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  1. Please lock and move to completed journals. Special thanks to GHS and all replies. Take care. You can also do same and just buy when you need! PM if advice ever needed as alot of bs on the net and best advice is learn the plants. Each and every 1 is different. Just like us! I am now deleting all pictures so please dont lose like you have my many others!
  2. Journal Complete and finished in January. They were dried and jarred. All came amazing but I was root bound and kept asking here so my buds didnt fully close on some. Remember this was a start with apsolutely nothing and done from scraping by and can not thanks GHS Franco and there staff for forwarding so fast when I REALLY NEEDED IT. As for weight im sure total is around 30oz bone dry as I took zero chances with mold. I did not get to use all my lights as I had to have a operation so things got neglected. It was a long grow due to haze and getting back into the swing of things. Its kinda like riding a bikeand driving. Winning feed Canna. Winning medium Coco Best ph None but cheese need heavier feed thats why my plants burned up well looked like theyd burned up. Flushing killed them and made them feed from the leaf and once leaf yellow or damaged it dont fix and effects the bud branch growth. It will re splurt a fan leaf and bud branch but can kill the new shoots or cause stunting that stretchs the arm. Ive got cutting for these ready to flip now but sadly ive got ill again, my bowels and I think hearnia in my chest so im drained. Im doing around 10 in coco. Im about to order coco for them Some flowered a lil from a ligt mess up but they continued to veg nicely, pm me if I should be concerned as dont want boys. Seeds be fine as theyd be cheese/haze lol. Sorry Ive not been here much. Im super para now and have spent many years in jail for this so I try be careful. I kept for myself too and worked out last me 3month so from grow to grow with just 1000w im happy and will use smaller room. Starting to think it aint worth the jail and maybe if its small theyl treat me like a smoker instead. Take care all and remember! Dont trust no 1 not even ya mom! love you all. We lose battles but we will win the War. We always get out on our arses threw no fault of our own but always get back on our feet! Different bread of Animal ?
  3. was a double pull down big 1 was jack harer all the hazes took extra month. jack wins and 1 cheese success. im get slh ssh and more cheese. these aint all my pics ive had alot of moving around. I done a 3week dry then took the hazes and done 3week dry and jared. burmed for 3 day and now 1 a week of that so dry qs look like ozs. critical mass is a different feel its a daytime hi cbd for body and works. damnesia or arjhanz haze was either the big hydro or smalls 1s in hydro. my nets slow and im moving around alot. will be back please. This grow is complete. 3ozs each plants except the jack harer and the big hydro. there around 8oz per plant.
  4. ye you can see the jack hairer last 2 pics but see guy behing? damnesia or white lemon easily bigger then 3 cheese and jack hairer. this is the size i want at all times and that plant only getting 1/4 of the 600w light yet 1s directly under barely have ozs. theres no clear pic of them in these pics. Im not sure on coco either. arjhans has grown big but rest are crap. basicly got 2 decent plants out of 20 ish? plan now is get this down, get more lights up and do what i originaly planned but i dont have a good cheese which is what i need. recommend me a cheese cross that will grow like fkn cheese please!! might get ghs exodus in future but i dunno. Stick to 600w lights and 1/4 of recommended feed. go to powder feed asap too and forget ph adjusting, if plant dont like ph fk it off n replace with that does. cocos a winner for easiest with no mold issues. for me i need to just find good cheese. i dont mind small exotics for self but cash crops i need weight and shyt that knocks heads off not this bs. And that big damnesia or white lemon been on powder feed i mentioned and pk booster look at it compared to the rest. 1 oz a arm? while cheeseys arm cant hold a 8th lol mofo not even need support. Take care!
