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Everything posted by SuperSilverHaze78

  1. Day 72 from seed and i ran out of the sample Power Feeding i got from the HTCC Let the yellowing begin
  2. Going to Orlando Florida in a month that means a week without Mary Jane :(

  3. No Tokage i have 3 total. This one BB Cheese and NLxSkunk 1
  4. Nice guys! Wish i was there maybe one year ill make it. You guys have a blast and be safe. Mr X keep them awesome pics coming and the wife says hello
  5. The small black one that reads Dabbing and the small clear one
  6. Smoke some for me Dust and tell Mr.X hello for me! Be safe my friends! GHSC 4 LIFE
  7. First of all no soil i do hydro. Second she needs 90 days Tokage
  8. Waiting on my taxes to buy a pump and chamber. I was just DABBING around to see what i could learn
  9. Blueberry is the amber color and the shinny peanut butter. I just whipped the peanut butter one and purged the amber one with a heat gun on low. darker stuff is from old trim and dull peanut butter one is blueberry trim
  10. Made all this myself trying to learn it all!!!
  11. Very nice report bro! My Sweet Mango is Day 52 and i cant wait! Thing is mine just started to flower so i hope she booms soon
  12. Yeah Tokage i gave her a great flush and i wish i couldve let her go longer but stuff came up as you know. You bet ill hit you up when shes ready
  13. Day 57 flower and i cut her down today