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  1. Hey mate!! Nice start, I hope that plants become a beautiful and big girls, good vibes for you bro!!!
  2. Hey Justx Thank you very much for the info of course when I know something I'll let you know. I'm anxious to try this new strain. I hope you have a very good grow, good luck in everything. We keep in touch.
  3. Package received! They finally arrived, 10 Big tooth . Dust or anyone, do you knows the genetics of this strain? Thank you very much to the whole team of greenhouse. Begin immediately!
  4. That´s nice mate!! I hope you go well with your crop, the best vibes
  5. Ok mate, I have no problem with that, in fact I find interesting . that's the why? of the forum for among all clarify ideas or concerns. I hope you have very good crops and we are in contact, if I can help with anything. My best regards
  6. I understand that, i know can make seeds, but the topic that you created called "feminized seeds" and that my dear friend is not feminization. If you do a simple Punnett square you'll see, look: XXY = Hermie gene XX = Female gene X Xy X XX XXY X XX XXY And that's what you get, and remember that the phenotype are the environmental characteristics and the genome, so, if there is no stress that was caused in the parent will never express the gene Hermie. By this I mean that you can have only females but you run a higher risk of environmental fluct
  7. I totally agree, and it sure would he don´t have any male, but if for some reason there are variations in growing conditions, it is very certain that the hermaphroditism comes to light, really what he does is hermaphrodite seeds.
  8. No offense mate, but this chemical is only used for people interested in the breeding feminized seeds, you don´t will consume the plant that was treated. and if you know how to make a female plant to produce male flowers without being hermaphrodites only with light, please make it known, will help. Because from my point of view that you do only serves to tell if a plant its a true female. My best regards
  9. WTF that's pretty weird, once a plant with the same distribution of the leaves, but during flowering flattened, i not let it end, I had to sacrifice since it was obvious that the production would be very poor, mind you, it was not of any seed bank was a wild strain that i get
  10. Very good job mate!!! Big bang looks very nice mate, what can you tell me about the taste??
  11. wooooow! I have no words to describe what I see, brother many, many congratulations I hope has been a pleasure to smoke them!
  12. It looks pretty good!! What I do not understand is why not look at the catalog of GH?
  13. I think that once a week that would be perfect feed as Dust says, start with low doses and gradually incrementalas but without overdoing, the plant will tell you what she needs!