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  1. the plants are gnomo automatic.my first grow.the seeds on last picture are mataro blue and super lemon haze.ihope it will be very hapy smoking....
  2. hello guys.here some update from me.i litlle mess up my gnomo.i didnt respect light time...sometimes was 10/12 sometimes was 16/12 sometime was lightning 24 hours.it suposed to be finished 20,03 but somethings gone wrong.trichomes are milky but still not amber.heres some picture.i start to build a new 110x110x200cm closet.i buy fans.i couldnt wait so i smoked a litle and every plant grow smel taste diferent.i got new babyes in da house.they will go in new closet and 600w hps when im finish him.these new babyes are mataro blue(3 seeds) and super lemon haze (2seeds)they all popped.i will update
  3. i have similar problem whit mataro blue.5 seeds,2 popped and grow good.2 cracked just a little and they are not even to try stick root or something for 5 days.1 didnt popped at all.just like my first grow gnomo automatic.5 seeds,4 popped,1 never.i tought myself am i doing something wrong.
  4. hello!i think my gnomo is ready to harvest.i was looking trichomes whit microscope and on the top of the plant the buds looking good for harvest and trichomes too but on the bottom of plant buds are stil inmature.can i cut half of the plant and other half leave to grow little more??i was read somewhere about that.and can anyone tell me what is this on last picture marked???thanks!!
  5. hello!i have a question.is something wrong whit this leaf?bicause his is going yellow .but its just a litlle.
  6. the temperature was problem.now my fanheater is on 1 and its about 22-27 celsius.plant looks fine now.thanks!
  7. hello.i have a problem.my gnomo automatic leaves are weak.they look sad.temp is 30celsius its not owerwater bicause i water her two days ago an now when i come to see her i saw that.i dont know if u can see leaves
  8. when i put them 12/12 they growth faster in high.on the last picture its seams the plant is a male but i think thats only young buds.i cant wait to dry them....
  9. yes they are automatic.the man who sold me equipment and seeds have a headshop and he is planting at home.he is almost 50 years old.he told me tu put 20/4 and now 12/12. im listening him because i dont have expirience. @tokage i was looking for sex yesterday and i saw they are females.how many times magnifier have to increase to see trichomes good? 30,40X? @dust i was reading to that on 18/6 can full develope.everywhere wrote 18/6
  10. they where in veg. till 10,02,2011. (20/4)h.now they are 12/12
  11. i know what mean veg but i dont know when my plant is in vegetation.can you explane me please.
  12. the closet is bad i know.but i didnt have any money.after this harvest i will take better closet whit computer fans.i will try to calculate from h3rbalizers post and take a fans for closet.i will buy a humidity tester and 600w hps.im going to take a mataro blue seeds.its seen to interesting plant.i will try to do that the best i can.thanks!!
  13. and one more question.i will buy a wood for closet.it will be 120x120x200cm.i will put inthere 600w HPS.i dont know how big fan i need for that place.i wantet to put 4 intake and 4 outtake fans (120x120x38mm,2500RPM,air flow-143m3/h) is that to much or is it good.i cant find anywhere some instructions.now its coming summer and it will be hot i the room. and did i upload pictures good?
  14. hello everyone once again!!this is my first grow.i planted the first one 26,12,2010 and other three 10,1,2011.im using my bedroom closet(to small),400W HPS 20/4 light,dark. and HESI bloom complex,root complex,tnt complex,powerzyme,supervit,phosphorus plus.after this i will make a bigger beter closet.the room where is closet is 10-15 celsius but i put a fan heater and now is 25-32 in the light and 20-25 in the dark.in the closet.once i couldn go to that rom an i didnt water plants 2 days.the bigest plant go dry litle and the bottom leaves died.but now is good.now 1 month before harvesting the