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  1. @jsm it's super hot where I live in the desert, but it rained super hard one night last week and it really fucked up a couple plants, broke off a bunch of branches. Sorry to hear about your mold issues. I hate that. Though it's not much of a concern where I'm at cuz it's so hot here
  2. @jsm hey man, ya they definitely get hot. It was 104 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday🏜️
  3. These Northern Lights are monsters! Bout 6 feet tall so they are pushing up against my new chicken wire canopy barrier. Which you can see in this last pic
  4. Here's a couple over view shots of my sativas. Over all looking pretty good. They seem healthy despite the anomolous leaf pattern on the Dutch Hawaiian, no more twisted growth I think they will flower just fine. A flash rain event beat them up last week some major limbs were lost but they very resilient and doing fine now
  5. @jsm They usually start changing into bloom in the 3rd week of August or so.
  6. These two are quite a bit shorter than my others, short, squat, and healthy. You can really see the Afghani features. They are about 4 feet 3 inches tall.
  7. Hey friends, I haven't posted anything in a little while cuz my back was fucked up for like two weeks and I was in too much pain but I'm back to myself now. Beautiful sunny day 🌞. Me and my old man put up a new chicken wire enclosure over the top of the canopy to keep them from going over top of fence. The last pic here shows it pretty well.
  8. I'm super excited about this strain, and really love how they are growing!
  9. @jsm no the issue with the Dutch Hawaiian continues unfortunately
  10. This is a cool guerilla grow@RedBarn. You plant right in the earth huh? Must be some pretty nice soil down there. Do you allways grow guerilla style? Its been years since I've done that. It's fun though, but not so fun carrying the water out there.
  11. Looking lush my European friend. I recall you said you don't top your plants in veg cycle is that right?

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