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  1. Morning to all! Back for a little update on my two little girls. Sweet Mango Auto is really cruising right along. Has been really fun to watch her develop. Good amount of sun this week. Girls where out in the garden. Got a little hot one day and damage one of the lower leaves, but it rebounded nicely after a nice soaking. @Tokage, ask and you shall receive! SMA(left) SLH(right) SLH SLH SMA SMA SMA SMA
  2. Most days they sit in my attic under a well placed sun roof that allows them to catch sun almost the entire day. When I'm home and it's really nice out like today I stick them right out in the yard. I was surprised to see a bud forming on the main kola as well on the SMA. Shes about 4 weeks since she sprouted out of the ground I believe.
  3. I have the Sweet Mango Auto Strain going right now. So that's the one I was wondering the start to finish time on. Thanks for the positive feed back guys! The girls are getting taller and starting to really develop. They went from more of a skunky smell last week, to a more sweet grass smell this week. We also had a few days of good sun, especially today. Girls worked on their tans all day Here are a few photos, SLH SLH SLH SMA SMA SMA Hope everyone enjoys!
  4. Quick questiong for anyone that knows, what's the grow time on these autos from seed to finish?
  5. Back again with a weekly glimpse at the girls. Not a ton of sun this week but both are going strong. SLH Has the slightest sent to it. The SMA has a sent a bit more defined. You know what your catching a whiff of Now I will let everyone catch up with the girls. SLH SLH SLH SMA SMA SMA Thanks for tagging along, happy growing!
  6. Hi all, back for the Sunday report. Had some decent sun this week in the Netherlands and the girls taking full advantage of it. Still on all natural regiment, some mighty fine water and catching some rays. SLH SLH SMA(really impressed with the amount of growth on this strain) SMA
  7. Evening everyone, thought I would drop in with a couple photos from today. Pretty standard so far, water and lots of sunlight. Or as much as I can manage to get SLH SLH SMA SMA The SLH is taller so far, but overall leaf span is nearly identical on the 2 plants at 6 CM. Another week down and everything is green and growing!
  8. If at anytime anyone see's something that's bad please feel free to let me know!
  9. H2o! Happy Birthday! SLH(day1) SLH(day 2) SMA(day 1) SMA(day 2) SLH and SMA (day 3)
  10. Yes I'm totally starting late. But I din't have the time until now, so I figured what the heck, if I can't get enough soon then I will finish it off with lights I'm gonna try and post a few picks, hopefully I'm able to manage it
  11. When it says auto-adaptive, does that mean I won't need a converter when plugging it in? I work for a telecommunications company and I know when we ship products to the UK it comes with a clip on converter because the sockets are different in the UK then in most of Europe. I don't want to blow it up first go haha
  12. Hot damn it's hard to argue with that Wow thanks for that Fuzzy!
  13. Hey all, From the title you can assume I'm on the hunt for a LED Grow Light. Looking for 90-120W, will consider 200W if the price is good. I am in the Amsterdam area so if anyone knows someone who is looking to sell one, knows a good store or website to find them at good prices please send me a message either here or a private one. Thanks for everything! Happy growing to all
  14. Thanks for the support everyone! SLH poped through the soil already and the SMA is just a little behind but should be standing tall by the end of todays sun! I haven't done any heavy watering yet, don't want to drowned the babies. I am home now. So they are getting a few squirts of rain water ever every 3-4 hours or so. So far so good! Hope to have some good pics soon for everyone please. Note: I decided with the Dutch summer being so off and on with the sun I converted a coat closet with some reflective material and am looking for a nice LED Grow light in there in case the clouds block up all