  5. Little update. I had operation and some BS going on. Plants are due harvest anyday but this has been a bad grow, mainly due to genetics. I only have 1 cheese in hydro and now the coco 1s I got I caught bud rot on. Really really grow multiple stranes from seed so you can find what you want and are happy with. I did get 1 good plant out of all these and thats the hydro big fkr you see. normaly all my cheese be that size, think thats damnesia or white lemon. Ive got clones and newer clones on the ready. sadly I did not add all my lights and the 600w and 400w have had to do. Ive had money and electric problems aswell as health probs and a hole bunch of police bs. These pics are shtt because its dark they asleep il do some later. Ive been testing bits for pass week or so and its nearly there. Look at that arjhanz haze lool right at the back. Keep away from ghs cheese. you want ghs exodus, not this shyt. should see the arms, cant even hold a balla. started with 10 of those and got 3 left. the 1 in hydro is still growing even though it got no fan leaves. Ive tested and it got that sickly lemon smell and taste but no strengh. See I mixed all these up and not sure which is which but I do know theres ghz cheese, arjhans haze #3, white lemon, jack hairer "very disapointed in that guy he the 1 with few top buds that look all lollipoped in blue bucket hydro. pile of shyt weight wise but bud looks dank. critical mase is also not good. I think 400w is shyt as ive got 600w hitting 1 side and 400w hitting other yet arjhans haze hardly gets any light and its huge, stupidly stretched but this is going to give some serious weight and me like that so may keep. just 12week flower is long. Here I will add more pics but if you been following youl see the progress. Ive put my fan back on to stop any chance of bud rot. been raining here so im guessing it got humid or something. Please do not lose my pictures or journals like you done before.
  6. everythings good. will be back in a month. I was right about food and ph. less is more and i aint used ph adjust since my others died. im 3/4 done. will update when done. again thanks to franco. i got out of jail and had nothing and they i email ghs to tel franco and boom 1 week seeds at door. I got massive respect for him and ghs. please update cheese genetics or cross it woth a stronger frame and ess how can i call it? retard genetics? I got 1 real good cheese and guys youve onvinced me. coco with little feed it the way to go 100% stick ro 1/4 strengh or under or look into powder feed!! i can not stree the nutes were sold at the recomended dosages as well as feed guides kill your plants. I made a newb mistake. heres the girls now. need more light but im struggling with cash. i got the lights but general daily living and electric is killing me. never had it so hard! take care guys and remember trust no 1! not even your mom! I recon i get my 10oz but im pissd because im only using haf the room. Ive got cuts ready so soons this done im slap them in then use some money off this 1 to fully do the room out. Take care
  7. hey all. quick update think im totaly switching to coco and some auto feed next. that tray i got them in now is being wasted really as they go saucer in there its more to save splash and overflow. im do that with 1 plant in each corner next time and auto feed. As much as this has gone good and bad. more bad its more to do with my time off, like a refresh was needed but i tell you. ive never had a crop this bad. and trust me ive done many. exactly the same set ups as its quick easy and cheap. all ghs cheese always grow fkd up but dying and shriveling like this ive never had. im mad real mad as i helped test this along time ago so it should be stabble. specially how its for sale. there well aware of the problems and all the bad reviews ive read and thought wow really, well id be pissd too. if id payed 100 bucks for these omg id be mad as fk. Had this happen with bigbuddha cheese before too and like a dik head i went and hought ore with same results. then i got ghs test authorised for all tests and piles of ghs exodus cheese, cheese, whitelemon ect automaticly every so often. I still chose to grow biggbuddha and went with blue cheese. these were the only cheese available in seed form at the time and again id lost my crops so lost the real cheese but i can say blue cheese is the closest growing but its shyt bud. smells wicked, looks wicked smokes wicked but does nothing??? ha then i got threw a few grows and think it was around the kashlukov?? test days. i got pile or them, pule of white lemon, pile of some new cheese and enough powder feed to for a while. then boom lost it all but what can you do? either way id like that relationship back. testing is important. stable is important. reliability is important. keeping customers happy no 1. who evers doing the testing like organising needs to simply forward contact details to franco and he will send. he will send every 1 too! sends people way to many anyways but he want germination rates, vigerousity ect. dunno why he aint re done cheese well he obv has now with the cheese widow but that may be a banger but to smalla plant may be? see mt cheese at back left now. thats the size i like. 5ft ish including bucket but man they cant support well the magority of phenoes cant support the bud. only big pheno can and thats barely. look at em. haha some skinny asses hmm not sure on 10oz with these. back 1 may be but 2 front in the tray are whack. skinny and defficient. this aint food. look at the others. im try take some clean pics to show you them. just looks like bushs. il work something out. Im pull them out for a trim anyday now. this will help with flower shoots. I had 1 grow like a ruler before. whats that clay stuff shaped like a ruler? like chewing gum with say 2mm cylinder shape but 5 stuck together like