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  1. Spliff4

    IMG 2670

    im so stoned that i thought that it was in the air lol :SsSsSs
  2. Spliff4

    New Grow

    tnx for your nice words Bam the photos are shooted one month ago the other seeds already sprouted and getting bigger than the disel ryder..im just dont upload pictures cause of my camera but give me 2 days i ll get my old one with 12 mp nice huh?? :Pp
  3. Spliff4

    New Grow

    hmm i dont know if its parallel universe but are the best choice for homegrown conditions and for the seeds some of the best of the world im glad that you have the same seeds so i can compare and being better Peace and Global love!!
  4. Spliff4

    New Grow

    Tnx Tokage i ll be in this forum till the end and i ll try to shoot some photos today with all the plantation cause the other 3 seeds already sprouted Cya!!
  5. Spliff4

    New Grow

    Hello Strain Hunters im Billy also knows as Billybembem!! I decided to start a new grow with a friend..as i put a seed inside my speaker that was actually a test but when it was in 7 day i found some money and i get some things that i want for : Grow tent Hps Sylvania 400watt dual band pots 2 fans 2 aircycling 4 pots soil ALL MIX BIOBIZZ Bio-grow Bio-heaven Bio-bloom and some of the best seeds of the world(Greenhouse exodus cheese Super lemon haze (strawberry haze arjan haze 1)and some 60 days from seed autos speed devil diesel ryder and ak47xeasy The photos below are from a test of a diese
  6. very nice stuff for my library rnx!!!
  7. Lamsbread thank you bro!!!! i know the site and i forgot to check tnx guys!!
  8. elektro i ve tried almost in every torrent from google but all the same need a pass.......tnx anyway!!!! lamsbread i ll try from soulseek from your files thank you guys!!!!
  9. Hello hunters!!! i ve download a torrent of that e-book and i cant find the code...when i unziped the file had a "read me" and inside has the message : To get the password for this file is very simple, just head to the website below: http://rapidlearn.org/vault/ It takes about 3 seconds, enjoy the download! and that message appear in every torrent i found...the problem is that the site that is above does not exist....So if anyone have that code or have the e-book plz pm me or write it below!!!!! Tnx Strain Hunters!!! Peace and Love !!
  10. Have a nice trip Franco and i wish you to smoke a pound of weed this days...One Love!!
  11. the classic strain hunters t-shirt black/white logo and the jamaica expedition t-shirt but its still not for sale
  12. geia sou aderfe kali diamoni :PP geia mas man!!!