amazing environment, perfect water, Jah keeping watching over you indeed. Exciting, best of luck my friend
  4. Mazar-I-Sharif x White Widow The dominant pheno is Sweet Mint with a strong Corn Flower starting at the back of the nostril and then swiftly covering the palate and bringing with it a hominee, then hoppy, and finally peppercorn. The other pheno is dominant with race gas, then a sweet fruit of cherry and berry mandarin orange with a bit of mint on the finish. Some leaves showing metallic green. Do you like this cross so far? All of the traits of it's lineage are evident. A real joy for me. I need to remove the cages so you will notice some bunching which is causing
  5. Someone tell that guy that told me honey does not work that I started my Mazar-I-Sharif x White Widow by seed and it is the 13th of June and the plants are over 2m tall and have not started flowering yet.
  6. After thinking more on drying, I am most likely going the route of what we see in the Strain Hunters Morocco documentary of bundling the sticks of buds and leaning against a wall to dry. Every compost tea batch I make is different with certain basics. For example one time it is raw brown cane sugar. This last time it was raw coconut sugar. The last recipe was this, and the plants responded very well: Also, everything is in extreme moderation, very dilute, probably should be higher but less is more in my book. Next batch I am adding some bentonite clay.
  7. Now soaking in the sunshine, another strain:Kerala landrace (AKA Kerala, Kerala Gold, Idukki Gold), first collected by The Real Seed Company.and sourced directly from Kerala District India and then reproduced through open pollination. Also one plant on the left is not looking good from poor drainage and will improve in the nature. Companion plants shown below are oregano, thyme, mint, lavender, bay leaf, and a volunteer corn. Do you like the Sativa leaves? How high do you think the high will go?
  8. We all know Malaria is a more than serious issue in Africa. Right now Malaria is even spreading in Venezuela and of course we all know how awful things can go if Malaria spreads over the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania - world-wide plague. How do we handle this issue as sentient beings? A few options: tinctures of different plant barks for preventatives or cures, colloidal silver to kill the disease in the body - none of this can be produced quick enough nor will it attack the origin, so what are we left to do? Is there an insect that eats mosqui
  9. Yeah man no plant more beautiful than the ganja aye, I love that excitement of the season and then at harvest I gotta wait another 6 months for that excitement again. Happy growing to you as well good friend
  10. Thank you @jsm I am really wanting them to amaze me. The medium they are now is, on a waterway in the mud, natural hydroponics. My other spots the plants are about 0.75 meter tall, looking very happy and very healthy and robust, not growing too much up or out yet, but looking extremely sturdy, perhaps sending tap root down to prepare for expansion. And of course preparing for the heat coming in. One spot I went to compost tea for pests and feed and the bugs ate many leaves at the lower of 2 plants but touched nothing upper and left the rest of the plants alone and again they all lo
  11. Wow, excellent farming. I really like the structure of the Sour Banana Sherbert, sure to produce huge colas, and the vigor of the Dutch Hawaiian, irie strain I am certain
  12. Wow excellent beauties. For the Free-99 route find some rabbit manure and aerate it in water with a cheap aquarium pump (almost free, $10usd). Composted chicken manure for huge and safe phosphorous boost. Add some honey and gypsum to the rabbit tea for real flower boosting effects, flavor and size
  13. Sent these 13 to the wild. Heavy rains and clustering the early plants together created some yellowing in the lower leaves and is also responsible for the plants shooting up as they have. Some plants began flowering nice white pistils, and again, due to their current setup, but moving outdoors they will more than likely correct to their usual photoperiod or otherwise veg and flower very long and all season. Classic red stem of the Mazar-i-Sharif seen in some photos. The image with the scissors in views shows a beautiful male on the far left to which there is also a sta