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  1. Hey, guys. I was very surprised that u thiniking about closing this forum. Why? I'm sure this forum must exists for the history. There were a lot interesting test grows that definitely will interest some people.
  2. Hey, laserx. I'm definitely in love in your garden. Looks very awesome nice plants, please keep us inform about chromatography results, wish ya good smoke
  3. Ye man, grow them big&juicy. Good luck
  4. she's cool btw, it looks like a russian subway
  5. Hey man. Choose Blueberry x Strawberry cough.
  6. Hey hunters Isn't it too late to participate this wonderfull programm? I had expirience with GHS testing with Exodus Cheese & Critical auto.
  7. Hey, bro. ur plants looks very good and healthy, keep it up
  8. Hey huntazz!) waz up))

  9. serious setup it'll be a nice grow for sure.
  10. good grow Gazvan.show us new updates))
  11. thanks huntaz yep trainwreck is avsolutely beauty & btw TW have very potent low buds as a kalAshnikova does next bluemoonshines and last Jack. ye man,those foxtailings make me hot next girls are already at the 3 week of flowering & i'm starting for the something new.how i said before i want tot try coco & i already have rooted clones in coco,so they definitely go to the tent soon i don't know really bro bluemoonshines are lil bit fluffy.it says in description that this strain isn't a big yielder but quality will glad the customer. anyway i'll keep u updated m8z.about the
  12. thansk hunterz this cycle is already ended at 15th of july.girls are drying & i'm in waitng last pics of this ladies - 69 day Flo Trainwreck Bluemoonshine 7L -1 Bluemoonshine 7L -2 Bluemoonshine 16L Kalashnikova Jack 33 peace huntaz