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  1. hi all its been a wile since ive been able to post but im currently doing for plants 4 3 diffrent ways mainly to see the results in soil to air the root has acsses to and try and see if it will make any diffrance to end result and a hydro bucket purly i no i can get quite a bit of a desecent size plant and a good amount of good product at the end feading first couple of weaks fed on baby bio tomato feed then moved on to green house powder feadin on 2gram per ten lters at 5.5 to 5.7 ph lighting first couple of weaks under 60watt fluresent tube light and two 20 watt house lights then moved on to a 200watt cfl and they are now under a 60watt flurecent tube light and a 500watt hps flood light for the pas weak running 18 hours on 6 hours 0ff will be for the next 4 to 6 weaks until i have a chance to flower them medium holy punch is in small pots with clay balls wich are planted straight in two soil and will contiue to do so untill probly bout 30lter potts with clay balls and soil and without roming old pots just allowing roots to contuie to grow throw allowing anthore lays for potenitial air space for the roots sour desil 1. is going to say in purly soil from start to finish and ending on a 30lter pot 2. has been started in soil left untill root growth held it together then moved into a net pot with a bais layer of clay balls wich is in a 20lter hydro bucket air hydro bucket fish tank pump room 6inch circulation fan and 4inch intake will be adding a 5inch exstraction with a 4inch carbon filter
  2. this plant is a power budXskunk 50/50 hybrid (indica/sativa) with a 7 weak finish so will probly be a 10 weak plant with the vary in fenos will get around a 100 to 200 gram yeild in an 4x4 tent with a decent veg period and plenty of bending and tieing down to spread the surfis area hs peace out
  3. due to a friends advise im not going to be using this one out side apart from a few cuttings to see how they go i am going to be using autos and doulbling my crop to at least 50 to 80 in coco and in 9 to 10 lter buckets to keep them quite low to the ground and less ovisous for resons wich are plane to any grower especaily with the exstra risk of being in the uk and also mabey a few indica`s as well but undecided on them just yet any ideas on bread i should use is most welcome and would help me make my mind up
  4. ive had to make a temp cuboard till i can find a better solution coz to be frank ive got gready to early befor the space had become avalible i will up date when set the new space up once its had serfitont veg and time i will more than likly take a couple of cuttings to add to my outdoors one but we will have to see things through i might not of given my self the time im now planning on using this one indoors now to maximize and fill in a few gaps in my crop as ive had a few failures with a couple of seeds dont worry bout the wire rapped round the light its i low heat buld so carnt melt through the casing
  5. its one of those when ur near the shops and got 20 quid burning up pocket and dont no what to spend ur money on but got plenty of spaces to fill yet so all gd my eyes might be desving me though but hay theres always room for one more got a project planned so more the merryer
  6. i was going to do this one as a mother for an out door grow but since decied in the time it took to crack and be put injiff although my tent is booked up for the next six seven months i need it for indoors will still be taking a few cuttings i saddly lost the picture of it cracked in tissue coz of a fone fuck up i will post more as i decied what im doing proply and this one could be a long prosses hs peace out
  7. hi all day 1 week 6 nice root ball slightly stained with a strange gap at the top properly due to feeding pipes dand hole down the bottom is due to the level pipe the stems also thicking and strentthing up nicly colour through out having to keep assesing the calsium levels and not sure weather to add more or not
  8. hi all i`m currently starting a mission to get an out doors grow going of a decent size so i`m starting with an indoor mother veg for a few months the mother is going to be done with a coco hydro system to try speed things up as much as possible to be ready in time as i am planning on quiet a few mabey to many for one place in the uk hoping to do 20 in two differnt places hopfully it will all go to plan we will see once they have rooted in jiffys and been repotted they will be moved on to a glass green house with a small green house heater to ajust for a weak or two grow i bit more of root ball i will be feeding on your every day house hold food from start to finish hopefully showing it doesnt have to be over exspesive for the averige person not sure on what brand yet havent decied any surgestions welcome and will be seriously conciderd also any tips people have on what i can mix in the holes in prep of planting or just any sergestions will be starting clones in jiffys and potting on into small pots with coco so for bit more root growth and proberbly will try cheat a lil and add a lil root tonki for a boost in growth yet again purly for speed coz of starting late realy my aim is to show u can grow weed on a low budget out doors and get a decent yeild and smoke weather it be self intrest love of the plant or your a pure stoner and youv`e just worked out it cheaper to grow it lol or on a more serious note medican for thoughs who carnt control pain or serious ilnesses without toxins the goverment feed us to make a bigger profit and all so spread the word saying fuck the goverment in away i spose sorry for the rant hs people peace out
  9. following, interested in this please give more info on pot and medium
  10. hi all just a quick update we have been having a little trouble with the kush seeds and had to have a retry and has been into soak by the 10th and was cracked and put to jiffy by the 12th the first seed we had a lil trouble and still into still hoping and waiiting for it to crack fingers crossed the holly punch was put into by the 5th and cracked and put to jiffy by the 6th and sprouted by the 9th we are currently wating a week for the kush to catch up so we can make a dule hydro bucket with a center devide for a small veg period before we move up to two bigger seprate buckets hs peace out
  11. Cheres mate but only a beginner yet and I'm sure I got a few mistakes and lessons to learn yet and I thought it was impossible to fill a tent with one plant
  12. hi all i am currently feeding now at 5g short powder feeding 4g boost powder feeding have also found that 1.6g cal in 10l keeps her moree healthyand on day 1 week 5 of flower i have also boosted my 600 hps and added a circulation fans under neath to help with heat through to the canopy tackaling temps of 28c plus and also ph swinging 6.2 to 5.8 hs cloud
  13. powder feeding short and boost after 2 weeks of flowering
  14. hi all a grow for the fallen tribe member to remeber the hard work and blood sweat and tears he must of endured on his travels and the kindness he showed to others 2 seeds started soak on 2,1,19 will be given 12hrs then put into wet paper towel until cracked thats wen il update next hs cloud

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