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Everything posted by SuperSilverHaze78

  1. Sour Blueberry clone from a friend. Day 51 flower and she smells like blueberry muffins!
  2. Day 50 flower and shes getting real close!!!!
  3. Please wait to vote i have a plant that gonna be done around the 25th
  4. Yeah Dust shes smells like a blueberry muffin!
  5. Here szome pics of my Sour Blueberry Day 20 flower
  6. Mr.X it was worth every dollar!!!! Hope to seeyou guys as soon as i can! BTW your one cool cat also RESPECT!
  7. Yes Dust 2500 round trip direct flight and nothing else included
  8. 10.1 gram bud of SSH cured for 4 months!!! Smells like a coffeeshop in my house when smoked!!
  9. Great pics Mr.X and thank you for all your hard work you do!