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  1. i found it to be benifical with the white rhino / pure kush / sour desil and the train wreck especially the kush witch is usaly light and fluffy but turned out quite dence and full im currently roughly 1200hps and a 200watt flurecentin my 240x120 but as far as defoliation goes you should defonaitly judge it carefully on ur bread as my king kong didnt react well all in total ive got just under a kilo on the sour desil from 8 plants in a 120 x 120 under a 600 hps and i will up date this post as soon as possible as i had two crops in conjunction of each other and limited time
  2. @Cannabissapean unfortunately is was a failed seed but that's the joys of the internet and the seed fairy will magically drop me one off and then going to try again
  3. the super deisel as much as i can find is a skunk cross sour desil the breader is seed makers
  4. few buds that are ready bud came out dence and heavy smelling really strong and pungent and tastes fulely with a heavy long lasting high
  5. germination
  6. weak 10
  7. cheres yer they are pritty dence and weighty and smells lush i wouldnt say i was near a standard as quite a lot of u on here yet but the always time to learn and progress but love the hole prosses indoors is fairly new to me but i've done alot of out door ones befor this so already had basics to start with if i hadn't done anything in past i think id messed up badly by now its definatly not easy but i must say its alot easier growing in coco than dwc
  8. germination
  9. @OG.Naj and happy new year to you yer its not to bad for the main bulk of the plants in this one i was going to start flush on weak nine me dwc (sour desil) will wait till half way through weak nine to towards the end and going to start the flush and come bk to it at end of weak 10 and come bk to it then but just watch the rest as closely as i can
  10. cheres @OG.Naj for the flush i think im just gunna give them a two weak fead on water and a decent pass through of water in the bath on the frist day to get rid of any big build up of fead the smells are strong at moment ive had to add an exstra exstractor and filter just to combat it not sure on the breeder its one a friend gave i no he likes to try and stick to gh seed so id presume through the strain hunter site but its a plain sour desil my last round of it tasted very fuley taste and smell was a very heavy high lush to smoke but is better dryed then cured in jars or old pickling jars and breathed once or twice a day 2 - 3 weaks but also been trying to find a original bread of this one to compare and find out i carnt find any anywhere but plenty of crosses / hybrids
  11. coco is ok you just have to pre soak it befor using then f put everything it needs into it it needs for that day so inturn drinks more fluids i wouldnt recomend it for use with powder feads either becuase in the past ive found u have to check yourph in your medium more because the powder fead tends to create an unexsplained salt build up like it struggles to obsorb it no matter how well diluted or mixed
  12. weak 9 few close up of a few buds
  13. @R.G.S ive used canna a and b pk boost in weak 6 but for the past couple of weaks also added dutch nutrients over drive they are looking heavy branches were quite straight now there like spider legs and are pritty dence and smell beutifly definatly a bread im keeping going this is a second round from the origanl mother witch was a cutting now just took a new mother cutting and will test her cuttings mid year before doing another run through with it and hope fully get bout 4 off of each these ones

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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