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  1. Ya I always seem to get mites on my indoor grows. Never seems to be an issue outdoors
  2. So I have to confess I haven't given these plants sufficient attention, I let spider mite colonization become far too advanced before I took decicive action and they never fully recovered from that. Anyways that being said the flower smells delicious 👃that fruity piney smell thats so typical of Dutch treat, it's always been a favorite strain of mine. The purple widow smells good as well. They are almost 7 weeks into flower, I've given them advanced nutrients bloom fert, live microbes and some molasses. Hopefully they'll thicken up a little more before they are done, I'll update this again in a few weeks when they are ready for harvest 😎🚬
  3. Amazing! Absolutely beautiful!
  4. Here is an update on these girls. Dutch Treat in front and Purple Widow in the back. Had some issues with spider mites it's allways something with indoor, so I introduced 1500 lady bugs into the grow tent, they seem to be on the mend, Dutch Treat leaves are still a little brittle I think there fine though, just switched the lighting schedule to 12 and 12 yesterday
  5. Here is a picture of the Cinderella 99 flower. Very large semi-dense buds. The scent is fruity and the flavor is gasoline and grapefruit. Very stoney!
  6. Here is the Wild Thailand flower. It has a light weight airy structure, small buds mostly, very resinous, extremely sticky. The smell is minty and the flavor is of licorice, anise. Definitely the highest turpine profile of this year's harvest, very tasty, very stoney sativa high. True thai-stick 🚬
  7. This is the ketama. For a pure indica it has a pretty active upbeat high. The flavor is hashy and earthy with floral hints. A mild high though compared to the killimanjaro, combining the trim from the two made some killer hash.
  8. Here is a picture of the cured killimanjaro flower. This may be my favorite of this year's outdoor crop. A really strong sativa punch. There is two different phenos I believe affecting the flavor profile, one of which is sweet and minty, the other which is the majority is Woody with hints of orange peel and citrus. Very resinous buds.
  9. just cut down the first Cinderella she's s beast about twice the size of my dad, I fertilized her with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Bloom, lots of molasses towards the end of flower, and lots of live microbes all through her life cycle, really thickened up nice!
  10. Gracias RGS😁. Almost halfway done trimming✂️
  11. Harvest time!
  12. Jamaican Jam looking pretty good, buds smell really piney! Lots of resin!
  13. Seem to be coming along nicely
  14. You can use fish fertilizer for vegative cycle. I'm not sure for bloom cycle, you don't have a commercial tomato fertilizer in Lebanon? Something high in phosphates and low in nitrogen. Definitely fish fertilizer for veg though, they have that everywhere don't they?

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