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  1. I don't know that this the rain was & very less sun light. I have never seen this type of stuff. Damn...I just wanted to win A seed. So the contest coming to End. Best luck to all.
  2. My plant it all washed in rains.
  3. Long Live America.& Ya Godbless Americans. 4 July 2019
  4. My plants Eleventh Week. Need good buds, & healthy T]-[C
  5. Eleventh week. I hope I get good buds.& Healthy THC
  6. Have u heard Shiva Axis Space, Baba instinct.
  7. Try to name u r own strain. My be it just might be the next best thing. 1. Elixir 2. Loove kush 3. ShivShakti
  8. )-(/\P¶Y |3īrthdaY. Arjan 

    .LiveLoooong LiveLarge LoveLife.:beach:


    Intex Cloud Q11 4G_20190201_221409.jpg

  9. I Don't know what it is called but I as I waited for as the Dealer told. & Now this is it its Really hard & mellow with a taste of a rich soil. Which made me to chough so hard first then rest was Smooth like melting Butter. The 2nd I tried GangaJamuna mean Weed+Hash. & Now feel really Great posting this. Enjöy
  10. My plants R growing Well. Just for A Memo. Well I was waiting for some Good Hash, As the Dealer kept on Hold & today I got this in hand I don't know what it is called but its kind of OKool. This is my second joint in hand & I posting this in timeline. 12.12am Monday 25/3/19 The2nd Its called Ganga Jamuna means Weed+Hash. Yes. I am having a good time. But call it Really Good. Y Becoz even I am onn TADi by my side means palm Wine.
  11. What a Great Green House Show the Theme flyers mixed in colors like India its Holi Festival. The spinning wheels, the VR, Green beer opps..Bear. & the things I may never know. I hope u guys had A kool Mc. one more successful A Fair.
  12. Nice to see ur work Zombie kush. If even I had been taught too even I could Altered Genetics. For all new strains which which might feel like Godskush