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  1. Hi Jose, iv recently set up a new greenhouse in a safe location. I have space for 10 pots and a nice new camera for photos. Chat soon Organicz
  2. Hi Jose, very interested in testing under the African sun... thanks again
  3. Hey man respect for what you doing out there, pretty much on the front line This is obviously a medical grow hey ?
  4. Hey buddy looking very nice and i bet you would agree there's nothing like organically grown cannabis ! Also great to see another worm farmer on the site, the message must be spread about the importance of earthworms and their ability to multiple nutrients and present them in plant soluble form, which must our buds grow fat and strong How highly would u recommend smart pots over regular pots ?
  5. Hey brother great to see you back Loved the enthusiasm and ingenuity in your last round, reminds me of my treehouse greenhouse Goodluck with the new strains, keep us updated with pics
  6. Id like to enter my 2012 outdoor grown GHSC Chemdog Lime green medical Indica joy
  7. Nice man will be interesting to see this strain grown outdoor Goodluck with everything
  8. Awsome man sounds great, will start up a little incubator for some babies when I get a chance to catch a ladybug Thanks for post and info bro
  9. Awsome man sounds great, will start up a little incubator for some babies when I get a chance to catch a ladybug Thanks for post and info bro
  10. Ah man this is really cool man, thanks for all the pics What do you give them too eat ?
  11. Yeah bro those smarts pots seems like the work well, iv heard many growers having great results, will definatly use them with the biiig outdoor year when the winter pasess Sorry can't help on the HPS questions, I'm using Jah's light
  12. Hey Nicc, yeah the use of the powderfeeding rendures this grow in-organic acctually but when the worm and bat poo is low, a bit of Pfeeding does the trick:) Only reason for using the Pfeeding is that I got a free bag last year and I don't want to waste good stuff I would use powderfeeding in all my grows but honestly I don't want any trace elements of chemicals in my brain when I spark up my J Peace brother, we'll talk some more about the organic way
  13. Classic photo !! haha i found some nice ones down here at a local hippy ind of market, id say that's the best place to start looking brother
  14. ....That or all those plants of yours have a big ruderalis influence in their genes
  15. Hey buddy i digg what you doing, can see a lot of great idea's and ingenuity:) From what i can read/see your plants are staying small due to your position on mother Earth, you will not be able to grow the plants bigger without extending their veg period drastically which can only done with lights (someone correct me if i'm wrong) But don't think of that as a disadvantage, i'm down here in South Africa and if i want a harvest off a photo-period strain its at least a good 5-7 months wait from germination to harvest, that's why i'm spending 5 - 6 euros PER SEED so i can get the quick results you