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  1. Im not sure if the problem is over watering or heat stress, the edges of the leaves look dry and brown on the purple candy. The leaves look as if they are dying, all were growing quick upto around day 12 then stopped growing all together, I think that was when I started giving more water as it was hot and the top of the soil was very dry, however the water could have been building up below causing waterlogged roots. will post pics when I get home.
  2. So I'm thinking of mixing 50/50 coco perlite in with my potting soil mix (has fertilisers and coco peat in it) to make the medium more airy , was thinking mixing in 20-30%. Any ideas?
  3. So 2 are dead and the other 3 are falling over. Iv3 g9t them supported with toothpicks.
  4. So I've started my grow, killed the 1st set of seedlings by overwatering. On the 2nd set now, all sprouted have 1 set of true leaves and the next set developing. Problem after about 14 days growth has stopped, 1 has 2 light yellow spots on the edge of its leaves and the other has droopy leaves. I was spray8ng the soil in the morning and then by the time I get home the soil is dry so would spray again at night. I figured I was not watering enough so I added more water to get run off in my solo cups but this has not sorted tge problem out the leaves are more droopy, c9uld it be overwatering again or nitrogen deficiency? I'm using seedling mix soil in solo cups that are on a window sill, it was cloudy for 2 days. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The last pic isbthe droopy Durban Poison The 2nd is Purple Candy (leaves are twisted sideways, look sort of up down in shape) 1st pic but sure what strain has the yellow spots on the edges.
  5. Hi , thanks for the advice. Need more though 1) I bought the 15l pots today with the soil, I bought a soil that's got coco-pete in it. It does not give me the ratio of coco-pete to soil though. The packet says the soil also has added fertiliser but does not say what exactly. Is this ok? 2) I plan on germinating the seeds (auto and non-auto) in paper towels then planting straight into the 15l pots. I got a bag of seedling soil which I plan to plant the seeds into which will be a small pocket in the coco-pete soil mix. How does that sound? 3) When it rains (sorry if this sounds dumb) will my plants drown as they are in pots and I have no place outside to shield them from the rain. 4) Coming to the nutrients, I'm assuming that since my purchased growing medium has soil and added fertilisers I don't have to feed any of the grow nutrients? The pack says the nutrients are released over a 5 month period. 5) When my babies start to bloom should I use the Green House Feeding PK Booster and Flowering feeds? 6) What's the diff between the Green House Bio Nutrients and the flowering nutrients? Sorry for all the questions, will post this too so others can learn from your vast oceans of knowledge.
  6. Thanks, really appreciate it. I only recently watched the strain hunters docs and somehow grew attached to watching Franco, was sad when I found out he had already passed on. We are in spring right now just waiting for my seeds to arrive from Green House. White Widow Auto Big Bang Auto Sweet Mango Auto Jack Herer Auto Francos Lemon Cheese Blueberry Purple Candy Got another seed but not sure what it is.
  7. Hi Everyone I'm looking to start my outdoor grow soon, I need some advice though as it's my 1st time . I am going to use potting soil and was thinking of using 10l pots. I am using some auto flower feminised seeds and some normal seeds. It's my 1st grow and monitoring things like PH and EC are a bit daunting right now. What would be best in terms of the 1) Soil to use 2) Size of the pots 3) What green house grow nutrients to feed 4) How often to water Thanks in advance, (the grower virgin)
  8. what size pots would you recommend? I was thinking of using 10l pots for both my auto and normal seeds? EC and PH are getting me overwhelmed. I work most of the day and have 0 grow experience so having to worry about PH and EC right now is quite daunting. Which green house feeding nutrients would you recommend ?
  9. thanks for the advice, it is my 1st time but at the same time want a good crop.
  10. Buds look nice and frosty, see the "plague" on the leaves. Will be growing my own soon (waiting for seeds to arrive from Green House Seeds)
  11. thanks
  12. thanks, are you referring to biogrow and bio flowering? What about green house feeding grow and the flowering nutrients?
  13. Hi

    I've posted under Coco in grow questions, if someone would be so kind to have a look and offer their pearls of advice and thoughts. I'm so in need of guidance . . . . * * o /
  14. Hi

    1st Time Grower, no cultivations right now. Any suggestions for a newbie?
  15. Hi I intend using auto flower seeds for an outdoor grow (not hydroponic). I spoke to a guy at a hydroponic store who suggested I use Promix Coco-Perlite 90%-10%, and use 10l pots. It's my 1st grow ordered Auto Seeds 1) White Widow 2) Big Bang 3) Jack Herer 4) Sweet Mango 5) Franco's Lemon Cheese 1-4 are auto feminised, what grow medium should I use, size of pots as well as which nutrients?

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