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  1. Use vegetable delayed release.
  2. Hi all. My partner has been diagnosed as DCIS positive. I have been making oil for people over 5 years now and everyone single person except one (prostate cancer) has beaten the cancer. I know he never took it the way it should be taken. One lady had metastasized HER2 breast cancer, tumors in her brain, liver, kidneys, virtually everywhere. She landed on my doorstep weighing 40kg. There was nothing left of her after the butcher Drs had slashed, burned and poisoned her body. She had 3 weeks at best to live. When I gave her the oil I told her that she needed to work up to a full gram a day. She didn't listen. Having only 3 weeks to live she went home and took a FULL GRAM straight up. She was basically in a sleep induced coma for 24 hours. The next day she ate, showered and took another FULL GRAM. Back to bed. The next day she went to more sensible doses, still 1 gram but spread out, but she figured she had no option in her state other than to hit it. Now, 6 months later all PET scans show its gone and all tumor markers are negative. IT WORKS. Man I thought, this chick has got some balls. She is my hero. How the hell she took that 1 gram straight up is beyond me. So my partner has known about what I do since we met and she always said that if she got cancer she would never have chemo or radiation or even let them touch her. Well when she found out she had DCIS, she immediately started talking about surgery without even considering what I do. Go figure. So after much arm bending and some reassurance from the surgeon that this is not going to spread in her body for months , years or NEVER, I now have her on oil, vitamins and supplements. Her diet always was good. Now I dont make my oil the RSO way. I am a distiller and make my oil using reflux extraction, I built the reflux system myself. Basically the cannabis is continually washed for 30 minutes using food grade azeotropic alcohol at boiling point (75degc) removing every single compound out of the plant. I then recover the alcohol from the oil/alcohol mixture for reuse which takes another 30 minutes. I do not decarboxylate as this happens during the one hour extraction/recovery process. There is nothing left in the material at the end of this process. The ladies have all tried many other peoples oil and all have said mine is so far superior to everyone else in strength and quality that they believe that the 1 gram a day in virtually impossible to achieve and is not needed. Their call not mine. I use delayed release capsules so the oil is released way down inside gut in around an hour. After a lot of experimenting with other people we have found this to be the best method for these people. Not everyone So I have had to work my partner up in doses. The first night 0.050 grams did nothing, made her a little tired. The next day 0.100 grams. This put her down, for a whole day. But I have told her she will build up a tolerance to it. The next day 0.050 grams in the morning and 0.100 grams at night. This is where it gets interesting. We keep a log of BP/HR, how she is feeling, any weird sensations etc. So about the third day one hour after taking the 0.1 gram she said to me,"Honey something is going on in my boob where the cancer is". Like what I said. "A warm buzzing pins and needles sort of thing." Is it where the biopsy was done? "No its where they reckon the cancer is, that whole 2 inch area" Hmmm. I dont know I will call all the other ladies and ask them. So I called the HER2 lady. She said that after she came out of her sleep state and went to 0.200 grams doses 5 times a day she also had that same feeling in her body where the tumors are. One by one I called them and all except one had that same feeling where the tumors were. The only one that didn't have that was the bone cancer lady. My question is has anyone else felt this warm tingling pins and needles or any other weird sensations at the tumors sites? Thanks guys. This thing they call cancer is a metabolic malfunction in cell reproduction and it can be beaten very quickly using a proper extraction of some fine high grade buds. I use Critical and I wont change, it works and has been working and curing for 5 years.
  3. Hi there. My partner has just been diagnosed as DCIS positive. Its only very small. I start a thread in the appropriate place on the forum. Thanks thegoodoil

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