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  1. Hello Home Grown welcome to the forum Nice, yes i have a strain * no name * sativa that i wish to preseve.
  2. Hello Gene, welcome to the forum. Nice lot of music you play, haha i dont sing nor play any instruments, but i do talk to the plants
  3. welcome to the forum sounds a nice strain, love lemon flavours.
  4. Donal, welcome to the forum. I am not sue in the Phillipines if you had any local seed banks. True the seeds might seem costly, but considering the street price they are worth ti to grow yourself, that way you know what going into the plant. The Phillipines with the tropical climate the trees would grow well, so you could maybe find a private place to grow outdoors and that would cut costs like electricy from grow lights etc. used in indoor grows
  5. No name Sativa plant, with complex profile in flavours, hint to nutmeg at certain temps, then sweet floral earthy tones. The buds are not very resinous but the high is full head, with psydelic. Sadly rot rott killed the 2 ladies i was trying to reveg, i only got 3 seeds left,
  6. Hello welcome and yes i am interested in landrace strains also, maybe due to the stories you hear about them.
  7. Wow that has been a long time growing legally, welcome to the Strain Hunter Forum. Yes i want to create some strains myself with some good genetics to speed up the old Sativa flowering time. I am very very new to growing since 2018 December lol. See you around post up some of your different strains you made
  8. upgrade for sure, i went a bit mia, for a bit and was happy to return and see many new members, i think it would be a terrible shame to just close it down. Even though there doesnt seem to be any more strain hunter expeditions , its really lovely to reminisce and re watch/ read the expeditions and Francos content, which is also in this forum. I agree with Jose, and there is no votes for shutting down the forum/
  9. Greenhouse seeds has a landrace cross using Punto Rojom, but i would love to buy landrace seeds to grow like pure Punto Rojo or Pure Thai
  10. Thankyou Gasmeter. Winter in my part of Australia, the nights are chilly, never really below 0c (32F), but the days are nice in the low 20s, so perfect for the girls then, summer days can be a bit hot i think Hey JSM, thank you my friend. The girls did have a few issues during bloom period, will explain more below Thanks Naj, the girls love their carts, they sit in them during the day and the carts drop them back home. Yes i did Bro, it was my first light dep this season, otherwise would have to wait forever . I gave the girls 14 weeks veg all up.
  11. Seeds dropped around end of March. Plants got held back as i started in medium without nutrients. Fast forward 14 weeks Since it was Autumn going into winter - they had hybrid treatment with 20 hours/4 hours darkness. So they got all the day light plus T5 lights to make up the gap. The 23rd June - reduced the hours to 14 hours darkness and 10 hours light ( 6-7 hours direct sun), then patchy and sun is gone from the valley by 4pm , so i bed them at 5pm and up at 7 am with T5 ligts till 8am when the sun hits their spot. Super Lemon Haze
  12. Hi CannaCrush, she has a lovely floral, sweet smell, its quite different from the best of my description