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  1. just cut down the first Cinderella she's s beast about twice the size of my dad, I fertilized her with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Bloom, lots of molasses towards the end of flower, and lots of live microbes all through her life cycle, really thickened up nice!
  2. Gracias RGS😁. Almost halfway done trimming✂️
  3. Harvest time!
  4. Jamaican Jam looking pretty good, buds smell really piney! Lots of resin!
  5. Seem to be coming along nicely
  6. You can use fish fertilizer for vegative cycle. I'm not sure for bloom cycle, you don't have a commercial tomato fertilizer in Lebanon? Something high in phosphates and low in nitrogen. Definitely fish fertilizer for veg though, they have that everywhere don't they?
  7. Time for new indoor grow! Just picked up some clones in Seattle 2 Dutch Treat, 2 Purple Widow. They will be grown in 8 square foot tent under 2 LED lights, 1000 watt plus another 600 watt LED full spectrum, 1,600 total watts. I grow in soil and use sensi-grow fertilizer as well as live microbes in the substrate.
  8. I did try some and yes it's quite tasty even before curing, lots of turpenes, the yeild wasnt that spectacular though I didn't expect it to be since they were auto-flower. I'd never grown autos before and just wanted to try them out with the new LED lights
  9. Flower came out super tasty! Sour fruity! Tastes alot like Dutch Treat
  10. These girls are over twice my height! Giants with sticky, sexy buds shooting into the heavens!
  11. It's hard to get very good pics of these ones because they are behind the Cinderella 99's which are even taller but as you can see they are thriving! The flower smells amazing like citrus, mint, and baby vomit😁
  12. coming along nicely!
  13. Looks good my freind!😃 What size containers do you have them in?
  14. Looks nice! What kind of lighting do you use?

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