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  1. Almost done harvesting these Northern Lights, one left out of the five. The early freeze didn't seem to hurt them too much. It's possible it slowed some of the productivity in the final stages, but the bud looks pretty good and the thc level is high I can tell by how fast the oils build up on the scissors while trimming! I will report later on the flavor and yields.
  2. Thanks @OG.Naj yeah it's always a good feeling at harvest. Got away with it again!🎉🎆💰
  3. Harvest has begun! Actually I started 3 days ago. These white widow x Afghan kush being the first. I just realized I hadn't updated this particular journal in over a month my bad. Anyways these were the only pics I took before cutting them down. Next up are the Northern lights.
  4. @gasmeter Hello my friend thank you! Yes the buds have came in great this year. I'm sure with some tarps and blankets they'll survive the cold.
  5. Week 7 of flower🏵️. Overnight temperature lows are going to be below freezing for 3-4 days but the daytimes are still sunny. So as I explained in my Black Russian journal I'm going to cover the plants overnight with tarps, plastic, and spare sheets and blankets. The chicken wire canopy top makes this fairly easy to do. With sheets and such also draped over the sides this should create enough of a greenhouse effect to keep them alive, and will certainly prevent the dew (moisture) from settling on the plants and freezing. The buds are getting pretty mature they don't need too much longer.
  6. @OG.Naj no they aren't quite ready yet, I'm not sure what to do because mid next week the over night low temperature is going to be well below freezing for 3 days in a row. I'm going to cover them with plastic and blankets as best I can to at least prevent the dew/frost from getting to them but still I'm very worried I have 16 plants outside and they are only at week 7 of bloom. I need more time it doesn't look like I'm gonna get. Ive lived here 5 years and this has never happened before.
  7. It's hard to get good pics of most my plants due to their size and the space they are in and these two girls are no different. The buds on these Black Russians are massive Spears! Really huge, and smell super skunky and fruity. This would be the sixth week of flower.
  8. Gorgeous plants man! Buds looked delicious 😋👌 great job!!!🚬
  9. Hello friend 😊. I don't know anything about Nepal, but the good news is that is definitely a female cannibas plant, in that picture it apears to me to be pre flowering. If those pictures were taken on the 11th I'd be shocked if they weren't in full flower by now.
  10. Hey everyone! Ok so it's super hard to get good pics of these plants right now because of the sun, the size of plants, and the fact that theres almost nowhere to stand. It's hard to tell where one plant starts and another begins but here we go anyways. You should be able to get a pretty good sense from these pics. They have been flowering about 12 days now, I've been hitting them with bloom fert in that time. I'm happy with the chicken wire canopy, it's been a useful tool for training and tie downs. Temperature is still high 80s to mid 90s Fahrenheit, but hopefully that temp Will start coming down soon.
  11. @jsm it's super hot where I live in the desert, but it rained super hard one night last week and it really fucked up a couple plants, broke off a bunch of branches. Sorry to hear about your mold issues. I hate that. Though it's not much of a concern where I'm at cuz it's so hot here
  12. @jsm hey man, ya they definitely get hot. It was 104 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday🏜️
  13. These Northern Lights are monsters! Bout 6 feet tall so they are pushing up against my new chicken wire canopy barrier. Which you can see in this last pic
  14. Here's a couple over view shots of my sativas. Over all looking pretty good. They seem healthy despite the anomolous leaf pattern on the Dutch Hawaiian, no more twisted growth I think they will flower just fine. A flash rain event beat them up last week some major limbs were lost but they very resilient and doing fine now
  15. @jsm They usually start changing into bloom in the 3rd week of August or so.

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