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Everything posted by SuperSilverHaze78

  1. I have 2 pyrex pans. one smaller 1 to blast in and a bigger 1 for the warm water bath/purge. I blast then put in into the water bath and change water every 15min for 2 hours at a temp. of 115 F
  2. I purged in water for 2 hours then a heat gun
  3. Made from only great sugar trim and blasted twice. 30g of trim and got 3g of oil. Boy it tastes so good besides the little weed that blew in my oil Heres a trick put your butane in the freezer 2 hours before you blast and blast right from the freezer. you get more from keeping the butane as a liquid other than gas
  4. Day 97 from seed and i chopped her i will update when dry
  5. It is the same i just bent her over in flower
  6. Sweet Mango Auto with Powder Feeding from GHSC day 93 from seed under 1000w hps and a flood and drain bucket
  7. Has to be the one of the ones they have provided for you to download
  8. Harvest soon :)

    1. Jimmy


      Nice one bro. What strain is it this time`?

    2. Jimmy


      Nice one bro. What strain is it this time`?

    3. SuperSilverHaze78


      Sweet Mango my friend ;)

  9. Yes Dust i made wax and amber glass. wax with trim and glass with buds
  10. Smoking on some Chemdog wax!

  11. Thanks guys and yes it still has a nice taste of fruit to her. The more she cures the better the taste
  12. I vote Kosher Kush and Everyone just quit whinning its not like you get a badge or anything if you win LMFAO
  13. Just a few pics of the BB Cheese that i just put into flower
  14. Alright ill give you guys a peek