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  1. replanted two out of tree plants so one of my friends will get an early christmas present this year lucky bastards weapons of choice this year ,bio nova super soil as a base nutrient ,aptus startbooster (only with replanting them ) ,aptus topbooster ,aptus super pk ,aptus k-boost ,for this coming season i bought some aptus enzyme's ,enzymes are always handy to stabilise your medium i've needed .so if i have an issue with my plants that i can't put my finger one ,the enzymes will solve them by flushing the pots . if needed i can adjust the ph level with some ph- or ph+ ,don't need any tool anymore to measure it ,it's all on eyesight after all this years . good luck to ya all my fellow growers
  2. give them a bigger home my friend and a desant boost of nutrients ,plant them a little bit deeper this time so cover up about 5 cm of your mainstem into the soil so she will fatten up a bit . all the energy and nutrients will be transported much easier to the buds at the end ,good luck over there
  3. thanks man ,i hope the do well ,just keep watching my friend
  4. started with the germination of the seeds the 17 of march ,so your about right . hopefully i can start the blooming stage within maybe even a week ,we have some good and stable weather for the coming week so fingers crossed my friend . this strain still keeps one growing quid a bit after placing them in a 12/12 our regime according our friends at greenhouse .greetings
  5. update on the white lemons ,the are going really strong and growing fast en figuras !!
  6. yeah today the went into their final destination ,the foto shows the difference in size . i will only replant 2 out of 3 ,it's all about rules and regulations over here .
  7. looking back and reflecting on the last year ,there's a 2 new grows started for this season !! hopefully my buds will go just as nice this year as the did last year . and still ar smoking those amazing strains from last year !! good luck to every grower around the world for this season
  8. dude you have some work to do with all those strains ,can't wait to see the results later on . all the best to ya and your climate is almost the same for me over here i think , i have to take control of the blooming stage also by blacking them out for over the hole blooming fase ,to get a good result . good luck
  9. oke that's a first for me to be honest using an additive at the germination stage ,i always thought it will poison the seed by an overkill of nutritions ,always use plain tap water and uptill now with a 100 % score ,but it works your showing it my friend . only start with some additives when the are above ground and are about 5 cm in height good luck on the grow and i will follow the progress on them little girls ,greetings
  10. hi there my fellow growers around the globe ,here's a little update on the grow . the joanne's are ready to move to their final destination a nice big 65 ltr pot , i will make my one soil /perlite mix and after replanting the will get some aptus startbooster again . over here we will have a stable week of good weather coming so it's a good time to take the next step hopefully the pictures show there progress after ten days later !! al the best to ya all my friends and keep growing
  11. why do you have those brown spots around the seeds ? are you already using an additive with germanition of the seeds ?
  12. whow ,i always seem to miss this kind of opportunities ,well maybe next time .love to do some testing with new strains outdoors over here .already filled up with my girls for this year with contains your hopefully good and rewarding white lemon's sharp looking black packaging by the way guys !!
  13. nope just let mother nature do here thing ,the only thing i am controlling is the blooming stage and of course the aditieve's .when the are in the blooming stage i will pluk the big leaves out but only if the are getting yellow and don't have any real use anymore or ar blocking a but .
  14. hi there my friends ,both off your comments are right one the money ,but in the back off the picture's you can spot a white garden chair and that's my place in general . with these coulder nights i dried out the medium as best as possible ,the pots are not in direct contact with the cold floor and for the coming monds the girls control my life and schedule ,on top of them each and every day . all pots are numbered and marked with an arrow placing some point ,so if it's necessary to take any action ,i'm in full control and always take little steps in movement ,even watering them can take me a hole day ,inside, outside lots or little .always busy in my brain ,compulsif maybe even .never had any problems in the root system because of heat ,the roots even grow from the drill holes underneath the pots ,the only heart starts when i start pulling them into my shed 2 times a day (12/12) by sliding across the floor ,but the can handle it easily greetings from holland my friends ,all the best to ya

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