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  1. tommorow the race starts ,just received the seeds today ,sprouting them starts tommorow ,try to keep posting allong the journey
  2. at the most and important moment into the grow we had terrible weather over here for al long time ,so the buds didn't really got to their full potential . lots of rot and mold ,but still end up with a fine smoke that gets me true for the coming year ,both of the strains were looking very promising and heavy ,but you can't simply control the weather my friend ,hopefully better next season !! all the best to ya !!
  3. Hi there fellow growers ,anybody out there having some experience growing this strain outdoor ( europe climate ) any suggestions or tips are welcome !! thanks already for your comments
  4. at least its stable ,so it's better to manage i think ,when you have the possibility hose them down in the evening with a fine setting of drupps so the leaves can recuperate . as long there's now flowers yet i always try to do it like this over here ,but he different environment different problems right ,according the weather reports we will get some nicer and warmer weather in september so my bonus plant the peyote will do good hopefully .save growing my friend
  5. right now i am hoping the wind doesn't take out anny branches ,heavy but i have to take them out in the open and sun again to try to stop the mold issues ,fingers crossed for the last moments over here !! all the best to ya again and keep them alive !
  6. looking good nice green leaves ,some heatpoints on the end of some leaves but hard to see on the pics ,i had them too 38 degrees celsius and even the wind felt like a blow dryer so it was hard on them . keep up the good work my friend ,all the best to ya
  7. haha ,nee man papa is niet zo handig met het uploaden van zijn foto's ,maar ze gaat lekker idd ,kan zo maar eens een verassing worden deze ,september kan wel weer heel goed en warm worden zeggen ze dus dat komt voor haar goed uit . heb wel eens eerder 1.2 kg strak geknipt en gedroogd van een buitenplant gehad zonder manipulatie van de bloeifase ,shop was er blij mee ,knakie de gram . succes gap gr aan je meissie he !!
  8. thanks man ,yes the are getting huge but some problems with rot and mold during the changing and bad weather ,it will cost me an ounce probably . and i think the whole neighborhood smells delicious ,most of them are used with the aroma by now ,and i only need 2 weeks at the max just hoping on some nicer weather ,dry at least . some new picture's will follow soon ,all the best to ya over there my friend .
  9. looking good ,over here the weather has changed dramatically ,from very warm to lots of rain and heavy winds so i am having some issues with mold and rot . it will cost me some buds but still convinced ending up with a desant harvest ,all the best to ya again my friend ,keep up the good work and be safe
  10. next time i will take some more time when i am taking pictures ,but he i'm a grower not a photographer sorry !! save growing to ya all and for all the people who say and use the word cola when the see a " big" but i am promising you all , to show you some real cola's ,dutch grown cola's !!!
  11. still going strong my little peyote critical ,when my other grow of the money makers is ready i can pull here into the blooming stage ,might be within the next 2 weeks !!
  12. day 3 of week 7 into the blooming stage ,we had some shit weather again but it is picking up again .
  13. nice to hear that your getting results again ,hopefully your head is a bit more clear and problem free already my friend ,all the best to ya over there gap !! the moneymakers over here are doing really nice by the way ,coming friday the 7th week of the blooming stage is going to start so i can pump them up and get them hard with the k-boost from aptus ,i will keep posting picts ,enjoy smoking
  14. she is getting bigger each day and i just know she is gonna surprise me at the end ,hmmmm
  15. last day of week 5 of the blooming stage ,weather is hot and heavy but the girls are getting fatter and fatter !!
  16. the are getting bigger each day ,anny thoughts on when the blooming stage will kick in ? best of luck to ya my friend !
  17. here are some close up shots on my beautiful buds ,ending week 5 of the blooming stage . the weather went from cloudy ,raining and hailstones 4 cm big to a week of temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees celsius ,heat records are getting broking this week (standing from 1944 ) so the girls need special care this week . the next coming days i will make some new wide shots so you can see the complete plants ,the smell amazing and i can hardly wait to smoke the girls ,but for so far i am a proud daddy
  18. here we go again my fellow growers ,an update on the money maker .yesterday was the end of week 4 into the blooming stage of my lovely girls . weatherwise we had a lot of cloudy days with lots of rain and shit but luckily the surfived and kept on going . the next coming week will be sunny and warm again so all is good ,see ya all in a weeks time for the next update !! happy and save growing to ya all
  19. sounds nice this strain ,good luck my friend
  20. update on the peyote critical ,still going strong and developing just nicely and looking lush and healthy
  21. hello there fellow growers around the globe ,here's an update on the moneymakers .3 weeks into the blooming stage today . next week i will try to make some close ups from them ,best of luck to ya all !! weapons of choice ,bio nova super soil mix -aptus topbooster and aptus super pk and if necessary a little drop of ph-
  22. the range between 150 cm to 160 cm in height ,the max for me to pull them indoors each day ,the keep growing a little bit more and the are getting wider each day because of the branches are getting heavier by the flowers on them
  23. sometimes you win sometimes you lose ,luckily you have enough strains/plants left for the season i guess ? save growing over there my friend and all the best to ya

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