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Everything posted by lamsbread

  1. Here is a link to "Grow Journals for all Mediums" - http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/15-grow-journals-for-all-mediums/ Just click the "Start New Topic" tab @ top right of the page & give it a title and away you go. Here is another useful link to our FAQ section of the forums, which will help with general posting of pictures etc - http://forums.strainhunters.com/forum/37-faq/ any questions with navigating the forums or posting that have not been covered in the FAQ's, then ask a member of the mod team , Dust or myself and we point you in the right direction. Dont forget s
  2. Like Dust mentioned some pheno aren't fully auto, getting all ten with this pheno trait is highly unlikely but not impossible, abit like the lottery 14 million to one to win it but sometimes people do win it. It may be the case you lucked out with this pack of seeds and got the non auto pheno in all 10 seeds, but lilke Dust said the yeild should be good. Hopefully there is some work to stabilise this strain, so it becomes fully automatic. Will you post your grow in a journal as it will be interesring to follow this grow? Peace Lams
  3. Last day to enter lol & don't forget to vote
  4. I'm currently growing a Big Bang Auto and it has been under 24 hour light since day one and went into flower after about 3 weeks. It does seem strange that they not auto flowering , did you buy the seeds yourself or were you given them? There is also a non auto big bang. Like Jose says give as much info as you can, do you have original pakaging? Peace Lams
  5. lamsbread

