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  1. Please lock and move to completed journals. Special thanks to GHS and all replies. Take care. You can also do same and just buy when you need! PM if advice ever needed as alot of bs on the net and best advice is learn the plants. Each and every 1 is different. Just like us! I am now deleting all pictures so please dont lose like you have my many others!
  2. Journal Complete and finished in January. They were dried and jarred. All came amazing but I was root bound and kept asking here so my buds didnt fully close on some. Remember this was a start with apsolutely nothing and done from scraping by and can not thanks GHS Franco and there staff for forwarding so fast when I REALLY NEEDED IT. As for weight im sure total is around 30oz bone dry as I took zero chances with mold. I did not get to use all my lights as I had to have a operation so things got neglected. It was a long grow due to haze and getting back into th
  3. was a double pull down big 1 was jack harer all the hazes took extra month. jack wins and 1 cheese success. im get slh ssh and more cheese. these aint all my pics ive had alot of moving around. I done a 3week dry then took the hazes and done 3week dry and jared. burmed for 3 day and now 1 a week of that so dry qs look like ozs. critical mass is a different feel its a daytime hi cbd for body and works. damnesia or arjhanz haze was either the big hydro or smalls 1s in hydro. my nets slow and im moving around alot. will be back please. This grow is complete. 3ozs each plants e
  4. ye you can see the jack hairer last 2 pics but see guy behing? damnesia or white lemon easily bigger then 3 cheese and jack hairer. this is the size i want at all times and that plant only getting 1/4 of the 600w light yet 1s directly under barely have ozs. theres no clear pic of them in these pics. Im not sure on coco either. arjhans has grown big but rest are crap. basicly got 2 decent plants out of 20 ish? plan now is get this down, get more lights up and do what i originaly planned but i dont have a good cheese which is what i need. recommend me a cheese cross
  5. Little update. I had operation and some BS going on. Plants are due harvest anyday but this has been a bad grow, mainly due to genetics. I only have 1 cheese in hydro and now the coco 1s I got I caught bud rot on. Really really grow multiple stranes from seed so you can find what you want and are happy with. I did get 1 good plant out of all these and thats the hydro big fkr you see. normaly all my cheese be that size, think thats damnesia or white lemon. Ive got clones and newer clones on the ready. sadly I did not add all my lights and the 600w and 400w
  6. everythings good. will be back in a month. I was right about food and ph. less is more and i aint used ph adjust since my others died. im 3/4 done. will update when done. again thanks to franco. i got out of jail and had nothing and they i email ghs to tel franco and boom 1 week seeds at door. I got massive respect for him and ghs. please update cheese genetics or cross it woth a stronger frame and ess how can i call it? retard genetics? I got 1 real good cheese and guys youve onvinced me. coco with little feed it the way to go 100% stick ro 1/4 strengh or un
  7. hey all. quick update think im totaly switching to coco and some auto feed next. that tray i got them in now is being wasted really as they go saucer in there its more to save splash and overflow. im do that with 1 plant in each corner next time and auto feed. As much as this has gone good and bad. more bad its more to do with my time off, like a refresh was needed but i tell you. ive never had a crop this bad. and trust me ive done many. exactly the same set ups as its quick easy and cheap. all ghs cheese always grow fkd up but dying and shriveling like this ive never had.
  8. drop me a pm when you do. if youve gone hydro make sure you have support or theyl snap. i will look at my other pack and see what they are think they the normal cheese. its the exodus we want. but ive done these before too. yea you was roght the ph. just make sure you got support and pk boost week 3 or 4 flower. lowest i ever got off a real crap looking cheese is 8oz if you can maintain ph 5.8 your winning. I tried new things thats all. i shouldve just stuck with my 1st intentions. but what ever its been fun and stressful. the 1s i killed had that fruity berry with sickly moul
  9. Just noticed this. ok I need to work this out like now as im starting to add lights in. I have 3x2plug outlets. In thinking use 1 extension with 1 light and 1 pump to each plug. each outlet has 2 plugs. surge protected extensions too. obviously 1 will eaither need to have 2 lights with that big extension while another plug has all the fans on or combine. would that be ok? I have 4x400w and 1x 600 but i wanted 1 more 600w in there. im putting a 400w in another room for veg so 3x400w and 1x600w with around say 200w on fans and pumps n lil radio because they like justin b
  10. editing all threw this grow to let the pics do talking. Its been a nightmare but starting from apsolute nothing always is. same as putting your life in others hands threw having no other options. Its sad really.
  11. hey bro. respect to you. Im similar back ground and have meth addiction and no idea how to get off it. the way ingot addicted was unreal too! just bagging it up day to day and being around foil smokers got me a habbit. I got sent jail and tried subutex then subutex got hard to get so got meth and boy its ruining me. I dunno what to do. Im thinking finish this grow and ferry to spain for 2months minimum or even the damn but dont think i could afford it. on my 2nd year here. fkrs got me collecting it every day like a fool. took over my life bro. I stopped shotting it and heing aro
  12. I cant think of the word 1st world? yea like my county England. It would be hard and risky but inner city growers life with clone only plants or anywere with rare clone onlys so you guys can do something for the world ha. Id like to see you guys like expand too have your own shops in each country even have them people strane hunt. Surely the video views would cover all costs involved so could be seen as lil investment. Ontop of that you get rare strane and breed it and sell it threw strainhunters branding. Just a thought. Id like to see some like chicago and new york shyt. Obvio