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  1. so isit going to be illegal for british people to smoke weed in amsterdam??
  2. Cheers guys am realy looking forward to the next 1 as its soil and I'm hoping the flavour wil come out more in the lady burn I no it does in the cheese. lady burn is a good comercial plant just not the sort of thing I want to grow I'd rather stik with the cheese get flavour and yield. I will try update in a week or so bin bit busy with work en stuf latly
  3. hey all sorry its been very long just i bin coo'd out my nut the last month lol the harvest turned out well with an impressive 14 oz yield dry. im not to keen on the lady burn gets u fukd jus not the flavour for me lol anyway heres some pictures of my harvest an of course the icolater witch i did enjoy all 20 grams of it this pic is without the main heads lol 73 micron dont no how i do it but it tastes better thn any dam hash ive smoked? 25 micron heres the new grow goin dwn 2 uk exodus cheese clones and 2 greenhouse lady burn clones origanal uk exodus cheese clone greenhouse lady burn
  4. hey earthman im sure things will get better for you i had to pop 8 seeds i only got 1 uniform plant all the rest got destroyed
  5. i found wiv this pheno smell kicks in around 3 week flower but it did smell alot whilst vegging duno if u got this or not ?
  6. looks like a fair bit of difference between the 2
  7. thanks guys and thanks for the info trevor will bare it in mind next time i jus want to get this girl dwn she stinkin the gaf out lol will be bak for my last update on the 17th. next grow going dwn will be 2 ladyburn (cuttings) and 2 exodus cheese (cuttings) both in soil and will be scroged will carry that on this thread thanks again guys peace
  8. here for an update at day 49. ec has been taken from 1.9 to 0.8 ec. for the start of flushing all feeds have been stoped and am now watering with a flushing agent from advanced nutrients final phase. i think this pheno of the ladyburn will be a straight 9 weeker i hope as im dwn to my last half o of da exodus heres some pics anyway hope u all like
  9. im curious to how u get seeds from a exodus cut ?
  10. no toping my friend i jus let her do her own thing thanks man will check ur grow out peace
  11. hey earthman all depends on the factors light,space,hydro,soil ?? i bin using hydro nft for my last 3 grows and on this current grow i vegged for around 3 weeks as the pheno i got from the seeds is a fast growing bushy plant, my tip for scrog is make sure ur plant,plants have plenty of branches and start to weve the main heads a week befrore u switch them over to allow the lower branches to stretch up that way once ur plants have stoped stretching 2/3 weeks ur net should be ramo hope this has helped if u need anymore info feel free to ask happy scrogin!!
  12. hello again and appoligies again lol havnt been able to update for a while had a hectik few weeks with my dog having pups and also trying to find work. the super silver haze went tits up and i didnt end up gettin them so thats a bumer but oh well i got a nice lady burn goin shes currently 31 days in flower and looking exelent heres some pics for u guys day 10 flower day 20 flower under canopy and above day 20 day 28 flower below canopy and above day 28 and a little bud shot day 28 flower and finally today day 31 flower hope u all like the pics and progress of lady burn i certanly am
  13. loooking good jimmy, u have differnt phenos here. doesent look at all like my origenal uk cheese clone! seems to be stretching alot mayb more to the sativa side. happy harvest man
  14. i recently purchased 5 feminized church seeds 1 of witch poped and later died ? im a tad pissd off to say the least. has any1 else had the same problem?????