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  1. Hi jose, i will! im quite new in this forum and still learning how it function. have a nice weekend!
  2. hi there and thanks! that was a Purple punch x Dosidos. wasnt a high yielder but the trichome production was insane. and the after taste also a good thing i will take into my memories lol
  3. Hi there! This is my first time on GHS Forum, but at the moment im testing the new GHS - BANANA KRUMBLE, for the new contest on Growdiaries my user on Growdiaries is Federikush https://growdiaries.com/grower/federikush here you can see some of my past grows with lot of pictures! since i lived part of my life in Argentina and smoking crazy sativas from South America, i would love to grow, try , document and picture your Cloudwalker (Punto rojo x Mendo Breath) i hope you can give me this oportunity have a nice weekend and stay safe!