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  1. high temp did its bad thing ... i moved my girls to coco
  2. do you think that i need to clear it ? yes , the same , i still growing on your advised formula Bubblegum is the first high quality bud that i grow and smoke first in my life , so i really need to grow it ! i ll do my baest
  3. i`m not experienced with clones ... but in coco they will grow fine , but here ... the biggest one have root rot , so i ripped her roots
  4. update seeds are looking good , cones are not
  5. it is picture ... not correct white balance
  6. Only 1 BG rooted , so i will add some seeds ... Train Wreck by GHS , Exodus Cheese by GHS, Ice by Nirvana , and regular Bubble Gum by Serious Seeds Photo report
  7. So my story on this forum continue ... I have : 600w HPS 1.4x1.4x2 (d-w-h) meters grow area in 2x3x2 room Self-made NFT system using 105mm tubes Grodan rockwool substrate Raw salts to make nutrient solution 8 clones of BG from this diary (4 of them have roots and 4 have no roots , they are same age) PH and EC testers 60 liters water container 250 m3 per hour air exchange yesterday i put clones under HPS lamp. here is one of two improvements i made - new pot and here is some photos from preparing stage
  8. so result for 3 autoflowering plants is awesome 30+160+90 about 300 gramms of mid (mid becouse i have cut them a bit early) quality buds . I`m very happy with Sweet Mango Auto , it smokes easy and hit strong and for a long time , it taste for me like Exodus Cheese new story will be in another thread i will start in wednesday in Grow diaries
  9. ALoha Oldemarine ! PH swings do not bother me . i will continue with NFT here some photos that proves my ultimate cloning machine really works
  10. update smallest SMA gave me 30 grams , biggest one 160g , middle is still drying
  11. i pulled out BG today , and start to sterilize system. meantime clones are in "ultimate cloning machine" for a couple of days