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  1. i use my ovn mixed soil.For my base soil i use some profi soil from local gardner.I add perlite, vermiculite, vulcanic clay&worm castings. my ratio for mixing soil is 40% soil,30% perlite,15%vermiculite,5%clay and 10%worm castings(7&11lpots).I germinate seeds in soil.I newer used paper towel method.first few days they are undo CFL and i start using nuts in week 2.Using complete pack of HESI nutes.I also got Canna,Plagron,Kalong(guano).I can say that they really like a lot of food and light.shedule i use is 18/6 from seed to harvest.Today is day 66 and some are still not ready for harv
  2. i can say allready that royal automatic is a big yielder for autos(from 20-50),royal dwarf will yield a little less(10-30) but they are looking tasty as hell.Covered with crystals,looking like super silver:D but still thats just what i think.
  3. yes 1 picture its also GOM,but it looks a litlle different then others.It was kind a mutant,compare to others plants. and thx Tokage
  4. any new pics of GOM?I would really like to see them.
  5. Some of my Greenos.i love this strain.One of the best autos for me!!! 1st pic is sativa pheno of GOM (10 days before harvest)
  6. Hey there my brothers and sisters:D I m new on forum so i have to kinda introduce myself.I come from from the only country with Love in her name! and i mostly grow indoor,also outdoor. I love GH genetics.Keep on the good work guys!!! peace Gruvr