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  1. Yeah man no plant more beautiful than the ganja aye, I love that excitement of the season and then at harvest I gotta wait another 6 months for that excitement again. Happy growing to you as well good friend
  2. Day 1 30 Beans dropped in water
  3. Thank you @jsm I am really wanting them to amaze me. The medium they are now is, on a waterway in the mud, natural hydroponics. My other spots the plants are about 0.75 meter tall, looking very happy and very healthy and robust, not growing too much up or out yet, but looking extremely sturdy, perhaps sending tap root down to prepare for expansion. And of course preparing for the heat coming in. One spot I went to compost tea for pests and feed and the bugs ate many leaves at the lower of 2 plants but touched nothing upper and left the rest of the plants alone and again they all look like they must be working on getting robust root system to begin real expansion, they are sticking up straight as an arrow and lush lush lush lush vibrant green
  4. Share your guerrilla grow stories here. I have one from the 2018 season that still keeps me in wondering and wonderment. Last year I was planting a small patch. I dug out a 1m x 1m patch inbetween many shrubs in the woods with the hopes of maybe pulling a K for my personal use. I set out in the early morning hours of dark night and drove off-road and parked far away. I had with me some small plants in plastic beer cups and was digging the area out when all of a sudden ... A helicopter drops in very low. Mind you I am many miles from airport and big city. I am in the middle of no where. The helicopter is maybe 100M up and 150M out and very "whoop whoop whoop" and flying a quarter circle around me. The helicopter has no lighting whatsoever and I am unable to see it. But again I am in the middle of no where and there is no highway or anything nearby that will otherwise make such a noise. From dead of quiet frog croaks, cricket chirps, owl hoots, to very loud and undeniable low helicopter. It was so intimidating I went from my knees on the ground to lying entirely flat hugging the ground. There are large shrubs and trees all around me and no light at all and no moon light, a dark clear night. I am thinking what in the hell is going on am I about to be killed. I am totally sober, I do not take any medicines, this is really happening. I am thinking whatever this is it must have heat detection and must be watching the area from high up because it came from up high to down low out of no where. Not from the horizon. I am in relatively flat area so there are no hidden hills and mountains which can hide aircraft noise. After the helicopter circles me about 270' it vanishes into the dark not to be heard anymore. What in the f*** did I experience?
  5. Wow, excellent farming. I really like the structure of the Sour Banana Sherbert, sure to produce huge colas, and the vigor of the Dutch Hawaiian, irie strain I am certain
  6. Wow excellent beauties. For the Free-99 route find some rabbit manure and aerate it in water with a cheap aquarium pump (almost free, $10usd). Composted chicken manure for huge and safe phosphorous boost. Add some honey and gypsum to the rabbit tea for real flower boosting effects, flavor and size
  7. Excellent looking plant
  8. Sent these 13 to the wild. Heavy rains and clustering the early plants together created some yellowing in the lower leaves and is also responsible for the plants shooting up as they have. Some plants began flowering nice white pistils, and again, due to their current setup, but moving outdoors they will more than likely correct to their usual photoperiod or otherwise veg and flower very long and all season. Classic red stem of the Mazar-i-Sharif seen in some photos. The image with the scissors in views shows a beautiful male on the far left to which there is also a standalone photo of this fine specimen. The image with two large leaves is also the fine male.Most specimens exhibiting sex are in fact female.which I was told, off-hand, is a usual occurrence for the first generation of a new crossbreed (high female ratio). All fragrances are of exquisite cologne-like fragrances with some exhibiting cucumber mint, jasmine vine, one is extremely prominent hominee and peppercorn with vanilla, some chocolate mint, some gas/grapefruit, most of exotic aromas and colognes. Very vigorous, amazing stem structure
  9. I see a lot of online resources saying to defan all the way to expose the whole buds but I do not see this practice in the Himalayas or Middle-East where cultivation takes place for many centuries now. Maybe the buds need shade to not damage the trichomes or maybe the big leaves will help to increase different qualities of the flower. Post your thoughts
  10. It is so much fun @jsm
  11. These went out to their holes. I see the Mazari, Colombian, and South Indian traits well. Check out the hardiness of that stem.
  12. Amazing work
  13. Prep work in the day, plants at night, looking forward to seeing your grow this year, have fun and good luck
  14. Thanks friend. Things are getting big. 0.5L cups in photo. Will have some photos from the wild soon. Very healthy and vigorous. Stem smells are superb. Mazari and Colombian landrace traits shining through
  15. Serious giant girls already this early in the season. Great work. Looking forward to watching them grow into real big mamas
  16. Stem producing the smell of blush wine and race gas.
  17. I hate to hear that @jsm! Find a farm field with some very nice, dark, sweet-smelling, soil and scoop out what you need from the edge of the field
  18. Superb video find. The best use for olla, never visit for watering
  19. Compost tea made with used green tea bags soaked in honey. 12 hours from start, 12 hours remaining before application Do you think there is any beneficial bacteria in this 5 gallon bucket?
  20. You sir are a true scholar and gentleman. I salute you
  21. I am making the OLLA my self, by creating clay with this guy's advice: Making the pot without spinning, only pinching and curling like art class And firing the pottery in a kiln dug out of the earth Leave your OLLA unglazed* so the water can seep through for the plants
  22. Mate, that is great to hear you have so many options. Plant in all of those places and twice as many more so you will have the great success this year and no broken heart if one or two does not work. I will be adding 1 OLLA holding 10 liters of water to my spots to keep from watering or maybe only one or two times all season that is all. Water plant and fill olla.If olla still full, and plant looking good, go home. The water seeps out very slowly and roots grab on to the surface like a hand holding a ball and this keeps all soil moist and plants big
  23. I am using about 1/4 handful of rock dust per 5 gallons. It slightly tints the water red by itself. I do continue to hear the rocks at the bottom are excellent. I thought about making extra biochar to line the bottom of the hole for trapping draining water and nutrients but then again I have a lot of biochar in my mix and I will be using ollas to slow-release water in the holes. Bat guano is real nice but I only have chicken guano available to me and that requires some pre-work since it is a hot compost and needs to be composted before use. Even above building nutrient density in the soil I am concerned with building fungal activity. The more fungal activity in the soil the more the soil expands and more free the roots can move. Very smart and hard work produces very good luck at least. Every run we all wish we changed something but this experience gives better harvest the next year. The Activated Aerated Compost Tea is the real deal. Most aquarium pumps are $5-$10 and plants will respond immediately. I also saw you mention a spray for pests, the compost tea also solves this issue and you can use almost anything for the compost tea once you get a good idea of what can not be used. I studied Boogie Brew to understand how I can apply the concept for myself without using any money to produce my compost for each new batch. From my research honey has as much as 2-3x the amount of chelates as Molasses so I use the honey and as far as honey killing bacteria I have quite a nice foam head which is good bacteria so in my experience the bad bacteria is what is kept away. Honey is quite perfect as long as it is not the radiated honey big farm sells and is natural. The big thing is do all that you can and do not skip things and you and your friends will enjoy good times and good smoke. Have fun and share your experience and knowledge and we can all enjoy

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