    bat guano

    Here a nice thread about Guano with some nice recipes for guano soil mixes http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/3673-3-little-birds-guano-guide-the-scoop-on-poop/ Hope you enjoy Peace Lams
  6. yup don't like the taste either always brewed them in saucepan and then added a load of coffee and drink as quick as possible. These days I rarely do mushrooms and when I do I prefer to do small doses which give me some nice sparkley giggles, I no longer need to be tripping balls, but thats just me. Peace Lams
  7. Bysens Helios is a nice light and have seen some good results, They have also released thier ChloraBA COB light using intergrated LED chips, look nice but has a big price right now. Latest inovation by bysen is thier all white LED full spectrum light. Thier SP range look like HydrogrowLED X2 lights.They use good chips such as Bridgelux & Epiled & in the Helios Cree LED's. I imagine you are looking at the Helios by Bysen? This is a light I have considered buying. Budmaster have been around for quite some time they have changed thier name and were previously trading as "Greenlights LED
  8. Just been taking pics. A bit of a delay due to being somewhat under the weather. Hopefully post tomorrow. Peace Lams
  9. Psilocybe Baeocystis along with Psilocybe Cyanescens & Psilocybe strictipes are stronger than Psilocybe cubensis. One of the benefits of Psilocybe Cubensis is it's ease of growth indoors and a relatively high strength. Psilocybe Semilanceata are not the weakeat Psilocybe and have a moderate strength. The Psilocybe Semilanceata whilst not a mushroom so suited to indor cultivation has the benefit of be readily available to pick in many parts of the world, is easily identifiable and once dried has a better longevity of active compounds compared to other Psilocybes. They are easily foun
  10. Psilocybe semilanceata do not grow from cow shit but instead grow on decomposed grass, it is a popular misconception they grow on cow shit. They are often found on lawns and golf courses which have no animal dung on them. Having said this "Psilocybe coprophila" do grow on cow/sheep shit and are about half the strength of "psilocybe semilanceata" . Psiocybe coprophila lack the distictive nipple of the "psilocybe semilanceata" and you sould take care not to confuse them with the "Dung Roundhead/Stropharia Semiglobata" which also grows on cow shit & has a more yellowish cap and longer stalk.
  11. Hi John I have always enjoyed your grows and you seem to get very nice results, it would be nice to see a little more of your grow here in the "Grow area" of the forums. It is possible your thoughts about the slings and arrows of outrageous fourtune in todays world, may be better placed in "General chat" and avoiding Caps Lock, which make it look like shouting, people are more likely to read if it isn't shouted It might be an idea to put you link to your Google+ page in your signature, so people can visit if they wish. This gives people a choice weather just to read your journal or find out
  12. Coming on nicely Nice to ee the macro shots showing the the pistils and trichomes. Not long till chop time, I look forward to seeing the harvest pics. Peace man Lams
  13. And so it has always been. Practice Love, Forgiveness & Compassion, this is what you need grow hope with. If you practice Hate, Vengence & Revenge,this is what you will grow dispair with. Do not fight for peace but instead practice non violence, wars are fought in the name of peace, you can not fight wars for non violence. Look at the Ying & yang and you will see, in the darkness there is a seed of light(hope) & in the light there is the seed of darkness(dispair), it comes down to which seed you cultivate. There will always be this duality, it is how the illusion of our exi
  14. In the tutorial above 91% iso is used to reduce the amount of chloraphyll in the extraction. Using a higher pecentage will have more chloraphyll in it. Peace Lams
  15. Have a great Birthday Ninja and enjoy your last day in the dam big time Peace Lams
  16. I wonder if they have highly refined butane readily available in India ( 4 x & 5x refined with very few impurities)? I would imagine that most butane sold in india is only suitable for filling your lighter. Best not make BHO with impure butane unless you want to smoke those imputities, even after purging to get rid of excess gas the impurities will remain. Peace Lams
  17. Hehe nice find I really enjoyed that!! Thanks for the share Peace bro Lams
  18. Hey Jose thanks for the info I got an 404 error with the link you posted I'll post a different one here for you Spannabis info- http://www.spannabis.com/barcelona/ Wish everyone who goes to Spannabis a wonderful time and look forward as ever to Mr. X's photos Peace and smokes Lams
  19. I can understand your frustration, waiting for new strains/landraces etc,but I also like to treat people as I would like to be treated myself. Being provocative doesn't help to foster the friendly vibe we have in the forums, we just grow our herb and wait for news, when something new comes along then happy times. It is probably better to leave the politics at the door though, it's just too old to be still dragging it around. Let bygones be bygones, there is no point in opening old wounds with who said what here, You can ask others what they think elsewhere no one gonna try stopping you. All i
  20. Hi Dr I see you have posted the same question elsewhere in the the forums, things will happen when they happen. Strain Hunters seed bank is not so old , it will take time to find ideal genetics and a lot of work to produce new strains or select landraces pheno's ,cossing & back crossing where nescessary and stabilising to produce plants that when grown arent wildly different. Then they will also have to produce sufficient quantities of seed for market in order to supply demand. cool your jets and grow some awesome strains form Green House or Strain Hunters seeds and you will have some gr
  21. Hi bluesky Here's a couple of articles on too much light you may find interesting, I have highlighted the section which talks about LED's. Cannabis likes especially bright light.... but not too much light When growing cannabis, the mantra when it comes to lights is usually "More is better!" To be honest...it's true! More light usually is better! You see, light is like "food" for your marijuana plants. When plants are growing very slowly, but aren't showing signs of other problems, the cause is often that they aren't getting enough light. The amount of light you give your plants is strongly
  22. Thanks dust Yeah just raised the lights and growth went back to normal apart from a little bleaching and some funky colours on the older leaves Flowering doesn't seem to be affected everything is ticking along nicely. Just looked at the other 3 plants and they are having a stretch and will make a noticeable difference in next update. Peace bro Lams
  23. Welcome to the SH forum Navaroxx Be sure to check out your growing style, I wait for your journal Also looking forward to seeing some nice crosses, never tried breeding my self , but love to see what other people have come up with. Good to have you on board The forum is a nice friendly place I'm usre you'll meet some great members and have a look at thier grows too. Like Dust said , you need any help around the forums , we'll be there Peace brother Lams
  24. Hey nicc So far it would seem to be doing well and has a greater depth of intensity than my E-shine LED. Having said that my E-shines have good depth of penetration with 90o lenses , the Vipar has 80o lenses and needs to be higher . So far the vipar seems to be doing a good job, hopefully later in the year I will do a side by side comparison. There is a slight difference in Wattage , The E-shine have 185W actual draw and the Vipar has 150W actual draw so there is only 35W differnce. It will be nice to see what the out come is. E-shines cost £299.99 each, for 185W actual draw but have rece