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    God made us brothers...........But Pot made us friends!!!!!
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    Family 1st always!! Then Mary Jane!! Also the 1st person ever with a GH tattoo!!!!

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  1. Got this tattoo done yesterday in memory of the great Franco Loja! May you RIP my friend. #fullgas
  2. Good insights but a fertilizing miracle is good ol' chicken shit it's high in nitrates, minerals and one fertilization lasts the entire grow season

  3. Long time my friend! Hope your all good 

    1. Potent


      Likewise dude! Hope life is treating you and ya family well! 

      Can't believe how quick time has flown! 

      Such sad news about Franco! Couldn't believe it! 

      I had to take a mini Hiatus away from the scene but now back woopwoop

      Smoking on some Original Amnesia hehe 

      Hows things dude?

      Did ya make it out to Cali? 


  4. good to be back......been too long

    1. Tokage


      I know for sure that levente, Martin and I missed you a lot brother. Welcome back

    2. Levente


      FU mofo!!!

  5. I miss you guys!!!! lol ill be back soon I hope and goodluck on the Cup GHSC #1
  6. I vote green and his Chem
  7. Thank you laocoo. I try my best to show my best. respect brother
  8. She was germed July 2nd and bent her over pretty good
  9. Shoreline tastes real good and by the way that plant looks youll have lots to taste good job
  10. If you want to see more of the Skywalker click the link
  11. What ive been up to in my lab lol enjoy
  12. Skywalker Kush at 72 days flower with GH Powder Feeding!! Biggest cola 56cm!!! Smells like Fruit loops or Fruity Pebbles
  13. COMING SOON...........Anakin Skywalker!
  14. Going to Cali Sep.3-9 ill be back online on the 9th :] with lots to talk about

    1. Dust


      Have a safe trip bro and enjoy the good Cali candies :D

  15. Sorry aint been online in forever but both my labtops took a dump. Im using my friends now but i ordered one and itll be here in a week

    1. FrancisHam


      Wie kann ich aus den auf dieser Website aufgeführten Produkten das beste auswählen?

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