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  1. looks like a good report well done keep up the good work hope your plants reward you with some real nick buds
  2. man this is going to be one mad grow fest can't wait for it all to really kick off
  3. wow what a great comp and for once it has come at a time where i can join in how we get started guys ? i'm only interested in the indoor growing unfortunately cannot accommodate outdoors please inform me how to get started many thanks
  4. well its not a true nft or flood and drain its a very good start tho keep it up bro the bubble pots are easyir to work with so you will enjoy them moor
  5. thease baby's are awesome never had the pleasure of owning one but they have this one and a 300w plasma light in my local grow shop the plasma retails at £1200
  6. that is a very neat idea to use a roller tray might have to nick that from you lol i would suggest that you use a slightly bigger tray (normal size roller tray) so you have moor room for them roots to spread also you might wish to put some black and wight plastic over the hole thing to make a light proof cover so the light doesn't get to your root system and cause all sorts of problems one last thing you could also do with using some spreader Matt its very cheep and helps the roots spread out any hydro store sells it also you need to remove the plastic sleeve around the cube wish you all the
  7. this is the best thing about this site expert growers that are moor then happy to pass over the knowledge some good tips here thanks franco
  8. hello my friend looking very good as ever man cant wait see these baby's done
  9. hey bro by my experiences with spider mites i don't think just salt alone will kill the little suckers spider mites become resilient to most things that you can buy at the local grow shop if used on a regular basis so i would say use a strong pesticide that will kill on contact leave it a few days then start to clean the hole room keeping a humidity of 50% plus reduces the chance of spiders massively
  10. hi guys and girls i haven't been on for a long time due to undergoing a few operations in hospital but i see this site has grown even moor popular

    1. Dust


      welcome back man :)

  11. well can say i enjoyed every post grate job guys all the camera team was amazing and some relay good post by your self franco enjoy a nice ex cheese spliff and relax good job well done guys
  12. man that makes me fill sick too see all them lovely natural land races being destroyed just to satisfy some stupid law there should be a law against killing such beautiful creations of nature thanks to there police being so stupid that farmers family are going to struggle for money dam the police this just goes to show that the strain hunters are not just about collecting seeds this is a grate documentary about third world country's and how they try to support there families and make there own life's better rather then asking people for money thanks guys for make people aware of such th
  13. getting better with every day guys just dont want you to stop now though lol
  14. mr x tokage will be so happy with the wild life snaps lol I personally prefer your pics of all that sweet bud man i wish i could use a camera the same as you. maximum respect bro bring on swazi
  15. wow these report just get better man the fields are moor like forest them sativa's are the biggest I've ever seen good to hear you throat troubles are all gone Franco and you can enjoy all them lovely different strains cant wait to see the real Swazi if there is any left that is bet there's going to be some nice genetics collected on this trip cant wait to see what the green house can produce with these happy hunting guys best of luck for the rest of the hunt and track down that Swazi