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  1. -Synthoms of the problem: Stuned grow and killing leaves -Age of the plant: 3 weeks old -Medium Used: soil -Size of the pot: Red Cup size -Temperature day: 26~ Celcius -Humidity Levels: 81% -Type of feeding, Water and natural soil -Watering Frecuency: Every 2 days -Light power: As strong as the sun
  2. Could it be a fungi ? would neem oil help ?
  3. I want to grow cannabis outdoor, and this is some of the sunlight hours that we have in my city, by month
  4. I am starting a growing proyect that i want to run on my room closet, due to the small size of the space, i need to know which lights would be good, for something that size, also which strains would be good, i dont care about smell or anything like that. any extra advice is much apreciated
  5. its the hours marked+2 hours and those are direct light hours, after that there is like 1 or 2 depending on month of shade light like the one on cervantes video, there that is an average, today i had 9 hours of direct light , and 2 of shade lightmaking 11 hours and the shades give around 700 Par so may be good for flowering stage, im thinking about vegetating them indoors or use a small light that will keep them on a 18/6 photoperiod and stop after 6 weeks or at the 5th node after topping and after starting a LST
  6. Due to money issues, im gonna grow outdoors, What typo of pots should i use, i cant grow on ground, fabric, ceramic?
  7. Yeah i was thinking on using the fluorescent justo for the first 2 or 3 weeks, and then switch to Full spectrum LED for the rest of the Veg. Thou im also thinking on vegetating Indoors and then go for Flowering Stage Outdoors, for the smell and the electricity consumption, and the place i live doesnt have enough sun hours to develop the Veg state. My problem would be Neighbors and Pests. somethings i will handle when the time comes :S PD to the hours you see on the Picture add 2 more due to the place i live
  8. So i have to choose between 2 Lights, one is from the renowned MarsHydro, and the other is called Phlizon The Phlizon 600w -Replaces a 400w HPS -Consumes 108Watts -Double switch -Covers a 2'x2' -Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC Costs: 97 American Dollars Mars Hydro 300w -Covers a 2.5' x 2.5' -Consumes 132watts -Replaces a 150 HPS -ETL/CE/RoHS certified Costs: 70 American Dolars Im trying to use it on my closet that is 2' x 2', so if what they claim is true, then they both should work, but i wonder what is this phlizon brand, ive never heard from them, so i dont know how good they are, i was hoping some of you guys knew something about them, if so, which one would you recomend. Thx <3
  9. Can i use one of these, for growing them from seed to seedling?, i still dont get the Led full spectrum
  10. Sorry i was wrong on the temp, is 28 Celcius Average
  11. Thanks man, maybe i'll go for the Hps bit my concern is the heat output of the lamp, i have a small Space to work and the place i live in is constantly at 36°C and is a really humid place with 70% average. I think that if i add a good set oficina fans i may be able to handle the heat output, but that would raise the cost so i have to see which option is the cheapest either led or HPS.
  12. Is using a 900W Led that consumes 224w on that size (2ft x 2ft) is too much ?
  13. The price is on Mexican Pesos, the 2500 is around 125 Dollars and the fans are around 20 dollars so the intake and outake fans are not 24/7 on ? just during the flowering stage ?
  14. i think ill put 2 30x30 squarte pots, just for starters. i have a small budget, im a student so i can't afford expensive stuff, yet this is something i really wanna do, so i think ill put most of the budget on illumination and plant feeding, my main concern is the humidity control, i cannot afford a dehumidifier, and humidity in the place i live is between 72% and 80%
  15. I will buy the fabric pot, seems really good and cheap option,i dont think ill clone right now, cuz this is my first time growing, thnx for the advices.
  16. I'm thinking about using this light for the plant i'm going for a led build. i'm also thinking about buying to fans for intake and out take of air. i will divide the clothes and the growing space with a sheet of wood, and in that wood i will cut 2 holes, one for the intake of air, and other for the out take, i dont know if i should get a third one to move the air inside the space.
  17. How much sun time did they had? and on which month did you plant them ? They are fucking gorgous, and how tall are they ?

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