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  1. Thanks friend. I think this will behave much the same as your outdoor haze. This one also does not have large buds, but it does have a great deal of them and it looks like I will also snag way in excess of a kilo from her. Also the buds are mighty frosty. I am flushing right now and should start cutting in about ten days. Dying for a taste!
  2. Hi SmokeyfromOz, thank you for the kind words. Yes I love me a big Sativa too. Surely you will have seen some of the strainhunters' expeditions. Can there be anything nearer to "Candyland" than when standing in a ripe field that towers over you? If not for extensive supercropping and topping, the taller of my Sativas would have been 3 meters tall! Personally I don't like Autos and most Indicas seem to rob me of all motivation, but those big photo Sativas I adore.
  3. The buds looked so awesome glinting in the morning sun...I just had to go grab the camera and capture some trich-porn. As you'll see, I really got in there! So much so that I had to carry an alcohol soaked cloth since, at that macro distance, the camera lens gets totally smeared with resin. Notice how the third pic almost looks like an action photo captured with a high speed camera.
  4. Hi MelloRose. Fellow SA dude here. You growing anything yet? Oops, sorry I see that was asked and answered. Do you have some space in mind to grow in? A little tip if you are also in Gauteng (I say Gauteng, since I can't speak for other provinces): Outdoors you want to have everything for the season germinated by mid-October or so, leaving you plenty of time to plan until then. If you want the lowest cost for the biggest harvest, I suggest planting directly into the ground and out in the glorious African sun! If you go that route, you can start in Winter already by deciding your placement and digging your holes (don't be skimpy...I do about 700mm x 700mm x 750mm deep per plant). Now you can prepare your soil/compost/fertilizer mixture right in the holes. Now your mixture can mellow out and hopefully have some earthworms and other beneficial microbes move in to further improve your soil before the "ladies" arrive!
  5. Thanks buddy. I don't know yet if the harvest will be particularly large, but just by the look of it, it's gonna pack a punch!
  6. Thank you very much. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder...I can stare at them and fuss and titivate around them for hours, but to my monster-in-law they are nothing but weeds!
  7. Yes, I watched it too and was surprised that so many of the locals have moved away from the landraces and also started to grow imported exotics for higher yields. I suppose that is to be expected; these places may seem remote and isolated, but in reality these farmers have access to the internet as well. It is sad though, as these Sativas are pure magic when grown right. Potent and energetic as hell!
  8. Hi There, I have not grown any European strains yet (this is actually my first outdoor), but from what I see on the internet, the difference in bud seems to be that the Swazi has long thin buds as opposed to the short fat ones I see in many other grows. I have to add that these bud-carrying branches are very long indeed. I have side branches growing from the third node, that reaches to the very top of the canopy. In other words a branch over a meter long entirely covered in bud. Also, the tertiary branches are all carrying tons of bud. I don't know if the strain is particularly popular locally, but the fact is that bag seed obtained around here will almost certainly contain some Swazi seeds and perhaps some phenos.
  9. Hi and thank you. I believe this strain is in the region of 15 or so weeks of flowering, maybe a bit less, but we have been experiencing extreme heatwave conditions since about October, only punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm every now and then. I bet the heatwave is slowing them down a bit. I have added a 40% shade net and the ladies seem really grateful.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. Much appreciated. Yes I will post more. I'm shooting for a true 4/20 harvest, so I still have a bit to go.
  11. Hi all. I am a first time outdoor grower from Johannesburg, South Africa. I currently have 3 female Swazis at 17 weeks. The big one is at week 4 of flowering, while the other 2 are lagging behind due to having had to be transplanted. Both have started to drink again and should pull through. No hermie-action visible so far.

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