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  1. vad menar du ? har nån svensk golat till polisen eller vad ? welcome to the forum man there is as far as i know 3 swedish seed shops and 1 of them are an official greenhouse seed seller
  2. sweden-62


    hey everyone ! Just read the new greenhouse strain catalogue and it list chemdog but cant find it on their seed list on their seed shop online would love to try and grow this strain.Will it be added later or what happend with it ? peace and love from sweden
  3. i have sent them an email they ask me to wait to friday,if nothing happends by then i conntact them again
  4. Lol i dont know if i should cry or laugh the uk mail have sent my seeds to the usa i mean how in gods name can they do that when it clearly says sweden on the parcel lol ah well hopefully i get them soon or the seedbank will have to send new 1s lol
  5. oh i wont be shy lol just waiting for my seeds to arrive and thanks for the welcome
  6. very nice pics indeed franco and a question for you .when will we see a new strain with your name on it all the best from sweden
  7. I totaly agree with china for next expedition and many thanks for the great history leason
  8. where is the rest of the africa expedition video i only saw the first part it was about 9 min
  9. Ah many thanks I will let you know when i get them, i hope they come with in this week. and thanks for the welcome
  10. Ah many many thanks Tokage im sure ill love it here The super critical i bought was fems and not auto lol So hopefully ill start them next week
  11. sounds great to me and its a very nice price to cheers
  12. ok another swede here lol first time grower im waiting for my super critical seeds i odered ,hopefully i get them next week.