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  1. Ok, this is probably just me being new but I can't understand how to search for tags in our forum. Whenever I tap the magnifying glass button, an object appears at the side of my screen but interacting with it does nothing. I'll attach a screencap to point it out. The object that appears when I toggle the magnifier button is just below the strain hunters banner to the extreme left side. It could be just some little dumb thing that I missed or failed to understand. My apologies if that's the case.
  2. Hey friends! I've been having trouble with my op these past few days. I've been seeing signs of minor heat stress on my plants, the climate will only get hotter into the season and I'd like to ask for some advice on the best way to move forward. I grew the same sativa variety last year and did well through the season by just managing the placement of my pots within my growspace that provides both direct and ambient sunlight. I currently don't have as much time as I did last year and also my plant count higher now so I've decided to find a more non laborous and efficient alternative to practice. I'm currently thinking of utilizing those clear plastic greenhouse covers because it's within my budget and it's something fairly easy for me to purchase online. What do you guys think? Also one more thing, I decided to post in this section in case there's a soil growing system or set up specifically for hot climates that could I adapt to. Notes: Plant count 15, 52 days in veg, planted individually into 3 gallon plastic pots, plants are spaced well with good constant air flow, all plants recieve 7 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Daily average temp 89 to 91f in the day 75 to 79 at night. Breeze is very dry at daytime. That's about it. Any advice would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot. I would really like the chance to grow autos in the future. I don't have much space and it seems like a good way to try different varieties in a shorter amount of time. Thanks for your comment about my plants. Those photos were taken a few days after I managed to control a sudden problem with mites. Half of my plants have been placed into bigger pots and are now bouncing back nicely. I'll probably start my journal for these plants within the week. Peace!
  4. Hey there! I had a feeling that it had to do with light intensity but wasn't completely sure. The consistency of the bud formation looks great through the length of the plants. Even the lower area pulled so much. I wish I could get a chance to grow that here one day and hopefully have it perform well. Glad to hear about your batch of sweet mangoes. Looking forward to see your grow. Peace and thanks!
  5. Man, there was a time when I was really into outsider folk and obscuro thrash metal. Those genres are just brimming with albums with bad album art. Sharing something that I just bumped into today. I wasn't brave enough to look this one up on yt.
  6. Hello there! I also think that providing pictures would help. I'm no expert by any means but I'll try to help in matters where I'm able to. I wish you the best on your grow. Peace
  7. Thanks for sharing this. I had an excellent time reading and looking at all the photos. I've never seen plants with such long spacings between nodes. Is that a normal trait for this particular strain? What a ride. Looking forward to see more grows from you. Peace!
  8. Hi there! Thanks a lot. I'll keep on updating. Peace.
  9. I had the chance to try some very fine hash when I was in my teens. Me and a few of my friends befriended a guy from the middle east that opened a restaurant in our neighborhood. He would bring out some hashish from time to time, most of the time it would be cooked down to oil and we'd just swipe it over cigarettes with a match stick. I think I must have been 15 or 16 back then. That was my introduction into hash. Peace.
  10. Hi there! Well, It really depends on the quality of the bud, how I smoke it and the activities that I do after and of course tolerance. Even with all these things considered, I could say that the average for me would be would be a a gram or two smoked through a bong or rolled up. I seem to always achieve the feeling that I want with that amount but it comes down quicker when my tolerance is high. Peace!
  11. Yes please do. Welcome the forum! Peace!
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. You shared something that I've never heard of before. I really appreciate it. I've read and listened to a couple of articles and lectures about living soil but I've never heard about how fungi can have thay ability to adjust ph for better nutrient uptake. That's really something else. Wow.
  13. Thanks for your input Jose! May I ask you a few questions? How long does it usually take until I can remove my plant wires? And one more thing, I have 3 plants with 2 branches coming from the 3rd internode that is under the main canopy, they are still underdeveloped and too short to train out for light penetration, should I just cut them off? I'll attach a photo to show it. Thank you for your input and tips.
  14. I know this post is a few months old but in case you're still having problems this year. I suggest you to seek out one of a couple of super soil recipes online, there are instructions to be found there on how to build it properly to end up with a mix with proper values of npk and mg cal. It works great and there are a lot of organic options to ammend it with during your grow. I hope you get to read this thread of replies from us and reply on how you're doing. Peace.
  15. Here are some pictures of my current batch of sativas. This is my first time to top and use LST on my plants. If theres any way for me to improve on it, please share your ideas with me. Thanks!

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