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  1. Hi there, I see you are a staff member, and I'm seeking some help. The site looks a little different than the last time I was on. I can not remember if it was you, but there was a post about DIY self watering scrog buckets, the guy used the yellow kitty liter buckets, genius idea. i can't find it. would you be able to help. By the way, you stuff is sick! Much respect, and appreciation . 


  2. Here is a link to "Grow Journals for all Mediums" - Just click the "Start New Topic" tab @ top right of the page & give it a title and away you go. Here is another useful link to our FAQ section of the forums, which will help with general posting of pictures etc - any questions with navigating the forums or posting that have not been covered in the FAQ's, then ask a member of the mod team , Dust or myself and we point you in the right direction. Dont forget som pics too as they are helpfull to assess and difficulties you may have with your plants, but most of all because we love a nice bit of weed porn Let me also welcome you to the forums, it nice to have you on board with us. Maybe you would like to tell us about yourself in the "intoduce yourself" section of the forums where we can give you a proper welcome and get to know some of our awesome members. link - This is a very friendly forum which always promotes and nice vibe to all brothers and sisters and is a place i like to call home on the interweb. If there is anything you need help with just make a post and someone will be sure to answer, help is never far away Make sure you have a good look round the forums there are many useful articles, tutorials and fantastic grows to read. Look forward to hearing & seeing more of your grow. Peace brother Lams
  3. Like Dust mentioned some pheno aren't fully auto, getting all ten with this pheno trait is highly unlikely but not impossible, abit like the lottery 14 million to one to win it but sometimes people do win it. It may be the case you lucked out with this pack of seeds and got the non auto pheno in all 10 seeds, but lilke Dust said the yeild should be good. Hopefully there is some work to stabilise this strain, so it becomes fully automatic. Will you post your grow in a journal as it will be interesring to follow this grow? Peace Lams
  4. Last day to enter lol & don't forget to vote
  5. I'm currently growing a Big Bang Auto and it has been under 24 hour light since day one and went into flower after about 3 weeks. It does seem strange that they not auto flowering , did you buy the seeds yourself or were you given them? There is also a non auto big bang. Like Jose says give as much info as you can, do you have original pakaging? Peace Lams
  6. Here a nice thread about Guano with some nice recipes for guano soil mixes Hope you enjoy Peace Lams
  7. yup don't like the taste either always brewed them in saucepan and then added a load of coffee and drink as quick as possible. These days I rarely do mushrooms and when I do I prefer to do small doses which give me some nice sparkley giggles, I no longer need to be tripping balls, but thats just me. Peace Lams
  8. Bysens Helios is a nice light and have seen some good results, They have also released thier ChloraBA COB light using intergrated LED chips, look nice but has a big price right now. Latest inovation by bysen is thier all white LED full spectrum light. Thier SP range look like HydrogrowLED X2 lights.They use good chips such as Bridgelux & Epiled & in the Helios Cree LED's. I imagine you are looking at the Helios by Bysen? This is a light I have considered buying. Budmaster have been around for quite some time they have changed thier name and were previously trading as "Greenlights LED". They have been a long time reseller of imported lights & have tested and tried various lights and refuse to sell anything that is wack.Thier latest Budmaster lights using thier Budmaster II light engine is thier own light. It look a great light and was another light I considered buying, price was more than the light I bought, if money wasn't a problem I would have bought one. I really like the E-shine GrowSun and I almost bought one before christmas 2013 but instead opted for a vipar B2X3 again it was a price difference. Again if money wasn't a problem I'd have one of these too. If you had to make me make a choice right now I'd get the E-shine GrowSun, this light has a lot of nice features, second choice would be the Budmaster and third would be the Helios/Bysen. Having said this read as much about each light as you can and look for grows on various forums by googling the name of the light and including the words "grow" or "harvest" in the search. Budmaster have some nice grow diaries, a great light, good company but not as well known as some other brands from the East. Honestly it is a hard choice, which ever light from these three choice will be a good choice, it deciding which one that will be difficult. You have done well narrowing down this selection of lights but the choice is yours to make. (I have been in this situation myself & unfortunatley my choice was make purely on the least expensive option). I hope this helps & I will be very interested to see which one you choose Peace brother Lams
  9. Just been taking pics. A bit of a delay due to being somewhat under the weather. Hopefully post tomorrow. Peace Lams
