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  1. I really need to get these - my usual seed seller is sold out - says it all!!
  2. hiya punk os! how you doing? im feeling the church, amnesia lemon and cheese obligatory ofcourse at the moment . . .moby enroute! whats in your pipe? lol :
  3. correction : CC CUP 2011, too much church this morning ha ha
  4. hi all and a lil intro from myself: 1st of all can i say tnat franco and arjen and the strainhunters crew really made my pal penguin and feel welcome last year! we did nt have passes or transport to the expos due to us having just 3 days it was a dream and soo honourable to sit with all you lot! share storiesvand try all your wicked entries! the import hash cream cheese was out this world and what about strainhunters special crazy ass bud panama haze! oh well franco warned us! the s h crew transported us about gave us all the entries! met the guest of honour from morroco who had the moxt amazing ball of sticky hash ever! at the expos , it was relentless with vapes at every turn , bongs and samples not least chats with fellow connoiseirs and a wicked laugh.I WOULD wake up stoned go bed wasted what a few days! i actually lost my passport and this i only realised at the airport! the world suddenly got big then! hugged my shocked mate penguin goodbye and tended interviews with police at airport whilst mashed out my face lips sticking together wasnt good! then no hotels would let me book without my passport! eventually i got a room sharing with 2 travelling mexican girls! alls well that ends well! then number 22 tram to consulate which was closed only open for emergencies! i said thisbiscan emergency! my re scheduled flight leaves in 8 hours and ive no psssport! 8 nailbiting hours later i just made my flight home uk! glad to be back lol! airport babylon were terrible! would love to be there this year!
  5. thanks dust! i suppose i am lucky to have 1of each pheno! had to top them at 7th true internode i think due to height restrictions in summer greenhouse. they are now dripping in trichs and i have approx 2weeks to go but the piney one poss a little longer due to bigger buds and still white hairs! this will be the hazier of the 2! ps! hi to all the gh crew and strainhunters! i loved last year meeting franco and the king and all the guys! gutted cant male cup this year! goodluck guys and looking forward to the new entries!
  6. interesting thread, im doing 2 mobys started outdoor and flwered indoor? just 2 weeks from harvest now. 2 phenos ? 1 is very fruity like bubblegum and a hint of citrus whereas the other is more like fuel , piney and musky. which these do you consider the best? cheers and keep up the good work
  7. the original uk cheese for sure! northern lights kicks ass too
  8. I can show you some Proper SCA's ;-) I even had a purple pheno was a lot more fruity than the other 2 that were more citrus dominated...
  9. Ive done a flush with water 2 x the pot capacity - let em breath and then today ive gone onto some high N content vegie stuff...its helping - The plants are nothing like as tall as sams - look nothing like em and around half a meter tall...The next few weeks look interesting - Have to say samuaello - those plants of your s look nothing like the sca 's i have Crazy
  10. I love this site - Some cracking advice- Ill be doing 4 Pandora autos soon in a garden - 65 days seed to harvest and 150 g yielders - Sounds to good to be true ...They get a lot bigger outdoors ....Id say go for it Sam - A t least you know your not harvesting in the winter lol
  11. Thanks Sam - Ive got 4 SCA On the go 3 weeks til Harvest and so far so good - Well The lower leaves are starting to yellow a little...Buds look great..though20 p - 50 p sized at the momentThe yellowing is a concern though...Like you im in Biobiz all -mix and huge 15ltr pots...I have NOT been PH ing the water as Im told its needless in soil? Im not sure what the issue is - at the mo just using 2ml of Bio Bizz Boost with every litre... Ive deliberately stunned the height of opne plant - small pot around 5 litre and the things only 9inches tall - cute - the others are much bigger - lots of branching and loads of bud s ...250 wATT hps and a 300 w cfl...Temp at 28 and humidity 45-55... Any ideas on the yellowing? Only just srtarting? Cheers my man..
  12. Yeah- All the best with the outdoor shenanigans...Ill be starting some Church in the next month or so...similar mould resistance - White Rhino hey - Its a hardy plant ive heard - cracking yields - I might give that whirl too - Have you heard much about its success in Northern hemisphere?? What s the copper tape do? Cheers
  13. Hiya Sam Are those pics the final product of the super critical auto's?? They look so different if thats the case....They must really pack it on in the last 2-3 weeks? Mine are ready soon ... Good work

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