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  1. here's a little update on the chemical bride's ,we had some great weather so it was there first play/training day outside .some breeze on the stems ,some real sun . i think i will wait a week longer replanting them into the 40 ltr pots and the outdoor environment , it all depends on the weather ,for now stay save and growing my fellow growers !!
  2. nice plants , but really tricky and dangerous looking wiring my friend 🥵 ,stay safe and smart
  3. the girls are looking just fine and on schedule ,simply replanting them a little bit deeper takes care of all the issues of growing to fast ,replanted them with lightly compacted soil ,so when the soil is being watered it's settles down ,and that's the opportunity to fill them up again in order to slow them down in height . so eceni ,thanks for your thoughts and good will but there's always a lowtec simple ways to manipulate nature , to all of you over there ,stay safe and stay stoned my friends !!
  4. i didn't want to take any risk with this second attempt so i did not planted the beans to deep ,but as showing on the picture the risk is the grow real hard straight up ,by replanting them i can plant them deeper and try to get them growing a bit slower and fatten up the stems a bit .the one at the background is placed deeper into the soil and it's easy to see the difference in height
  5. tree out of tree up and running ,already replant them into 3.5 ltr pots to get bigger and fatter stems ,update will follow !!
  6. well jane we are definitely not the only ones having difficulty's with this strain ,back to the drawing board for the genetics guys at the gh headquarters , popped the other strain chemical bride and ,fingers crossed no strange things until now . i will upload some pictures soon of my little sprouts ,stay save and stay stoned 😁 for the moment ,see ya
  7. seems i'm not the only one having some strange issue's with the kings juice ,i know its not your first rodeo also ,so watts your thoughts /opinion on the strain so far ? all the best to ya budddy
  8. thanks guy's for the suggestion's and input but i already terminated them ,i am only just growing for over 30 years so i think i know when to pull the plug ,already wasted to much time on them . dropped 3 of the chemical bride beans and the sprouted all three of them ,and the are placed into the soil ,so hopefully the will be stronger . and as an insurance i already bought myself a pack off white lemon's seeds ,i did very well on them last year and of course also a greenhouse strain (strainhunters) well keep posting my story and all the best to ya all !!
  9. well this is a first for me ,after a promising start it all went down hill with the girls ,and i cant seem to find the issue. from the moment the popped their head above the soil the problems started ,at the contact point where the stem meets the soil the just seem to die and the stem just went flat like a three in a hurricane ?? tried to get them up an running several times but it just didn't work ,so the kings juice are terminated and next on the program is the chemical bride ,fingers crossed there's still an issue in the strain with stability i thing
  10. only 2 days after germination ,4 big rooted beans and the 5th is a little bit behind but convinced she will pick up ,the went (4) into the soil today ,so its all fine over here 😄
  11. dropped them 21/03/2021 ,the will get a nice dampt blanked and a warm spot to sprout ,already looked at them in the morning and the are sprouting just fine ,my guess is a 5 out of 5 germination .
  12. looking just fine my friend ,just starting up for the season so i will definitely check yours every now and then , hopefully the kings juice will provide us with plenty .all the best to ya !!😉
  13. Yes it's time for to start up an new grow for the 2021 season !! dropped the beans in my very simple and low tech growbox to sprout them ,all 5 off them ,but only 3 off them i will grow/keep . i will try to do a two strain grow again so later on this season i will also start the chemical bride strain separately , no beans are getting wasted of course so one off my mates will be running the same strains in almost the same conditions /schedule . so it's also a little grow battle over here ,just for bragging rights only and to give you all some extra to look for and compare !! t