  10. Psilocybe Baeocystis along with Psilocybe Cyanescens & Psilocybe strictipes are stronger than Psilocybe cubensis. One of the benefits of Psilocybe Cubensis is it's ease of growth indoors and a relatively high strength. Psilocybe Semilanceata are not the weakeat Psilocybe and have a moderate strength. The Psilocybe Semilanceata whilst not a mushroom so suited to indor cultivation has the benefit of be readily available to pick in many parts of the world, is easily identifiable and once dried has a better longevity of active compounds compared to other Psilocybes. They are easily found and I can pick a kilo in a couple of hours (wet weight). They have a moderate strength, but take enough and a heroic dose is in your head. 30 dried liberty caps is approx = 1 Gram (this is not dosage info, just haow many you can expect in a gram) One thing I do really enjoy is going out to the fields and having a damn good picking session, not forgetting some smokes, muchies and a flask of tea or coffe. Hints for picking psilocybe semilanceata, go on a sunny day following a nice period of wet weather. Always have some nice water proof shoes or wellies, plasic bags over trainers in not good! Be prepared take a coat and hat it may rain or get chilly. Depending where you live they can be found late summer to late autumn. Heavier blooms will occur on years with warm wet summers , which allow for abundant mycilial growth, where one thread of mycillium touches another thread a fruiting body will appear. In a good year more mycillial growth occurs and so a heavier crop can be expected. Keep the sun to your back, this is especially usefull if they are still wet and have an olive/hazel colour & the grass is fairly long. The sun shining on the mushroom makes it easier to spot, if you walk towards the sun you are seeing the shade side of the mushroom and it blends into the shade of the grass like camoflarge. This method is especially useful during the later part of the day as the lower sun hits the sides of the mushroom. The first time I realised this, I was walking through a field late in the afternoon and couldn't see many mushrooms,I turned around and suddenly there they were illuminated like little lighthouses. If you are picking on very short grass ie grazed very short by hill sheep, then no worries where the sun is they will just appear like carpets, they also will dry alot quickers as the wind and sun will dry them out & appear almost golden in thier semi-dry state. Peace Lams
  11. Psilocybe semilanceata do not grow from cow shit but instead grow on decomposed grass, it is a popular misconception they grow on cow shit. They are often found on lawns and golf courses which have no animal dung on them. Having said this "Psilocybe coprophila" do grow on cow/sheep shit and are about half the strength of "psilocybe semilanceata" . Psiocybe coprophila lack the distictive nipple of the "psilocybe semilanceata" and you sould take care not to confuse them with the "Dung Roundhead/Stropharia Semiglobata" which also grows on cow shit & has a more yellowish cap and longer stalk. Psilocybe coprophila cap 0.5cm - 2.5cm, stalk 2.5cm - 4.0cm, cap colour - tan to pale reddish brown, gills pale grey darkening with age. Halcuinogenic _ Stropharia Semiglobata cap 1.0cm - 3.0cm, stalk 6.0cm - 10.0cm, cap colour yellowish, gills purplish brown. Not edible Toke is right they are also called "Liberty Caps" here in UK
  12. Hi John I have always enjoyed your grows and you seem to get very nice results, it would be nice to see a little more of your grow here in the "Grow area" of the forums. It is possible your thoughts about the slings and arrows of outrageous fourtune in todays world, may be better placed in "General chat" and avoiding Caps Lock, which make it look like shouting, people are more likely to read if it isn't shouted It might be an idea to put you link to your Google+ page in your signature, so people can visit if they wish. This gives people a choice weather just to read your journal or find out more about other stuff going on in the world. I really look forward to seeing more of you grow and maybe some nice pics of your girls Peace brother Lams
  13. Coming on nicely Nice to ee the macro shots showing the the pistils and trichomes. Not long till chop time, I look forward to seeing the harvest pics. Peace man Lams
  14. And so it has always been. Practice Love, Forgiveness & Compassion, this is what you need grow hope with. If you practice Hate, Vengence & Revenge,this is what you will grow dispair with. Do not fight for peace but instead practice non violence, wars are fought in the name of peace, you can not fight wars for non violence. Look at the Ying & yang and you will see, in the darkness there is a seed of light(hope) & in the light there is the seed of darkness(dispair), it comes down to which seed you cultivate. There will always be this duality, it is how the illusion of our existence works, it is a conflict of interests that the human mind has to deal with,the Id vs. the Ego. What we need (Id) vs. what we want (Ego). To attain an enlightened mind is one thing , to remain enlightend is another, even an elightened mind can become disilussioned and descend into the depths of dispair. To this end we must constantly strive to make the world a better place for others and do the best that we can to cultivate hope for those who's lives seem hopeless. No matter how dark things may seem there is always hope and it is hope that will turn the darkness into light. Lams
  15. In the tutorial above 91% iso is used to reduce the amount of chloraphyll in the extraction. Using a higher pecentage will have more chloraphyll in it. Peace Lams

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