imagine 10x2mm tubes all attached.imagine that with 20 shoots coming out top of main stem. bud dont grow like that bro but that time was understandable ot was test like this now if id knew this i wouldve ordered other seeds. imagine if i didnt buy them seeds when i did. id have 3 plants. see franco knew this too as he was ontop of cheese testing. hmm if id got big pheno id been happy trust me. I got 1 good 1 though. see ghs cheese. the buds are different each pheno. you got a fruity berry with sickly sicky after smell then the spicey peppery lemon with sickly after smell then you got the straigh acidic sickly lemon with fruity berry after smell. all are bangers but are difderent even to the way the buds look. you get that grapey looking bud. fluffy bud. my fav is the lemon tight dense pheno. day smokable.ah i can go on. my point is its not stable. and its being sold so theres people who gona be mad as fk after dropping 50 on these. and hoe idea of test is to test and make better. cheese is notoriusly known for no seed thiugh which is what i think the problem is. look at the clones. zero growth but they are now dead. wouldve dried out. might look into pollenating and doing my own. seems the answer but i dont even got my own home or nothing its bs. im look into renting when i get this done. rent some offices and pay 6month upfront. Its hard because other people get me fkd all the time. this why i say trust no 1 not even ya mom. ive even cought her stashing bud after ive gave her fkn greed its disgusting. I gove you half oz and you then rob 2 oz and stash it? after i gove you half oz for nothing? you go rob me? i got this thing in me though were i still continue to help people and still get fkd and guess who there for me when i need help? no 1. this is a bs life. grow for yourself.grow small and dont tell any 1 shyt and youl never get had. I just dont got that choice as council wont help and pricvate landlords noisey. I need to huy a place eventually but then they take ot all like ive had before? basicly leave you in what your standing in. any way my advice on cheese is keep away if your new and want stable reliable strane go with anything but cheese lol . its almost asif its a autoflower thats not getting 12/12. sure they do a auto too. im leaning to these plants being some kind of auto and if you dont flower when they want they die. thats only thing i can think ofm them 2 that aint grown were fresh cuttings remember? I literaly got 1 hydro and was ment to have 15!!!i had 7 a few week ago all fkn dead so 1 half decent out a 10 pack? Next time i goto just plant as many as possible but who wants to drop 100s on seeds that are un stable? you should get what you pay for. or company shouldnt sell it. fk knows. im bitter. im disapointed too as these were tested extensively and every 1 was completely honest. saying that it was the only seed cheese option of the time. but jow we have other cheeses so may try others. bigbuddhas does this too as i tested them too against ghs exodus and ghs cheese. there both the same. i could say buddhas were better hut they are the same. i must got lucky that time well it was the 3rd 45buck pack!! Im back now and active but no fuzzy no more and guy dealing with testers aint on it like fuzzy.franko normaly dont fk about, testing is important.its simple authorised tester gets automatic test products sent untill they disapear from the forum. even get genetics made for them percificly hence ghs cheese! I dunno why not more stable. I want to shout dick out and thank him for all the support threw out this. thank you all but him of all as his really tried and thats how it should be here. forums lost the family feel for me. tokage still here though and now we got dick . since i been back around things dont seem the same. tests and comps are dead. forums dead. its a shame. the forums changed. grows have disapeared. wish there were more like you dick. and i tell you. im built with the same heart. thats enough from me but who evers dealing with the comps is fkn things up. it helps in to many ways. like testers should automaticly get 20 of each seed sent or 10 to allow others but honestly he send loads all the time. all franco ask is forward address. i been here longer then admin so i know. they just have to email your addy to franco and boom done. Im not interested now but id like to see them grew out for sure I recon we need the grow sections to be private and you goto register and have ip match your city. and some other things just to keep us safe. Yea im para person but with good reasonm its almosr natural now. hmm I wana move country. some were it legal. ive spent half my life in jail for cannabis. thats wrong. im old ish to now. would love to get into growing legaly. any 1 wana adopt me? i can roll all day and smoke allday. hmmm aha I can supercrop real good too. letting off some steam today haha. take care heres some pics i took a min ago. ah that other hydro that was at the back at 1st in middle. its like bright yellow and mega slow growing. hasnt grown in a month. like it a albino. them 2 in hydro blue buckets, cheese, not grown for well over a month. for vigerous quick stron veg the critical mase and that indica dom think it white lemon or damnesia. may be arjhans haze or jack harer to. its te best and i only got 1 :/ tbh made my mind up already for next 1 and i was thinking do a bunch them tester cheese widows with this indica and that good cheese i got but deffo a bunch of them indica doms and the back cheese far back left in coco taken the indicas place. lovely and green, perfect size and i be honest i will focus on this as main cash flower from now. I already know . some amazing smells around. been stinkers from start hence getting thelil filter and no i dont use that no more i got a massive 10inch behind. i am going to use it as inlet now im in flower.
