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  1. hi there saw your post about the white lemon's ,i am growing them myself at this moment (outdoor ) maybe you can see my grow journal for reference ,if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them my friend !! look at outdoor grow journals, all the best to ya
  2. try to report as much of these losers as possible to keep this forum cleen f-ing scavengers
  3. here we are some time ago showing my joanne's ,the are doing great and are growing just fine . branches and mainstem seem to be less bulky and strong then my "normal"thc strains i am used ,it's a first for me growing a cbd strain so the are a little bit more difficult to read for me ,maybe i ignored them to long by giving them less water and nutrients or it's simply the difference in strain ??? start supporting some branches so the can hold the fruits later one
  4. here we go ,had to cut down some bud's to control the mould /rot issue .nothing big really still . giving them some k-boost is showing slowly so the branches are slowly lowering down because of the increasing weight of the buds . will give them a double doses soon to make them really pop ,still loads of nice sparkly buds are left ,with a week maybe even two weeks to go
  5. hi there my fellow growers around the globe , some update on the white lemon's at the beginning of week 8 in the blooming stage ,starting to see and find some signs of mold in some bud's ,weather is changing every single minute from clouds to sun and from sun to rain ,humidity is above 72 degrees so blowing out the buds overnights keeps difficult . still nothing really big but it needs some attention ,take out the mould spotted buds and keep praying ,tomorrow i will post some new pictures again also of the joanne's keep save and stoned everybody out there !!
  6. enjoy the smoke my friend ,you definitely earned it putting in all the effort and work
  7. here we go my friends ,starting week 7 into the blooming stage of the lemon's !!! buds are getting bigger and bigger ,started giving them some k-boost to get them harder and bigger to finish of the blooming stage ,so the next 2 weeks will be very important. weather wise ,it seems to be quite decent and stable ,sun is out every now and then followed by clouds ,but he at least its dry (nok on wood) lets get them pumped up !!
  8. sorry but i have so say your wires are a bit sloppy ,crossing wire's can get hotter so keep an close eye on it ,maybe even take some time to tighten it up a bit ,a just want you to stay save brother
  9. all natural jane ,when my white lemon's are ready i will pull the joanne's into the darkened shed for the blooming stage
  10. say hello too my little friend ,nicely done mama !!
  11. hi there ,here's a little update on the joanne's . still growing strong and can't wait to pull them into the blooming stage !!! its almost time to give them some extra room/space to develop further

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