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  1. Here was my Cinderella 99 from last summer
  2. These are really pretty, they will be beasts by the end of season. Looking forward to seeing them flower in the wild. Happy growing my friend
  3. @jsm I think I misunderstood your question. I definitely top my plants though I haven't yet on these or any others I'm growing at the moment, but I definitely will be topping them all eventually, both for height control and to increase yields.😎
  4. Can you see the natural V pattern this first one is growing in? It's been that way since it sprouted, it hasn't been topped yet. It's pretty cool. The other one with grey lid was the smaller runty one, it's doing great. They're both looking good I think. I'm very excited about these genetics. I wanted originally to grow some White Rhino after watching last year's competition on the forum, particularly @g22. I wasn't able to get any because GHS doesn't sell to Americans but this is next best thing, it's sort of like making my own White Rhino, which is white widow and unknown indica. This being white widow x Afghan kush it may be very similar to White Rhino. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  5. Super tall mystery plant
  6. Looking good this morning. They are really growing fast. All five are around 21 inches tall give or take an inch. It's getting hotter in the days around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 50s at night. Very windy though also so they are getting very fit.
  7. @g22 what is the health issue with your leaf? The pictures above look really happy but I know that can be misleading sometimes, are they clawing a little bit?
  8. @RedBarn thank you my friend! Ya I haven't grown or even smoked any of these 3 strains but I'm excited! the structure of the Sour Banana Sherbert is cool. I like the Rude boi OG also very bushy.
  9. So beautiful!!!
  10. It's windy so the pics aren't great

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