  8. drop me a pm when you do. if youve gone hydro make sure you have support or theyl snap. i will look at my other pack and see what they are think they the normal cheese. its the exodus we want. but ive done these before too. yea you was roght the ph. just make sure you got support and pk boost week 3 or 4 flower. lowest i ever got off a real crap looking cheese is 8oz if you can maintain ph 5.8 your winning. I tried new things thats all. i shouldve just stuck with my 1st intentions. but what ever its been fun and stressful. the 1s i killed had that fruity berry with sickly mouldy sweet after smell. its like they were autoflowers and tried to flower but light wasnt 12/12 so they died. i dont know if this is even possible but looking threw the grow i mentioned and asked many times why are they looking like there flowering. i recon thats the problem and they wanted a extra push with food but instead i dropped the food. then boom shrivelled up. you can see the white hairs in the pics. ph wouldnt kill them like that. over fert maybe but i went under 600ppm then i dropped to 400pp but nothing not even new shoots. other plants went threw same thing with no probs. Im not going to stress it but the genetics are no good. needs to be re crossed with a indica that has mass to support the stress and weight of the buds. very interested in the cheese widow but i dunno what they doing.
  9. Just noticed this. ok I need to work this out like now as im starting to add lights in. I have 3x2plug outlets. In thinking use 1 extension with 1 light and 1 pump to each plug. each outlet has 2 plugs. surge protected extensions too. obviously 1 will eaither need to have 2 lights with that big extension while another plug has all the fans on or combine. would that be ok? I have 4x400w and 1x 600 but i wanted 1 more 600w in there. im putting a 400w in another room for veg so 3x400w and 1x600w with around say 200w on fans and pumps n lil radio because they like justin beiber. ive had 2x600w to 1 plug before and yup they get hot but was fine. But still I want to be sure and i will go with what you guys say to stay safe. As i say im seeing it as 1 light to each plug and theres 2 plugs to each outlet and i got 3 outlets. rooms dedicated to the cause.im putting a 400w up this weekend and plan on adding 1 light per week till i got the 3x400 and 600 up and then consider another light but dont think im need it as i dont have as many plants as i planned for but still i want to get next lot of clones in asap. 2x600 4x400 is were id like to be getting my gram per watts or as close with minimum plants and effort. thats my end aim and now ive used coco i think i can do it specially how big these have go in coco. well the haze and indica doms. think im convert to it but maybe do flood n drain with 3 trays with 3 straines. support is another issue i need a easier way except the light rails/lines. ive kind of made my life hard in some ways with the hydro. yea please reply as your talking about room load and this is were 1 of you have mis understood but still kind of corrected me. so if i want more amps to the room i need thicker amp wire. understood. so what is the limit for the room. as ive said ive run 2x600 from 1 before but only used total of 4x600w in the room. this room is dedicated and only has fans and air pumps in. I think im fine but please let me know what my number is so i know to stay under. After this i want to go into electric in detail with solar panel ideas ect and see whats possible. I was thinking rewire the hole house and do a complete air system that does each room and the hole house. try use energy from the grow and what ever on other things aswell as get solar panels in. but its not a bought house so puts me off. All interesting stuff and very relevant. our electric acting weird 10 one week then 30 the next yet nothings changed. getting annoyed with it tbh. its killing me tbh.
