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  1. Male 97 Neville's haze. Looks similar to your phenotype perhaps a bit more haze leaning. Excellent grow OJ naj, thank you for sharing ypur pictures. Is a beautiful plant.
  2. Green finger what haze is it, looks nice. Is that pink tips I see on the pistols.
  3. Hey mate. Thanks for the reply. I bumped the thread because I was intrested in the current version of alskan ice seed. They stopped selling them for nearly 10 years and have only in the past year or so reintroduced them. The original plants I seen an seen from most people back from the 2009 release wer awsome. The plants wer very silvery green. My refrance to the thai/haze phenos was because they wer throwing out those types of phenos was one of the reasons they took them off the menu because people dint know how to grow them. Thers Cambodian and haze in these genetics so thats wer those phenotypes must come from. I believe the genetics are from what franco told me ultra haze#1 x white widow. I liked those wild plants and even today 10 years later the people who smoked those beading pure calax type phenos say its some of the best they ever had. But iv seen quite afew pictures from the latest release of alaskan ice seeds and the plants seem to be more stable for bigger fater yielding phenos . There are alot more purple plants and on the whole they look like there are more purpley white widow type plants. I havent seen one of those proper beading type phenotypes wer you can see from the pictures above in the 2009 release there were many, not seen the siver christmas tree type phenotypes either. I really want to get the alskan ice but want the same types plants as those coming from the 2009 release. This is why I asked if anyone else is finding the bead type plants from the current release of seeds and if people had pictures or even if there finding the siver christmas tree type phenotypes.
  4. Has any one tried these from the current release. If so is anyone finding those haze/thai like phenos stil cuz they defo seem different. Dam I wish id kept some cutts . Out of the original release I got two short faster phenos that were ok and two huge 7 ft Christmas trees that were a awsome smoke. But got one of the wild phenos, just pure beads but was one of the most devestating smokes ever. I hope they havent changed it.
  5. Naj did you not manage to keep any males for pure preservation of the strain..if not try an keep a clone or two of your strongest smoking if its very good you never know one day a little bird may fly by an drop some pure 97 male pollen on you. Ah I just went back and re-read the only managed to get one seed going of the two you like I said please do try and keep a clone around .
  6. Good work so far OG..these are a very special not sure wat lighting your using but you seem to be controling them quite well...I know under hid these tend to stretch crazy...Id be interested in seeing how they behave under led lighting.
  7. Thers already high power cobs that go into the 100's I believe thers one that goes to 1500w..ther disgned in silicon vallay ..cant remember the company name but ursa used some in ther led..each cob in ther unit is capable of reaching 200wats no problem with out the cobs burning those are some of the lowest powered ones.
  8. Thanks for the information ther the f1 seed line that wer made by nevil himself in 1997 for greenhouse seeds..and those f1 seeds that specific pack have been taged nvidia..but they are infact the very last mating of the plants nevil did himself in 1997, the 97 Neville's haze..thanks guys.
  9. Hey wow did you get a cut of the lemonchelo from the cookie fam. Beautiful plants by the way.
  10. Yes brilliant...all the true pedigree strains that almost all later genetics are based on, that won the original cups(before it was just about advertising)im sure wer from fem seeds or unknow hermie bag seed genetics..looooollllllllzzzzzz.. but hey atleast your trying.
  11. Hey og.naj you've selected a wonderful line to work with..I see your working with seeds..I just hoped you could clarify this the original f1 Neville's haze seed from 1997 that was made by nevil...or has someone inbred these further to f2 or f3 as you also say its a selected line called nivdia..or did you take a clone from nevils f1 an call it nivida and bred that an these are the resulting seeds, cus in some places you've written nvidia selected cut. Sory its just a bit confusing as to wat the nvidia cut is and how it relates to the individual seeds your growing.

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