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  1. Grow 2 - April May June harvest ( Australian mid autumn/ early winter) Days should be 23 -25 range. Evenings 14c , and cooling off. At night the girls will go underneath on their "grasshound buses ( just old free bbqs without the bbq), this time i added some screen to help with the winds and other things. I am excited this time , and a bit nervous as usual with germination. This time a great range of strains 1. Greenhouse Seeds - Super lemon Haze (auto ) 2. Greenhouse Seeds - Exodus Cheese (auto ) 3. Fast Buds - Girl Scout Cookies (auto ) 4. Barney Farms - Pineapple Express (auto) 5. Dutch Passions - Charlottes's Angel (auto) Soil Searles advanced potting mix, same as last time but plant to maybe try a different soil next time. I am not sure but i am concerned if too much fertilizer in it, but it is controlled release. The link is the soil information Searles Potting mix advanced from the website in short 50% more fertiliser* – Contains 12 months fertiliser which delivers essential plant nutrients for sustained healthy plant growth 50% more wetting agent* – Delivers better absorption, retention and distribution of moisture throughout the mix so the entire root system benefits from watering and feeding for up to 12 months Rapid plant response with Searles Flourish® soluble plant food Excellent water and nutrient retention and release from water crystals Boosted with Potash – For better blooms, fruit and disease resistance Advanced formulation potting media – For outstanding indoor and outdoor results Performance maximising ingredients – Zeolite, Rock Minerals, Activated Carbon and Biostimulants Perlite for better drainage. Pots all have extra holes drilled at the bottom also. I am thinking since cooler time of year more perlite, as during summer the girls would take up more water i would expect in the heat. Seed Raising mix to put in center of final pots ( 2 hand scoop in centre of mix) Containers 14L for the black, 20L for the tera coloured ones, and white paint bucket For autos is 14L good? Transportation to moved girls underneath at night Germination - April 8th - Monday Get the seeds from the fridge, sit out a little at room temperature and put in separate glasses (labelled) then paper in opened plastic bags in a dark spot to sprout. Once they sprout directly into the main pot with a little seed raising mix in the center.
  2. Hello I am both new to cannabis and growing. I read about the benefits of cannabis. We soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours, and then into damp paper towel, then the seedlings went strain into the main pots. I got an idea from a member in autoflower forum, about putting a scope of seed raising mix in the center of the growth medium. This is the growth medium i am using in the link below. It is 12month slow release fertilizers in it. Potting mix link with description These are the girls at 52 days old, i am hoping they will be ready soon as i am eager to do the next grow. I have listed the plants of grow 2 in my introduction thread. Cart i use with plants enjoying some sun The netting acts as a bit of wind break, but generally the plants seem to be fine with the breezes The orange pots, the plants are more stunted but they are so frosty, the others are catching up and getting more frosty more on the strains Northern Lights Blue - all of them except a Sour Daddy auto/reg, not much about it or where its from, but the Norhtern Lights are SAG seeds
  3. Hello Dr Franco Welcome to the forum and your plants look great
  4. Hello BBrown , welcome to the forum. Nice love to see photos of your crops
  5. welcome BOM and great looking plants
  6. Hi Friend, If the laws did get a bit better here i would like to try a photoperiod plant Yes Netherlands was always or at one time very open minded , now joining the european union has adopted stricter laws . Terrrible the Governments always are after ways to tax something. I think the Netherlands was best not with the European Union The government will look the other way if you have 5 plants, as long as no neighbours complain about it. No more than 5grams is allow on you! that is bad, i am not sure of the laws here in what I can have on me, 5grams sounds very low. Does take much to get into the paper. Reminds me a recent bust, 50 plants and one plant was 3.6metres high! Very tall. They papers call it a dangerous drug, even alcohol is probably more dangerous if you over dose on it. You can walk around and drink and smoke cannabis back in the good days in Netherlands? Yes tourists would be put off as now its just like the rest of Europe due to joining the EU. Expensive 35 euro for how much?? 5g Calli Strains or seeds?