  10. editing all threw this grow to let the pics do talking. Its been a nightmare but starting from apsolute nothing always is. same as putting your life in others hands threw having no other options. Its sad really.
  11. hey bro. respect to you. Im similar back ground and have meth addiction and no idea how to get off it. the way ingot addicted was unreal too! just bagging it up day to day and being around foil smokers got me a habbit. I got sent jail and tried subutex then subutex got hard to get so got meth and boy its ruining me. I dunno what to do. Im thinking finish this grow and ferry to spain for 2months minimum or even the damn but dont think i could afford it. on my 2nd year here. fkrs got me collecting it every day like a fool. took over my life bro. I stopped shotting it and heing around people and boom full blast flue symptoms but next level shyt. thats whenni got locked up. got subutex off the wing and was finentill i got reeased and no 1 could get them on the out. Im no heroin taker so had to go drs and ended up on this shyt. this shyt is worser. i feel it every day. its ruined my teeth so bad i gotnoperations next month. I have to wait with the propa smackheads and get treated like 1. not attacking them but most them are were they are threw choice its extra drugs for them were me im on minium and want off but strugling. they even reducing me but have no rehab or anything. its ridiculous. If you ever get caught up with heroin. do not go to your drs and seek help. pack your bags and go some were far far far. hotel what ever and sweat it out. you goto eat eat and eat. horriblest thing ive ever experienced in my life. it takes your attention like major tooth ache but 20x worser. ive not tried widow. always wanted too. so what you saying? widow is opiat based? i got lots of bs opiat based like tremadol. they dont touch me. Ive reduced meth down to 5ml before too its killer. best off going to heroin but as i say im not a heroin guy im a weed man oh i like the odd bj and crack too but so whaa haha. you goto go to heroin to detox. meth and subutex are worser imo. you cant go from eth to subutex either. has to be subutex to meth. the rattle you goto do from meth before subby works hurendous and best off forgeting the subby. youl be so desperate for pain relief that youl seek what ever it takes. Best alternative. get locked up. refuse meds and try get segregation for 1 month. have a fight if you goto. hmm bud helps because thc flushs your system and makes your system flush faster. this is why meth doesnt hold you when you smoke bud. its horrible. from this point i can see it helping but telling me white wido is going to take ratte off is to hard to believe lolz. if thats the case im grow some asap and fk my meth off butim pretty sure it dont work like that at all. Take care. You aint the only 1 and wont be the lastm this is not my 1st time either. I sold shyt from a kid. this is like my 6th habbit from just selling it and being around crack houses aswell as handling it. it basicly obsorbs your skin. I know pharmacists that have also got addicted to methadone threw mixing it up for patients! Lethal drug but opiate tea so good! I really dunno what to do but in this life getting locked ups inevitable so when that time comes I will do it or if these prats get rehab but then they want you to do group sessions and shyt. A cell a shower and food is what you need a oz of bud will help but sorry you will be feeling that withdrawal make no mistake your gona go threw hell. literally. so if your not known in a jail go block otherwise people take advantage. im good like that though aha. I cant think of any other way unless you go another country and leave your self stranded haha. Take care. pm if you ever want to chat ?
  12. I cant think of the word 1st world? yea like my county England. It would be hard and risky but inner city growers life with clone only plants or anywere with rare clone onlys so you guys can do something for the world ha. Id like to see you guys like expand too have your own shops in each country even have them people strane hunt. Surely the video views would cover all costs involved so could be seen as lil investment. Ontop of that you get rare strane and breed it and sell it threw strainhunters branding. Just a thought. Id like to see some like chicago and new york shyt. Obviously I dont want you to risk your lives but be interesting what you come back with. Citys that have hype for good weed and strains too. dont get me wrong iblike all these others you do but some 1st world would be nice.

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