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  1. hi all these will have been started in jiffy and will be transplated into 1etter pots when roots start to show and moved into a 120x120 with 250hps light 5inch exstractor and filter and passive intake hsp
  2. @Jose.gh yer they went brilliantly realy id didnt have time to give them the attention they need proply because of work so ended up with a few salt problems as well as ph and a certain point of heart attack and relizeation they were going to take the roof out but i got there in the end just put up a few pics of some of the buds as it was all bit like having to rush round so much other than that went smoothly
  3. @BEDZ mine wernt quite as bad as that but was certainly getting to close for comfort for the most part but had two or three wich stayed stocky compaired and stayed roughly shoulder height and some half between shoulder and waist height so a very wide spread pheno wise
  4. hi all so heres a few pictues of the out come of me tent and a big appolge for not keeping up but ive had other commitments in doijg so ive had a few accidity and salt problems but that couldnt be helped they have had a two weak flush at the end and are now all hung and will update with a few pictures of they are dry to show the finished product h/s/a
  5. some cuttings of silver bk not finished yet have a few weaks left till flush currently on 20 ml canna
  6. @BEDZ no not as of yet i currently workin my ours of lighting down and currently at 16 hours and by tuesday coming i should be on 12 all being well ad gd ive been using the exsta weak to bring levels down in my medium and slowly it down a lil a time
  7. currently on two 600 watt on 16 hours currently 25ml of canna coco a and b per 10ltrs of water and ph to 6.2
  8. seem to have a fasion of mixing name up with lack of labeling but theses one are actuly sour desil but never the less they are currently in weak 5 of vag and flipping next weak and as i forgot to say both the white rhino strain and sour desil are from mother plants and strains that i stared couple of years ago and kept them going from one mother to anther and each fresh mother is a cutting from the last my sour desil i have kept strong for the past couple of years and the whithe rhino i started a year ago and currently hoping they will contine to produce good heathy plants and no sighn of det
  9. so got a apolige to make seems i have that much going at once i for get what im putting where theses are actuly white rhino and will update again soon soon coz there currently a couple weak s into flower and not updated photos just yet
  10. hey guys just a quick update five days befor i change to flower had all ph check had a gd soaking with ph water at 6.2 and left to drain now on 15ml per ten ltrs
  11. @OG.Naj no mate im using a water pump and a water thing that spins ill put a pic up for u in bit sorry totaly forgot what there called but u would of seen them and probly used them
  12. @Dust yer the kong krush never made it it germinated it even got to top of coco but it never got any futher coz it just seamed to stop growing and the seed leaves never opened and killed it self off never seen it happen befor so not sure on what the problem was