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  1. dude you are a busy guy , no fears of pollinating growing this many strains next to each other ? and are you growing with seedlings or clones ? all the best to you ,it's looking great !! maybe some need some more nutrients just like you said already yourself
  2. great looking root system and setup ,good luck to ya
  3. the girls did well their first night out ,i didn't even had to read them a bed night story before sleeping !! leave's ar upright like saucers collecting all the sunlight and heat coming of from the sun ,for the next 4 month i'm a slave to the grow ,knowing the return will be fine it's worth the effort at the end .
  4. the girls are finally out in their final home ,3 x 40 ltr and a single 65 ltr pot (i normally use 4 x 65 ltr pots) the 40 ltr ones are a bit more easier to handle and the end result is still going to be the same i guess ( height wise ) . we have a really nice week with temperatures up till 23 degrees celsius with lots of sun and nights 7 /8 degrees ,perfect week .but soon for a dutch outdoor grower . hope the do well !!!
  5. thanks for your thoughts ,luckily it's all ready taken care off ,i just used some soil from last year and i have upgraded it with some extras for this season .
  6. today i went to my growshop to buy some soil for the girls ,completely gone and an empty building it's getting harder to get your stuff each day ,rules and regulation sucks !!! probably closed down by law
  7. love to see your peyote critical ,it's one that's on my list for this year (outdoor grow) . i am only just growing for the last 25 years ,so love to hear more about your thoughts and knowledge and if we all grow our one the world would be a better place ,for shure good luck to ya !! and welkom offcourse
  8. today i topped of my pots again with soil ,trying to slow down the progress in grow a bit because i don't want to have to tall and stocky plants when the are finally ready to go outside . today we had a bright sun ,that was followed with hail and even snow later on the day ,it's simply not save enough to put them out there yet .
  9. yes the development is much better and further i guess with the auto strains luckily i have the option to grow feminised and taller plants . the dutch laws pfhhh ,i don't even know where to start man ,we used to be open minded and progressive but when we became the european union everything went downhill ,coffee shops are allowed to sell weed and hashish with a maximum of 5 grams at a time to a single person but strictly following the rules the are not allowed to buy in stock ?? so our government gladly takes in all the taxes that the shop owners and customers have to pay but if the want to shut you down the can do it in a second . you have to show your passport coming in to the shop so the know your ace (18 years minimum ) ,doorman needs to check nobody parks illegally and so on and on ,the doorman is not allowed to check the pockets of a customer but if the cops come in to the shop and the find some class a drugs on any single customer the shop is simple getting closed ,so rules and regulation are rubbish if the want to close you down the always find or create a reason . home growing is tolerated with a maximum of 5 plants for personal use only (just as long nobody around you makes a complaint the wont react on it ) but the moment i have dried and manicured my plants it's logically more than 5 grams with i am allowed to have ,so the moment the step into my home and find my yield of my at first tolerated plants the still will prosecute me as a drugs dealer ?? hell i even may be in the next day papers . we lost a whole lot off revenue , i think about 90% of the tourist coming to amsterdam or even to the netherlands where her for smoking and enjoying open spirits and freedom in general ,and the tourist don't only smoke of course the need to sleep the need to eat and so one so everybody is losing in the chain . i used to be a proud dutch grower we paved the way worldwise for a long time ,in every step in the growing process ,seed wise ,nutrients and knowledge in general and now we and up paying 35 euros for cali strains ??what the hell went wrong !!
  10. hey there my friend from oz , smoked the girl scout cookies from a friend last year , nice smoke i have to say . the cali strains are coming more and more each day in our dutch coffee shops ,and the ar charging ridiculous prices of 35 euros a gram ????? we even had some snow today over here for a moment and an hour later the sun is up and brite ,weather is all over the place still ,but reports are saying it's getting warmer soon hopefully i can take out the girls permanently within a few weeks . keep up the good work my friend and enjoy !!
  11. germinate 3 strains for a friend today ,al tree strains ar royal queen seeds ,hulk berry ,wedding celato and the candy kush .i am already looking out for the taste of those "cali strains" ,amongst my friends we will have probably 10 different strains i think ,so we will smoke well this season !! can't wait
  12. is there a special reason you only grow auto's ?you seem to have space enough outdoors ,i think auto's will do nice with 300 plants or more in an indoor grow but outside ? i have tried them once outdoors when this was all new to the market and it was a complete deception to be honest .just curious about your one experience over there with them ,greetings my friend
  13. weatherwise we had some good day's already ,sharp and intense sunlight ,still keeping my girls indoors but if it's nice enough for me to sit in the garden i will take them out also ,the sun and the breeze are good for developing the main trunks . last year i have planted my girls in the final pots outdoor at the 2 of may,hopefully i can do it 10 days sooner this year (i hope ) yes the lamp is just a simple cfl bulb just a few watts ,on top of the lampshade i place a mirror so all the lumen and warmd is directed down to the plants . during the day the just get sunlight standing in the window frame when it's starts to faint the lamp is set on
  14. it's the first time for me trying out the money maker strain ,but it looks promising ,and i am i big fan of the hindu kush genetics .it was my favorite smoke manny years ago . the first and oldest coffee shop in the netherlands was opened in my hometown and the hindu kush was a favorite for a long time ,hopefully this cross of genetics (original master kush x hindu kush x skunk) still holds the hindu kush genes and taste at the end .
  15. getting bigger and better each day now ,short internodes and leaves are growing bigger each day

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