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  1. Aloha & I like the diffused glass the greenhouse industry is using now. When the price is right I hope to upgrade.
  2. The Uprising & we are the 99% http://news.yahoo.com/protesters-block-construction-giant-hawaii-telescope-093251181.html
  3. Aloha & Here is Northern Lights #1 & The GSC is on the far right.
  4. Aloha,http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-32239000
  5. Aloha & Hopefully with the change in politicians seed will be on the shelf with the tomato, Cucumber & other crops. What I did was saved bag weed started breeding my own and went to Europe on numerous occasions.
  6. Northern Lights " Uncles Treat" vs Girl Scout Cookies. 12-12 from seed the NL is on the right.
  7. NL Seattle Greg


    Aloha & here is 12-12 from seed Hawaiian.
  8. Aloha Tokage, At Northern Lights Seed we noticed long ago what part of the plant the bud came from matters indoors with the bottoms less potent than the tops. The effect outdoors is less. & I can't post photos without more memory??
  9. Aloha & at Northern Lights Seed we process the trim leaf. Depending on the input the output was from 5 to 12% on any given batch. We gave up on the spoons and drills and used a washing machine to do the hand work.
  10. Aloha & our Hawaiian substrate mix is 50% Coco Coir & 50% black volcanic cinder.
  11. Aloha, Cutback a little you have rams horn = too much and or lockout. Maxing nutes kills your production. NL Hilo Honey Eli Mac phenotype.
  12. Aloha, At Northern Lights seed we started with Landraces in 1970 we had genetics from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, and Hawaii.