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  1. You know a long time ago in ancient Greece, a man went to the Delphi Oracle, and asked a question of it. For this privilege the cost was high, for She was a famous seer, who could see beyond the present into another place the future, men and women paid heavily in gold and jewels just to know the future. He asked the Delphi Oracle a question; he wanted to know and asked of her this question: Who is the wisest man in Greece? this question he asked and this is what he was told: "Socrates is the wisest man in Greece", she yelled and wailed ; for though she was a woman, flesh and blood like me
  2. https://youtu.be/fB5sN2Cs6FE I have posted this as a person wanted information on Chemdog. regards, john
  3. Chemdog is an excellent strain. She can be a big eater. See my video on my chemdog grow. Will post now again. It is posted in Indoor Grow section. Any questions I will be happy to answer them. take care, john(I was the first grow Guru on the this site).
  4. Greetings from John(superbluehaze, flowers-to-the people). I had some troubles, but am back again. I have missed this site. Franco and Arjan we met in Amsterdsam in November, 2011. GREETINGS FROM aUSTRALIA. JOHN
  5. https://youtu.be/fB5sN2Cs6FE chemdog and pineapple chunk just before harvest. enjoy, john
  6. I loved it in Amsterdam; https://youtu.be/wsBJTLbmm7A all the best, john
  7. https://youtu.be/2EK4NuI55FY to all my friends here; enjoy; I enjoyed smoking it. john
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIPzQJOMafo One of my grows which includes Chemdog and Pineapple Chunk. Due to legal reasons I can not grow at the moment, but intend on starting soon. To all my friends on Strainhunters, especially Romeu; happy growing, john PS all the details of the grow are on the video.
  9. pistals are still fairly fresh; that plant has about 2 to 3 weeks to go before harvest. happy growing john
  10. Hi to all, That Bitch, slut, nigger is going to suffer for his crimes. Go to wwwhttps://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109307582343040243122/ but let me say this - this struggle has gone on for I think all of my life. It is well known that Fred nILE IS A kLU klux CLAN MEMBER, A FIFTHY GRAND MASTER. HE IS DEAD THAT SLUT, FRED NILE, ALONG WITH MC5, THE AMERICIAN DEA, IN aUSTRALIA ICAC(INDEPENDENT COMMISION AGAINST CORRUPTION(THEY ARE AS ROTTEN AS ANY INSTITUTION CAN BE), THE AUSTRALIAN CRIME COMMISION ALONG WITH ASIO, WHO HAVE BEEN LINKED TO SERBIAN FASCISM AND THE REPATRIATION OF NAZI WAR CRIMINALS T
  11. hi guys, I will soon be uploading a video of my present grow. 8 autos from Sweet Seeds - 5 Dark Devil(wonderful plant, with purple buds of various shades depending on the phenotype, and Creme Caramel, a delightful plant to grow and smoke. Will be up as soon as I can. Then , after the present grow, a white lemon and Flower Bomb Kush grow as promised. thanks to all, and hello to all my friends here, john
  12. When I was in Amsterdam MC5 made a number of attempts on my life, as I left Australia in defiance of their will along with Asio. The Australian Australian SEcret Intelligence Agency has had me under house arrest through electronic survalliance. This occurred in the early 90's. Fred Nile and other politicians have interfered with every personal aspect of my life. I believe John Howard(the then Australian Prime Minister brought it in on the sly, without the support of the full Parliament) This system of survalience which is linked to the ideology of Zero Tolerance. It violates every known democ
  13. I believe Lady Dianna's death was murder. I believe Her Majisty the Queen had no knowledge of this treachery, against the British Royal family( the House of Windsor) in 1997. At this time Mohamed Fayed, whose son Dodi Fayed was also killed in the crash, claimed that Prince Philip had ordered the death of Diana and that the accident was staged. The inquest into the Princess of Wales's death concluded in 2008 that there was no evidence of a conspiracy. How was Lady Dianna murdered by MC5, on the orders of Prince Philip? Given the car was being tracked by satilite, and being chased at high s
  14. Hi Levente, This is a very special plant, so good to smoke. It takes 8 weeks to mature fully. I got busted in Nov., but am back growing Dark Devil and Creme Caramel from this seed company --- sweet seeds. I got around 60 grams from this plant but I removed branches before I decided to film her. take care mate, john