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  1. Hey @g22 at the moment it's got slightly warmer but not warm. When I took it inside it was down to 1c at night and under 10 in the day. Now about 10-13c in the day and 6ish at night
  2. Quick update. She's still alive, the leaves stated to go purple outside which I read was down to cold and the plant not being able to absorb nutrients. I took the risk and moved it into a shed, I think it must be due to harvest soon as it's pretty much stopped growing now. I've attached a couple of recent photos, what are your thoughts, should stop watering the end of the week and harvest or leave for another week?
  3. Forgot to say, it is in a pot but with the bottom cut out and planted in the ground, when I started it late I was moving it around to get as much sun as possible but now it's in the garden that gets the most and is stuck there
  4. @ShaggyGrower thanks for the reply. It is Dutch passion #1 so meant to be grown out side so may be able to take it. The flowering said it's usually 6 weeks but I am guessing because I left it so late it may be longer due to there being less sun and warmth. I am worried about bud rot as this is my first attempt at growing so want to get something out of it but Looking at the forecast it's not going to drop below 7 degrees for the next week and a bit, also not much rain so I am hoping I can get it into November and still be alive. I'll check back if things change Cheers
  5. Hi everyone. Just an update, seems to have cleared up now and it's starting to flower, it's getting a bit colder now as well. I'm starting to see some frosting but not sure how long I should leave it with it getting damper and colder in the evenings. I think the six weeks would have been the first week of November but wondering if I should harvest early as there isn't a huge amount on it? I've attached a couple of photos, what are your thoughts.. Leave it and risk it or cut it early?
  6. I wondered about thrips thanks, got some spray arriving today hopefully that is organic and can be used on edibles so I hope I got there soon enough. Thanks again jose
  7. Hello all, I've just noticed these appear on my outdoor plant. It was planted late outdoors and just started to flower late, I'm hoping to keep it alive long enough to get something off of it but noticed these marks come up this weekend. It looks like a bug of some kind and I've ordered some bug spray. Just wanted to know if someone could advise what they are? Thanks
  8. Yeah thanks @gasmeter, I'll make sure I start with plenty of time next time. I think I have 4-5 weeks for them until they are ready so fingers crossed for mild weather until the end of October. Good idea about protecting the pot, it out bottomless now and buried a bit more but we have a stable near it's I can get straw from so will try that as well. I'll be happy if I get anything to be honest and prepare a bit more in the future. Think I've got some bugs so will post that on the other forum..got already on order that will hopefully catch it Cheers
  9. Hey Jose, thanks for the reply. I don't really have the option indoors which is a shame but do have a lot of space out side. I will plan a little better next year for sure 😁 Would the strains you suggest survive a wet and possibly cold uk winter? I will be happy if I get 50 grams from this year as a first and late attempt, only one of my plants looks good, the other still isn't growing well. This is as far as it's got at the moment but mornings are getting colder now for sure and going frosts stay away for another month at least.
  10. Hi everyone, As you may guess from my name I am new to this 😃. I decided late to have a go at growing my own, I picked up some Dutch passion#1 after looking for a strain that would grow ok outdoor in the UK. I started them late which is annoying and missed most of the great weather. I'm wondering how Hardy these are to frost as they haven't started flowing yet.. Which forum do you think would be best for me to ask? Thanks, it's been fun so far and wish it started earlier, already planning for next year Thanks

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