  7. Hey my friend, sorry for the long absence. I look forward to trying GSC, oh m that is very expensive, I was complaining about the street prices in Nimbin, have to buy it illegally here, growing is much easier and cheaper! May has been very bad cloudy and showering and few fine days, i hope June will be better May will be over soon Your girls are looking great and healhty, nice to see you have some sun out for them
  8. Sorry for being MIA for so long. Week5- almost week6 (thursday this week - tomorrow) The girls week5/6 smallest - CA, largest Exodus Cheese. Greenhouse girls are by themselves on the cart with orange pots Should i start bloom nutrients yet? Super Lemon Haze, her white pistels look more developed than the others Here locally i can get Canna 13/14 or Bio Flores for bloom stage close up Super Lemon Haze
  9. Bob Marley - Kaya
  10. Northern Lights Blueberry - nice smoke, my own from grow 1, gets better as it ages
  11. First to show leaves are the Greenhouse girls Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze. I got help from another forum, about using dvd cases to fix the curling of the roots. Currently the girls are undercover from the rain but have been misted and watered , since i had them in full sun this morning Super Lemon Haze (auto fem) Exodus Cheese - first to sprout Charlotte's Angel CBD I will not put the other 2 - dont look that great as root didnt straigten so planted then with leaves just above soil example pineapple express
  12. Hello JSM, Yes i used to worry with my girls in the breeze , but i was told its good for trunk development. Sounds like you have some nice days, if its nice enough to be outside the girls would like to be outside also. May would be your last month of spring, Our summers are very warm to hot and humid. The weather service is Australia is talking about a warm autumn and winter again this year, and also drier than normal. April has not started dry. Raining now but the seedlings had some sun this morning. That is a good idea a CFL lamp. If the day is cloudy you can use your light. They sound lovely strains. Royal Queen Seeds does have good information on there website about soil etc. Your frienids have some Cali Strains, i think Girls Scout Cookies is one of their strains. That will be something to look forward to and relax
  13. Greetings friend, yes before of the Australia law. When and If they change it I would love to grow some photoperiods. They autos took the heat of summer well and the tallest Northern Lights blueberry was only 67cm. I dont think they get to too tall. You growing an auto when it was new to the market, also maybe now the breeders have perfected the autos more. I didnt get a huge yiield. I think indoor yield of autos might be more than I got. Each plant 25gram of dry flower, the SourDaddy was only 17 of dry flower.
  14. Hi Tweakdragon, welcome to Strain Hunters forum.
  15. RGS, nice way to store the pots on hangers
  16. Hello JSM, Is the weather finer this time of year in the Netherlands? It usually is more sunny in April but is cloudy and showery, hope it clears up. The girls are looking good, so your lamp is a CFL
  17. hey

    Hello Math, Welcome to Strain Hunters forum.
  18. Thank you JSM. latest update - bit worried about Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze, others have not grown much a tap root (2mm or so), EC and SLH are about 1cm and growing as in the diagram i drew. SLH and EC Update: This week the weather is not best to start is cloudy at times, and possible showers. Around 16 hours in water, Exodus Cheese had cracked her shell, and other seedlings dropped when tapped. Now they are in Paper towels, under my speakers, its allows air flow and is dark when closed - around 21c now around 23 bit late to make up soil now, do it in the morning, i have for the centre of main pot , small 7.5cm x 10cm pots, i will add potting mix and remove small pot then place seedlings in the centre Soil supplies
  19. Thanks mate ! I am onto my next, first week cloudy a bit
  20. hello great way to water your plants. I will have to look up those strains. I have 2 Greenhouse this current grow. True the weather is pretty unpredictable, First week for me cloudy at times, so not the best
  21. hola amigo The plants look nice and busy for young seedlings. Good luck
  22. the plants are looking bueno RGS and healhty. Best luck
  23. Hi Redbarn, the seedlings are looking great, yes i had pests on my plants tiny little black thrips. I also like green tea, and thats a good idea with the water, i use tap water, and times rain if i catch it in a bucket. You have so many plants mate to watch 60 ! I think next time, i try better soils. I like the idea of benefitical plants, as this saves using pesticides. I use the paper towel method for germination.
  24. Thanks my friend , i was about to ask about Super Lemon Haze and nutrients. That is great, i got 25g for each Northern Lights plants dry. I will try make sure to flush about 1 week or maybe 10 days before harvest. Since I have an Auto Super Lemon Haze, she and the other girls will go directly into main pot with a tiny bit of seed mix for the seedling to adjust, the soil has fertilizers but controlled release 12month. Thank you JSM for the good luck, deeper is better for bigger trunks, also have them outside and maybe the light breeze also helps. Good luck with your girls
  25. Hello Edinburgh ! Welcome to the Strain Hunters Forum. Look forward to seeing your grow

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