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  1. Hello, I'm having a hard time germinating them DP seeds. It's been 3 days since I've put them between plates, but they seem to show no signs of life at all. I'm using NAYA with a standard Coffee filter, room temp is 25C. Does anyone have tips on how to jump start seeds, because that's an unusual behavior for an Afghan x Skunk hybrid. IMO they're all dead.
  2. I've got a reply, Was he high while writing this?! Anyway, it is now interesting to try Canna Substra with PRO-MIX. Cheers.
  3. I've emailed Canna, let's see what do they have to say about it.
  4. Hello, I've read that soilless mixes such as Canna Terra, Plagron Growmix and PRO-MIX are basically hydro. https://www.pthorticulture.com/en/training-center/using-pro-mix-in-hydroponics/ So I was wondering if using hydro nutes in a soilless mix would give me better results or not. What do you think?
  5. Nice man, you should list some stats when it dries, like gram per watt or gram per plant. Cheers.
  6. Good info man, thank you. I'm subbed to your grow, it is interesting how your plants will turn out.
  7. Hey, nice SOG. I was looking into ordering similar lights from China for a small mother room, how hot do they get compared to MH?
  8. You have just described C99 & PGSC. Strange name for it I must say, if it was up to me I'd name it Platinum Cindy.
  9. Looking good Roo. Slight burn on tips, what was your feeding schedule?
  10. Hello, welcome to the forum. What kind of insights are you looking for?
  11. You should try Shiva Skunk, it smells like Narciso Rodriguez EDP (Sugarcane, Musk, Lavender, Citrus). Or Critical+, it's fragrance reminds me of CK - Encounter (Sweet Pine). Shiva is #1 strain in Canada, Critical is #1 strain in Spain. Both of them give off pungent aromas that are suitable for a winter night out.
  12. Most likely Cinderella 99 x Platinum Cookies. What's it smoke like?
  13. That's what the girls smoke around here, Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, Hawaiian Snow, Cotton Candy, Pink Kush etc. I will probably get laughed at if I'm caught with any of that. Have you heard from the geneticist?
  14. Not sure of your legal situation, try not posting finger print data. Cops are cops, be safe.
  15. Hey, thanks. It depends on a day, mainly for stress. I don't want to be an other school shooter on CNN.

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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