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  1. Probably somebody will take care about nice and new look of programm))
  2. 2superbluehaze You know what my friend! You are exactly right cause of that plants did not like EC 1.4 and I dropped it right away to EC 1.2. Now they are again OK with healthy looking white roots. Thanks for advice
  3. Great & Sweet rockets))keep them blooming
  4. what is your NPK right now and age of plants? Have a good one. Peace!
  5. So it looks like they got back/ every plant is green? roots are white and strong/ Now they getting EC 1.4 what is OK for now. And some spices for fresh use on a kitchen))
  6. Here we go)) Yesterday noticed first white root is coming from the buttom of a cube. It is about 2nd week Vega. Conditions same.
  7. You gonna pick uo some hits all the time here with even more than you are expecting)) Welcome to the house of GHS and friendly people!
  8. Nice to see Croatia and Slovenian brother in a house.Welcome Mario to the GHS world and best community on Earth))))
  9. It is a great news for those who always is looking for a opportunity to try new strains and never stop on a same strain. Keep it rolling Franco, GHS is the BEST
  10. After some time I took care about plants all troubles seem to back up. I got good new green growing on plants,"yellow problem" is almost gone. New white roots and good common view is a good sign that situation is getting straight. Vegetative period - 18/6 Room - 10m2 Light-600W for now after gonna add some more Fertilizers Valagro - simple salts and some complex formulas, foliar and stimulation in root zone. Vent-800m3/h Ph - 5.7-6.0 Growing medium - rock wool Grodan. EC - 1.0 Also You see that I am doing every 10 days foliar treatment with special fertilizers and stimulator-Plantafo
  11. Hello everybody!!here we go on Super Critical. Some crazy stuff is going on with my seeds or I did not have a deal with seeds for a long time. I used to use just clones from mother plants for at least 2 years.So right now I have only 1 plant left, 2nd one had damaged root and could not do it. Any way I am still cool because from this 1 plant I will do enough for me. Only 1 thing worry me that I - fucked up 13 seeds; 1 plant; and have 6 seeds left 3xPure Kush and 3xSuper Critical. So what we got here. 1 week old 600watts above plants Temp is 2420 DN Next week going apply some fert. for now ju
  12. Great place to live and grow ganja up in a hills "puy de dôme" (took a look in Google Pics it is amazing view!!) Welcome onboard Guillaume)))
  13. Hmmm never seen before such a spited leaves, interesting!