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  1. still no real summer over here ,so struggling on all sides ,cb 1 and cb2 are definitely not identical twins
  2. update on my little girls ,finally some more sunny and stable days ,the really need some sunpower in this stage 😀 ,first tree pictures is hm ,just starting to stack up here fruits (second week blooming) picture 4 and 5 cb 2 (third week in ) the rest are from cb 1 (fourth week in ) . still think i am behind on the last year ,fruits seem to be stacking not really close enough to each other ,but if the weather keeps up i know its a complete different story next week ,fingers crossed . all the best to ya , stay save and keep growing your own !!!
  3. here's a picture of one of the chemical bride's i gave to one of my friends and fellow grower , if i am correct he is 2 weeks ahead on my schedule so probably start of week 5 into the blooming stage ,also on aptus /bio nova .
  4. to avoid a build up of unused nutrients in the medium is were the enzymes comes into the rescue ,and because of the size of the plant there's not much direct sunlight anymore on the pots and i keep them well watered on the really hot day's 👍😉
  5. finally an update on my little girls ,the first cb is in to the start of the third week of the blooming stage ,the second cb is in to the start of the second week ,the Himalaya mountain is just started the first week ,so there's exactly a week between the three of them ,have to say the chemical bride keeps on growing quit a bit after pulling them into the blooming stage (the barely fit in the darkened shed the 3 off them ) weather wise its still really shit over here for over at least the last 2/3 weeks ,cloudy with some rain each day so progress is slow ,it seems to pick up at the end
  6. yes the countdown begins !! pulled the first chemical bride into the blooming stage ,she's tall and wide enough .both of the others need some time to get bigger and taller for me to pull them in ,so we are out of sync unfortunately . will show some new picture's within a couple of days ,😀👍
  7. Here's a little update on the girls from over here ,weather wise we had an complete switch from 30 degrees Celsius and lots of powerful sun to heavy rains ,thunderstorms and hailstorms within a flick off a switch ?????!!!! the last week its getting a little more stable ,lower temps ,cloudy but at least dryer . the plants luckily are doing just fine and without any issue's or problems ,growing nice and steady so hopefully i will pull the first one into the blooming stage within a week ,sad thing is the will definitely will all be on different schedules time and nutrients wise ,so it
  8. nee man ,grijp nooit in wat dat aan gaat ,het enigste wat ik wel doe is de eerste splitsing van onderen eruit knippen is naar mijn idee alleen maar verloren energie als je die laat door groeien .
  9. the girls are finely picking up ,the weather is still sunny ,dry and hot so i am able to give some nutrients every now and then . aptuss startbooster and some bionova supersoil mix ,the chemical bride is growing nice and steady ,no strange long gaps between the branches ,nice and healthy looking big leaves and she is already shearing her delicious smell ,so far so good ,still in vegie state of course . the himalaya mountain seames to start a little wider (middle plant) from the start ,for now i wish you all the best ,stay safe and stay green 😉👍
  10. here's an update on the grow ,sprouted some new/extra beans ,1 chemical bride and 1 himalaya mountain .(re)planted them outdoors 28/5 into 40ltr pots and we finally had some decent and dry and sunny day's over here . for the first week i had them well protected this time ,and at last the season is starting to look as a real summer .the first chemical bride is picking up in size and volume ,looking healthy with nice big leaves ,the girl in the middle is a himalayan mountain ,lost a lot of time (for an outdoor grow) so fingers crossed . al the best to ya all and stay save growi
  11. thanks jose ,but i don't want to take any changes taking some more plants this year ,luck is not on my site this season ,hopefully i will do just fine with the girls i have at the moment , and i think your right on the bird , we have some breading wood pigeons who are wildly collecting nesting materials ,or maybe he's just a stoner (like us ) 😁👍
  12. i have some new kids coming soon ,hopefully the weather is getting better but for the moment the are safely growing insite 👍
  13. sorry for the late update ,i have replanted them the 8 of may into 40 ltr pots and moved them outdoors ,it was the first desant temperature at night . within a day two of them were ripped out of the soil by some f" ing animal so i was only left with one survivor .it's clearly not my season !!!! so i build a bamboo like prison around my last and single plant to save it ,from the moment i planted them it's raining each and every day so the rooting and growing process is almost shut down because of the easy and everlasting rain . so fingers crossed and pray for some weather chan
  14. here's a little update on the chemical bride's ,we had some great weather so it was there first play/training day outside .some breeze on the stems ,some real sun . i think i will wait a week longer replanting them into the 40 ltr pots and the outdoor environment , it all depends on the weather ,for now stay save and growing my fellow growers !!